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Measures of Association

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Measures of Association. 10/30/2012. Readings. Chapter 7 Tests of Significance and Measures of Association (Pollock) (pp. 169-179) Chapter 11 Doing Your Own Political Analysis (Pollock Workbook) . Homework. Some Due Today More Due 11/6 Chapter 7 Pollock Workbook Question 1

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  • Chapter 7 Tests of Significance and Measures of Association (Pollock) (pp. 169-179)
  • Chapter 11 Doing Your Own Political Analysis (Pollock Workbook)
  • Some Due Today
  • More Due 11/6
    • Chapter 7 Pollock Workbook
      • Question 1
        • A, B, C, D, E, F
      • Question 2
        • A, B, C, D
      • Question 3

-A, B, C, D

      • Question 5
        • A, B, C, D, E
office hours for the week
Office Hours For the Week
  • When
    • Wednesday 11-1
    • Thursday 8-12
    • And appointment
course learning objectives
Course Learning Objectives
  • Students will be able to interpret and explain empirical data.
  • As this course fulfills the Computational Skills portion of the University degree plan, students will achieve competency in conducting statistical data analysis using the SPSS software program.
why hypothesis testing
Why Hypothesis Testing
  • To determine whether a relationship exists between two variablesand did not arise by chance. (Statistical Significance)
  • To measure the strength of the relationship between an independent and a dependent variable? (association)
measures of association2
Measures of association






  • Strength
  • Significance
  • What Percent of Americans believe that Jesus will definitely return in the next 40 years?
  • State the full directional relationship found in the cross tab. (people who are not born again Christians are….)
an example
An Example
  • Maurice Duverger (1957) wrote that "the simple-majority single-ballot system favors the two-party system" and that "multimember districts favor multiple parties". Hypothesis- PR systems will have more parties
    • D.V. -enpp3_democ (Effective number of parliamentary parties: 3 cats)
    • IV-pr_sys (PR system)
another one
Another One
  • From the states.sav
  • Hypothesis- States that are more secular, will have fewer restrictions on abortion
  • DV- abortlaw3
  • IV- secularism3
putting outputs into word
Putting Outputs into Word
  • An Advantage of SPSS is incorporating outputs into documents
  • The best way to do this is to paste it as an image within your document
copying from spss
Copying From SPSS
  • Right Click on your output and choose copy
the paste special command
The “Paste Special Command”
  • The paste special command gives you the most options
  • Pasting as an image allows you to resize and move your output around the document

Step 1

Step 2

what not to do
What Not to Do
  • DON’T Just Cut and paste
  • It is more trouble than it is worth (resizing columns, spacing, etc)
a third variable
A Third Variable
  • the relationship between two variables may be spurious, weak or even too strong
  • "controlling" for a third variable is a method of removing or separating the effects of another variable.
  • This gets at the underlying relationship
why add the third variable
Why Add the Third Variable
  • Is there an antecedent variable at play?
  • Is the observation different for different groups of people
marijuana and a third variable
Marijuana and a Third Variable
  • H1: People with children will have different views on legalization than others of the same ideology
  • Cross-tabs
    • Input Row Variable
    • Input Column Variable
    • To control for a variable place it in the area that says Layer 1 of 1.
views on homosexuality party id and race
Views on Homosexuality, Party ID and Race
  • DV- homosex2
  • IV- partyid3
  • Control- race 2