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The Political Spectrum

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The Political Spectrum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SS 11. The Political Spectrum. Learning Outcome. Demonstrate an Understanding of the Political Spectrum. This is what you need to know!. What is the political spectrum?.

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learning outcome
Learning Outcome
  • Demonstrate an Understanding of the Political Spectrum

This is what you need to know!

what is the political spectrum
What is the political spectrum?

The Political Spectrum is a way of modelling different political positions visually. Most political spectrums have a left and right axis, but many others are more sophisticated.

left vs right mind map
Left vs. Right (Mind-Map)

Take a look at the handout that you have been given. Although, this is an American model, it will help you understand the political spectrum. Take note of five characteristics that interest you from the Left or right and note of their counterpart from the other side. (Be prepared to report out)

a politicians controversy
A Politicians Controversy

Environment vs. Jobs

(Left) (Right)

history french revolution
History: French Revolution

The Right supported the King and Tradition

The Left supported

The Revolution and Change

The political spectrum terms “left wing” and “right wing” began during the French Revolution in the French Assembly.

the left wing
The Left Wing



The Left Wing –Any person or party who is described as “Left” is in favour of social change and equality for all.

Descriptive Term: socialist or liberal.

the centre
The Centre

The Centre position on the spectrum tries to keep a balance between left and right..

the right wing
The Right Wing

The Individual

The Right Wing – Any person or party who is described as right wing is in support of tradition (keeping things the way they were) and expect their to be a social strata (eg. Rich and poor)

Descriptive terms: conservative

what is your opinion
What is your opinion?

Vancouver 2010 Olympics


If you thought the Olympics was a waste of money, which could have been spent elsewhere, that is a left wing point of view.


I f you thought the Olympics were a good opportunity to show British Columbia off to the world, and a good business opportunity, that is a right wing point of view.

what is your opinion1
What is your opinion?

Discuss your point of view with a partner

The Death Penalty (Capital Punishment)


If you fully support the death penalty, that is a right wing point of view

If you oppose the death penalty, that is leftwing point of view

what is your opinion2
What is your opinion?

Cell Phones in the Classroom

what is your opinion3
What is your opinion?

The War in Afghanistan



If you support the war, that is a right wing point of view



If you would like to see an end to war, that is a left wing point of view

political parties
Political Parties

In Canada when we have elections, there are a number of political parties to choose from

All of these parties fall somewhere on the Political Spectrum

political parties left wing
Political Parties: Left Wing

Elizabeth May

Green Party Leader

Gilles Duceppe

BQ Leader

*Former leader

Jack Layton

NDP Leader*

*Former leader..

political parties centre
Political Parties: Centre

President Obama

Democratic Party (USA)

*USA would view Democrats as Left vs. Republican Right

Michael Ignatieff

Liberal Party Leader

political parties right wing
Political Parties: Right Wing

Stephen Harper

Conservative Party Leader

Current Prime Minister of Canada

G.W. Bush (Ex-American President)

Republican Party (USA)

the extremes
The Extremes

Fascism: Extreme Right

Communism: Extreme Left

political spectrum alternate form
Political Spectrum: Alternate Form
  • Take note of the following terms:
  • Anarchy
  • Oligarchy
  • Democracy
  • Dictatorship/Monarchy
  • Republic