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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chiang Mai, Thailand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chiang Mai, Thailand. Stats Joanna Fuller’s trip LA to Hong Kong to Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Historical Capital of Thailand.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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    1. Chiang Mai, Thailand Stats Joanna Fuller’s trip LA to Hong Kong to Bangkok to Chiang Mai

    2. Historical Capital of Thailand • Scenic mountain beauty, adventure activities, ethnic hill tribes, historic temples, and distinctive culture characterize Chiang Mai. Located 700 miles north of Bangkok, the province was once part of the independent Lanna Thai Kingdom, (literally translated as "the Kingdom of a Million Rice fields") which ruled northern Thailand from the 13th - 16th century. Chiang Mai city, the former capital founded in 1296, flourished as a major religious, cultural and trading centre until the Burmese invaded in 1556. The legacy left by Lanna can still be seen in the temples, sculptures and city walls, which remain today.

    3. Stats about Chiang Mai • Weather; past week high range from 75F to 80 F, 94% humidity, heat index 88F, this time of the year is rainy season • famous night bazaar • Population – 250,000 • No public bus • Currency 1 dollar to 41 Baht • Religion - Theravada Buddhism is the religion of over 95% • Language – Thai, plus English is widely understood in Bangkok, where it is the major commercial language. Also Lahu language in the mountains.

    4. Lahu Tribal People • Musur comes from a Burmese word for hunter. 5 varieties: Laho Nyi (Red), Laho Shehleh (Black), Lahu Na (also Black), Lahu Shi (Yellow, aka Musur Kwi) and Lahu Hpu (White). Yi/Lolo branch of the Tibetan-Burmese linguistic group, closely related to Lisu, each sub-group has its own distinct dialect. The soft and tonal Lahu Na is used as a lingua franca among them, and by some other hill-tribe groups also. Many are Christian (but with an earth-mother goddess, Ai-ma); they believe in a supreme being but are animist too

    5. Customs • Take your shoes off before entering • present the gift with both hands together • receiver of the gift to wahy (two hands together like praying position) before accepting the gift to show respect and gratitude • Eat with a spoon, don't eat with a fork • Sticky rice is a hand food! Ball it up, then make it into a pinch pot and use it as a little edible spoon-bowl type thing to eat

    6. People

    7. Shopping

    8. Shopping

    9. Elephant tours

    10. Buddhist temples

    11. Bi-Vocational Center Chiang Mai, Thailand • The Lahu Christian Church is an association of 32 churches in Northern Thailand. In an effort to better equip their pastors and leaders, they have undertaken the task of building, staffing and operating a bi-vocational training center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. • A four story Training Center

    12. Chiang Mai Airport • Ten minutes from the airport and you've arrived in Chiang Mai on the western side, not far from the old city walls. Close this area, and generated by Chiang Mai's 30,000 students, is a new shopping and entertainment complex with department store, cinemas, food halls, a theatre and even an ice rink!