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Financial Literacy of Teenagers PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Literacy of Teenagers

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Financial Literacy of Teenagers

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Financial Literacy of Teenagers

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  1. Financial Literacyof Teenagers By Amanda Grenier

  2. Does What You Know Now, Affect Your Future? • Of course what you know today affects tomorrow • You couldn’t drive a car without a license • That’s why you need to begin learning about how to spend your money wisely today

  3. How Does Your Attitude Toward Money Change As You Age? • Five Year Old: • Come On ma, can I have a dollar to buy that ring? • Fourteen year old: • Mom I want sixty dollars to buy that designer label top and those cool pants. • Eighteen Year old: • Shoot, I how can I get money for college. I'll ask mom. • Forty Year Old • I need to save for my retirement. No excessive spending.

  4. What Are The Differences Between Savers and Spenders? • Spenders: • Receive short term satisfaction by getting an object they want immediately. • Savers: • Save for items and appreciate them forever. • Spenders: • Have little money in the bank, because they spend their money on pricey items. Often are in debt, and have no money set aside for the inevitable “rainy day.” • Savers: • Have money in the bank because they knew how to manage their money. Prepared for financial emergencies.

  5. Definitions You Should Know • Literacy: Having an expanse of knowledge in a certain subject • Finance: The management of money

  6. Why is Financial Literacy Important? • America is about money. People are defined by how much money they make, possess, and what they do for a living. • Therefore to be successful, and looked well upon in the future, you need to know how to manage your money accordingly.

  7. How Does Entrepreneurship Relate to Financial Literacy? • First off, what is an Entrepreneur? • An entrepreneur is a person who owns, manages, and takes the risks of a business venture. • So... How does that relate? • Well, an entrepreneur has to be financially literate in order to succeed at his business venture. He or she needs to understand how to spend, manage, and budget their money to get the most profit.

  8. How does Financial Literacy Affect You? • Financial literacy affects everyone in different ways. • But the uniformity behind it is, if you manage your money wisely, you will have a large sum of money to fall back on for retirement or emergencies. • EX. House burning down

  9. How Does Financial Literacy Affect You Today? • You can never learn something overnight. An education on a subject needs to grow with time. • If you learn about money management now, you will be prepared in your future.

  10. How Does Financial Literacy Effect Your Future? • In order to be profitable and have a vast sum of money in your future you will need to know how to manage your money, whether that be by investments, savings, etc.

  11. How Do You Find The Career Of Your Dreams? • Study what interests you, and learn how that applies to life/careers. • Look at different jobs options, and figure out which job best fits you (intellectually, physically, and financially) • Once you figure out a career path you want to take, be aggressive in following it. Don’t let opportunity pass you by.

  12. Think outside the box. Always contribute positively to your occupation. Enjoy what you do. Know how to invest, and save your money to have for retirement. Make the employee feel he/she is part of a family, not a business. Give incentives. Give positive feedback. Respect your employees opinions. Manage your money accordingly to make yourself the most profit. How To Become Successful Employee Business Owner