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Eastern CRI, the facts

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Eastern CRI, the facts. Bruce Pittingale Programme Director 05602 391 784 bruce.pittingale@btinternet.com. Raison d'être. Identified by region wide survey for NI187 Service asked for by members Wanted it to be Fair Transparent Not interfere with other projects Be a fall back position.

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eastern cri the facts

Eastern CRI, the facts

Bruce Pittingale

Programme Director

05602 391 784


raison d tre
Raison d'être
  • Identified by region wide survey for NI187
  • Service asked for by members
  • Wanted it to be
    • Fair
    • Transparent
    • Not interfere with other projects
    • Be a fall back position
initial objectives
Initial Objectives

Provide sustainable practical interventions to households across the East of England:-

  • Insulate all cavity walls in the region by 2016.
  • Increase the loft insulation to a depth of 270mm where the current level does not exceed 150mm.
  • Install 270mm of loft insulation where the current level of insulation is below 60mm.
  • Ensure the project develops new streams of interventions so that installation companies diversify into other products as the market for retrofitting loft and cavity wall insulation becomes saturated.
project timelines
Project Timelines
  • Identified challenge March 2009
  • First meeting May 2009
  • Steering Group formed 18th June 2009
  • Installer PQQ launched 07th August 2009
  • Contracts Manager PQQ launched 07th September 2009, not appointed
  • Launch of project 21st October 2009
  • Coinciding with Energy Saving Week
results to date
Results to date

No of enquiries - 1393

No of LA’s in region - 47

No. of LA’s participating - 39

Installation rate - approx 35%

management of project

Programme Director

Steering Group

Treasurer CAN - East

Management Centre

Stakeholder Group


Warm Front relationship

Installer Network

Call Centre

Relationship Management with other projects

CERT funds

In place

Software management

Management of Project

Bruce Pittingale,Programme Director

Steering Group

In place


Barry Boulter,

Central Beds

CAN – East Secretariat

Team Built

Warm Front contract signed

Website operational

strategic leaders
Strategic leaders
  • CAN – East: 47 Local Authorities across the Eastern Region
  • Steering Group: made up of market sectorse.g. energy suppliers, installers, LA’s, LAA’s, etc
  • Stakeholder Group: Warm Front, CERT funders, HIA’s, media, EST, Government Office, etc.
stakeholder group
Stakeholder Group
  • Not formed yet
  • Attached to Steering Group
  • Chair, a member of the Steering Group
  • Call will be made for those interested
  • All sectors to be represented
  • Need to develop solid group action plan
  • Has been tendered for, no appointment made
  • Criteria
    • No connection with other projects or schemes
    • No connection with installers or managing agents
  • CAN – East Secretariat appointed in the interim
  • Will tender again once established.
  • Appointed through a tender process
  • Expressions of interest
  • Pre Qualification Questionnaire
  • Scored by appointment panel
  • All Attended invitation meeting before appointment
  • Memorandum of understanding signed by all
appointed installers and their areas
Appointed Installers and their areas


Anglian Insulations Limited

Aran Services Limited

Kershaw Contract Services Limited

Orion Insulation Limited

Baring Insulation Limited

working with others
Working with others
  • Scheme is designed to work alongside others
  • It is a long term project
  • Can fill in when other projects cease
  • Is a one price scheme across the region
  • Provides a single branding across the region for all
warm front and other schemes
Warm Front and other schemes
  • Agreement reached with Warm Front
  • Enquiries direct to EAGA portal
  • HEEP, agreement reached with HEEP steering group and manager
  • Database of grants built to establish if further grant available for customers
  • Customer given cheapest method of installation
regional database of council grants
Regional Database of Council Grants

All Councils responded and gave their local grants to the Secretariat

These have been incorporated in the website wizard

Provides information dependent on what Council area is inputted.

price list
Price list
  • Priority Group
    • Cavity Wall Insulation - £00.00p
    • Loft insulation, where less than 60mm existing - £00.00p
    • Top up loft insulation - £199.00p
  • Able to Pay Group
    • Cavity Wall Insulation - £149.00p
    • Loft insulation, where less than 60mm existing - £149.00p
    • Top up loft insulation - £229.00p

Subject to Survey and qualification

price list information
Price List Information
  • We will keep an eye on pricing, whether it should be up or down
  • There are maximum square metres per product per house type, these are shown on the next slide.
  • Expanding the product base as time goes by
  • Developing interventions
  • Need to ensure one good price across the region
the website

It has a:-

Loft pricing wizard

Cavity wall pricing wizard

Frequently asked questions

Customer enquiry facility

Contacts page

The website
  • Its own website
  • Links from member Council websites
marketing media

Marketing & media

A series of press releases across the Eastern region has resulted in a huge amount of free advertising

Appointed Smye Holland to carry out structured media approach

Some are listed below:-

Hunts Post

Bedford today

Eastern Daily Press

Cambridge Evening News

Numerous radio interviews at local level



Carbon Reduction Initiative

  • We have now established the branding for the project and we will utilise this co-ordinated approach for all projects
  • Embarking on advertising through Council magazines, linking with editorial by Council
  • Purpose designed adverts, in partnership
working locally
Working locally
  • Work at a local level with Council projects, such as:-
  • SPEP – South Cambridgeshire
  • Village Energy Project – Breckland
  • Ward Energy Project – Cambridge City Council

Working in partnership, the Council. Installer and Eastern CRI

cambridge city itinery
Cambridge City Itinery
  • 14th January 2010 Managers meeting
  • 20th January 2010 Portfolio holder briefing
  • 30th January 2010 Councillor meeting
  • 31st January 2010 Train call centre staff
  • 31st January 2010 Identify three host communities
  • 28th February 2010 Speak to local groups
  • 31st March 2010 Commence local community works
working at district council level
Working at District Council level
  • Being the main energy point of contact for Customer Contact Centres of the local Councils, such as:-
    • Huntingdonshire DC
    • Cambridge City Council
    • Suffolk Coastal DC
  • Providing bespoke packages for individual Council requirements
local launch events

Stakeholder group at launch event, includes, CAN East, NEA, EST, Installer, Eastern CRI and St Edmundsbury BC

CAN East Chair, portfolio holder and model family

CAN East Chair, CEO of St Edmundsbury BC and model family with insulation

Local Launch Events

Providing a launch event per Council using stakeholders, Chief Executives to deliver to the media.

CAN East Chair, portfolio holder and model family

  • Initial funding was gained by creating memberships for installers
  • They have established budgets from all energy suppliers
  • We will continue to make introductions, have done so to two energy suppliers at present
  • Warm Front are a stakeholder and supporter of our project
  • Where there are problems gaining enough funding, we will work with installers
common purpose
Common Purpose
  • All schemes want to insulate all properties in the area, but
  • This project is for the benefit of all
  • Monies raised will be used for further action
  • Financed by Referrals,
  • costs planned to be approximately £45,000 p.a.
where do the profits go
Where do the profits go?

This is decided by the Steering Group in association with the Member Local Authority

  • Provide extra grant aid through the Eastern CRI in the following year
  • The provision of providing or maintaining extra resource to the area (i.e. paying for staff)
  • Developing new projects through Parish Councils, etc.
  • Provision of high cost capital equipment, (promotional goods, etc.)
  • Develop projects to deliver NI 185, 186 or 187 objectives or pay for support services.
any more questions or
Any more questions, or

Please contact:-

  • Bruce Pittingale, 05602 391784bruce.pittingale@btinternet.com