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Information KIOSK

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Information KIOSK

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Information KIOSK

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  1. Information KIOSK

  2. Information KIOSK • Information Kiosk Software are installed at the highly accessible and visible public areas or on business premises which could be shopping mall, hospital, university or in a corporate building. The Information Kiosks are programmed with maps to help visitors getting an idea of where they are and where they want to be. The maps integrated in the Kiosk helps visitors to find the exact thing at exact place.

  3. Information KIOSK • The most convenient innovation of this time is Information Kiosk that displays almost everything a business requires, which includes displaying the product details, airlines tickets and bank account information to complete the transaction. Businesses have the flexibility to choose different sizes of screens for Information Kiosk that serves many functions. They give the options to customers to gain knowledge and complete the transaction without actually visiting the respective offices of the businesses.

  4. Information KIOSK • The Information Kiosk displayed in the malls, shopping complexes and such crowded places enhances the visibility of business through its round-the-clock presence and translates into revenue, profits and savings. • Brands are using Information Kiosk Software to demonstrate their products and identity, which is certainly helping them stand out in the crowd. This kiosk is working as an effective marketing tool aside from being a reliable source of information.

  5. Information KIOSK • Information kiosks could be wall-mounted or free standing touch screen kiosks with a clear and bright interactive display and works every day of the year without getting sick and taking any off. The kiosk delivers a high quality and consistency of services for each user. It is capable of performing multiple and mundane tasks and does not get pissed off while following the same process again and again. Certainly, it gives time to staff to focus on other important tasks related to the business.

  6. Contact us • Also we are providing different kinds of KIOSK Services as shown below: • KIOSK for Lease • Automobile KIOSK for sale • KIOSK price in India • KIOSK Address: XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, 8th Floor, B.M.T.C / T.T.M.C Building, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095.