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DADAISM. by Petar Petrov. 1916 – 1920 Zurich Switzerland Anti-art. Dada. Overview. The movement is against the World War I and the bourgeois interests that inspired the war Public gatherings Demonstrations. What is dada?.

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by Petar Petrov

1916 – 1920

Zurich Switzerland


  • The movement is against the World War I and the bourgeois interests that inspired the war
  • Public gatherings
  • Demonstrations
what is dada
What is dada?
  • Dada strove to have no meaning – interpretation of Dada is dependent entirely on the viewer
  • The movement concentrated its anti war politic through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti – art cultural works
Tristan Tzara said : “ God and my toothbrush are Dada, and New Yorkers can be Dada too, if they are not already”.
  • The movement influenced later styles and movements like surrealism, Pop Art and Fluxus.
  • But dada philosophy was described as “ the sickest, most paralyzing and most destructive thing that has ever originated from the brain of a man”. by reviewer from American Art News
  • 1916 Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp, Emmy Hennings put on performances in the Cabaret Voltaire that express their disgust of the war
  • Origin of the word Dada
  • To make a Dadaist poemTake a newspaper.Take a pair of scissors.Choose an article as long as you are planning to make your poem.Cut out the article.Then cut out each of the words that make up this article and put them in a bag.Shake it gently.Then take out the scraps one after the other in theorder in which they left the bag.Copy conscientiously.The poem will be like you.And here you are a writer, infinitely original andendowed with a sensibility that is charmingthough beyond the understanding of the vulgar. by Tristan Tzara
That race- quick/doomed,  Abuse can park boyhood After still how supply giants Win America Over leagues he is.  Manager Brewers’ Food lived in open Determined varsity Still drinking, ramification

Emmy Hennings

We pull ourselves toward Death with the cord of hope. Ravens are envious of the prison yards. Our never-kissed lips quiver. Powerless solitude, you are magnificent. The world lies outside there, life roars there. There men are permitted to go where they like. Once we also belonged to them.

And now we are forgotten and presumed dead. At night, we dream of miracles on our plank-beds. During the days, we move along like frightened animals. We mournfully look out through the iron railing And have nothing more to lose Than the life God gave us. Only Death lies in our hand.

The freedom no one can take from us: To go into the unknown land.

The first piece was created by authors who used the instructions provided by Tristan Tzara in his piece