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Scarlet Letter Chapters 13-16

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Scarlet Letter Chapters 13-16 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scarlet Letter Chapters 13-16. Jessica Garces Flavio Balmaceda Paula Valbuena Sharen Zamora Nicole Gomez. Chapter 13-Another View of Hester Chapter 14-Hester and the Physician Chapter 15-Hester and Pearl Chapter 16-A Forest Walk.

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scarlet letter chapters 13 16
Scarlet Letter Chapters 13-16
  • Jessica Garces
  • FlavioBalmaceda
  • Paula Valbuena
  • Sharen Zamora
  • Nicole Gomez

Chapter 13-Another View of Hester

Chapter 14-Hester and the Physician

Chapter 15-Hester and Pearl

Chapter 16-A Forest Walk

reporter role jessica garces period 2 sublette

Plot: Identity is beginning to gain importance, the way the society tries to define a person is often different than the way Hester defines herself. The community is beginning to see Hester differently, but because of their extremely religious views, compassion never counteracted sin. Hester feels something for Dimmesdale rather than to Chillingworth. Pearl has began to notice this, but the rest of the society would never suspect that due to religious views. The best explanation Hester has for Pearl is to that she has indeed met the “Black Man” (Dimmesdale) and that the scarlet letter is his mark. Hester is beginning to see that she had committed a sin, because of other’s sins.






Reporter Role Jessica GarcesPeriod 2 Sublette


The communities attitude towards Hester is beginning to change. They see all the good deeds she’s doing and so they allow some sympathy towards her.

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Like Scarlet letter, North Country is of a woman, JoseyAimes, that used to be a strong woman then later everything became different after she got pregnant at an early age, so her family and town looked down on her for mostly religious reasons.

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  • Like Chillingworth, the song “Mr. Brightside” from the Killers is about a man that was cheated on he tries to look at the bright side.
  • Chillingworth’sbright side is that he gets torment Dimmesdale.
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  • This is a true life event that I know personally. This will remain ANOMYNOUS!
  • In the book, Pearl in a way admires Hester and want to be just like her.
  • (BLANK) was a criminal and an adulterer, his daughter is just like Pearl, admires him, see’s him as saint, and wants to grow up like him.
  • They both have no idea what their parents have done in the past.
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  • What happened previously? In chapter 16 it ended with Dimmesdalecoming and Hester telling Pearl to hide so she can talk with him.
  • Prediction: Maybe Pearl will overhear Hester’s confession to who Chillingworthreally is.
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  • One of Pearls internal conflict's is on what the scarlet letter really means and I believe her of pursuing things may lead her to do or say things that would seem harmless to her, but shameful to others.

Literature Circle Discussion


-In chapter 13, this quote. "Hester would often bitterly ask whether it was for good or bad that the little creature had been born." What do you think of this? Why would Hester ever think that? Does she feel like giving up or does she have regrets what is your insight on this quote? "The scenery around her was wild and terrifying, and comfort was nowhere to be found. At times, a fearful doubt gripped her: Would it be better to send Pearl immediately to Heaven, and go herself to whatever fate eternity had in store for her?"  What type of conflicts is Hester facing to think about such drastic measures? What would it make her if she actually followed through with her thoughts?


Literature Circle Discussion

Questions (Continued):

-How is Hester's relationship with Chllingworthin these last few chapters? Has it changed from the beginning or does she still feel the same?  How has Chllingworthchanged? Has he become completely evil?

-Do you think Hester is ever going to forgive Roger Chillingworth after everything he has done? 

-How did you guys react when Pearl got eelgrass and as trying to imitate her mom she puts the letter A in her costume what does that signify? Does it mean that Pearl does it for the hope her mom telling her what it means. Or does the letter A plays a big part in her life seeing her mom always wearing the letter A has sentimental value?


Literature Circle Discussion

Questions (Continued):

-Do you think Hester did the right choice to lie to pearl about the meaning of the scarlet letter and knowing that its the first time she would ever lie about its meaning is Hester's judgment morally correct?

-How do you think Pearl might deal with the truth when her mom confesses the real meaning of the scarlet letter?