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10 Less Known Facts about Babies

Take a look at 10 less know facts about babies by http://www.babyplanet.pk<br>

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10 Less Known Facts about Babies

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  1. 10 Less-Known Facts About Babies By:www.Babyplanet.pk

  2. 1. Addictive Smell Not just because they’re your baby, they smell so nice and it is addictive. It’s actually a fact as shown by the study done by University of Montreal that a newborn’s smell is addictive and brings out the same pleasure and craving sense as when we see food while we’re hungry.

  3. 2. Blurry Vision Initially, your baby can not see at things which are at distance with clarity. The objects which are in the range of 20-38 cm can be seen vividly by him/ her. Don’t forget to keep your face close enough to make your baby remember it.

  4. 3.Reflexes Your baby is naturally gifted with a lot of body reflexes. Even before a baby starts walking, whenever they are held in an upright position with their feet on a flat surface, the tiny legs get in a stepping motion.

  5. 4. Sleepyhead Oh yes, your baby’s certainly a bigger sleepyhead than you. Not just your baby though, all newborns love sleeping. They sleep for almost 18-20 hours daily and are only alert for about 3 minutes every hour.

  6. 5. Your Playlist Your baby knows all the songs you used to listen while you were pregnant. Just incredible, right? According to the research conducted by University of Helsinki, babies can recognize songs which they have heard while in the womb.

  7. 6. 300 Bones Unlike you, your baby has 300 bones. Those extra bones are mainly composed of cartilage which will fuse together over time. By the time, your baby becomes a grown-up, he/she’d be left with 206 bones.

  8. 7. Influences Heart Rate According to the study conducted by students at an Israeli university, heart rates of mum and newborn co-ordinate in seconds when they look each other in the eye. Isn’t this the cutest thing, ever?

  9. 8. Puts everything in mouth Over the months, you’d witness that your baby puts literally everything in his/ her mouth. From your car keys to the toys, and even your fingers, your baby wants to have everything in his/her mouth. According to the French research, infants are born with an instinct to put everything in their mouth.

  10. 9. No Tears In the first months, you’d notice that your baby does not have any tears. The reason is that the tear ducts are still not fully developed and all they can do right now is just make little shrieks.

  11. 10. Eye Color Your baby and every baby is born with blue eyes. The pigmentation process of the iris starts late so you’ll be able to see the real eye color of your baby after six months.

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