social enterprise se n.
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Social Enterprise : SE

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Social Enterprise : SE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Enterprise : SE. Presented by OPPD. Social Enterprise : SE. Definition of SE What is SE SE is intended SE done Comparison between a SE with CSR. Definition of SE.

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Social Enterprise : SE

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social enterprise se

Social Enterprise : SE

Presented by OPPD.

social enterprise se1
Social Enterprise : SE
  • Definition of SE
  • What is SE
  • SE is intended
  • SE done
  • Comparison between a SE with CSR
definition of se
Definition of SE

‘The Social Enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners‘

(DTI, 2002).

social enterprise is diverse and includes

Social Enterprise is diverse and includes


credit unions

housing associations

community development trusts

Social Firms

community businesses

se is intended
SE is intended

1. A televised exchange with the corporate sector, non-profit society.

2. Encourage large businesses to help society. By nonprofits.

what is se
What is SE

1. Business operations respondents social development.

2. Bring profits back to society through employment opportunities to those who are able to work.

3. More than half of the business. Not from donations.

4. Half of the profits will be used to develop a society without hope of return.

5. Must be transparent and credible to make a great change to society.

se done
SE done
  • Working in disadvantaged groups.
  • Environmental conservation.
  • Work with the media to publicize SE.
  • Legislative changes to the employment to the disadvantaged.
  • Policy development and advocacy work with the government on the SE.
comparison between a se with csr
Comparison between a SE with CSR

"CSR is an activity or social projects of the company or business for profit as usual, but SE is a business that aims not to seek profit, but aims to be the way in helping to solve social or environmental."

se with the disadvantaged
SE with the disadvantaged

1. (Thailand) Chaophya Hospital Abhaibhubate. Research and studies of the herb. The goal is to make herb is acceptable to society at large that can be used as replacement therapy drugs from abroad.

2. (Cambodia) Digital Divide Data (DDD) is a large IT companies the opportunity to work with the disadvantaged and disabled. Which was excluded from the society.

se with the disadvantaged con s
SE with the disadvantaged (Con’s)

3. (Bangladesh) Grameen Bank, founded by Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammad U Nu lending small. (Micro-credit) to women Bangladeshi investors to set their own affairs.

4. (India) SKS India is governed financial services to the poor in India through programs of community banking for business investment and for other emergency. Without the need to borrow money to pay off high interest.