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MMS Consulting. Maz Mohamedali. Overview. Charted Psychologist working in educational, occupational and clinical settings Strong business acumen – director level positions in a global software organisation servicing blue chip clients. Qualifications and Professional Memberships.

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Mms consulting

MMS Consulting

Maz Mohamedali


  • Charted Psychologist working in educational, occupational and clinical settings

  • Strong business acumen – director level positions in a global software organisation servicing blue chip clients

Qualifications and professional memberships
Qualifications and Professional Memberships

  • Doctorate degree in Psychology

  • Level A and B in psychometric testing

  • Chartered Member British Psychological Society


Cycling proficiency test

Previous positions
Previous Positions

  • Lecturer in Psychology – various colleges and universities

  • Sales and Marketing manager / director – CEP, Utopia, Lilly Software Associates

    • (ERP software organisations)

  • Strategic Partnership Manger – MEMBA

  • Associate trainer and counsellor - FUTURUS

Current associations
Current Associations

  • Vivant Artemis – Trauma / Psychology / Counselling

  • IP Consultancies – Educational Assessments

  • Focus Psychology – Educational Assessments

  • Freelance Targeted Marketing consultancy

  • Freelance psychology services

Stop Press - MMS Consulting

What i can do psychologist
What I can do - Psychologist

  • Psychometric assessments for recruitment, staff development

  • Counselling – relationships, anxiety, depression, sexual problems, assertiveness,

  • Applying psychological principals to team building, communication skills, presentation skills, assertiveness, leadership

What i can do marketing
What I can do - Marketing

  • General Marketing

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Market research

  • Report writing

  • Initiate and manage direct marketing campaigns

  • Exhibition support

  • Seminar support

What i can do other skills
What I can do – Other Skills

  • Report writing

  • Tie my own bow tie

  • Make pasta

  • massage

Current recent projects
Current / Recent Projects

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

    • Critical Incidence Debriefing and counselling – Tsunami Victim

  • Planit Holdings

    • Strategic Pricing Policy

    • Strategic Marketing and Sales Strategy CAD/CAM

  • Vivant Artemis

    • Profiling security consultants

  • IP Consultancies

    • Dyslexia assessment

Psychometric assessment eg 15fq
Psychometric Assessment – eg 15FQ+

  • Personality Questionnaire – 15FQ+

  • Can be administered on paper or electronically

  • Provides useful information about interpersonal style, thinking style and coping style

  • Useful for personnel development and recruitment

Interpersonal style
Interpersonal Style

Maz seems to be an extraverted character. This suggests he is a people person with a disposition towards occupations where he is working with people or where there are opportunities for social engagement. He is likely to enjoy initiating and developing personal relationships and be socially confident. At times he may be in danger of talking excessively but should know when it is appropriate to restrain himself. In situations that require initiating, developing and maintaining personal contacts he should be totally in his element.

Thinking style
Thinking Style

Bob is likely to be a good diplomat and appreciate the subtle nuances of social settings. He will be careful not to say things that are out of place and as such may be construed by some to be shrewd or socially astute. He is likely to be aware of those around him and monitor their behaviour to ensure it meets his standards and does not offend others. Stephen may also have the ability to play his cards close to his chest and this may come across as being manipulative in some settings and a reluctance to reveal his true feelings in others..

Coping style
Coping Style

Harry appears to be experiencing very low levels of anxiety. Relatively emotionally resilient and stable in mood, he should have little difficulty in facing challenges in a calm, collected manner.

Generally unruffled by events he is likely to be viewed as being dependable in a crises. He should have sufficient energy to cope with quite demanding situations. He should generally be able to rapidly recharge his depleted energy resources after having faxed demanding work schedules. Highly secure and particularly self assured, he is likely to be cheerful, optimistic and free of regrets and self doubt.

Interview questions
Interview Questions

Harry projects himself as an emotionally stable person who is self assured and secure.

Can you identify any stressful areas in your life?

What sort of things might have upset you in the last fortnight?

When things go wrong, how do you normally react?

Do you feel that others demand your time when you can’t afford to give it?

Interview questions1
Interview Questions

Harry projects himself as self-assured and confident with a very high level of self-esteem.

What type of situation makes you feel very uneasy and insecure?

Can you give me an example of something in which you did not do as well as you had hoped?

When things go wrong at work, is it usually because of something you have done or because of something that others have done?

Tell me about a situation where you have found it difficult to cope.

Repertory grid technique
Repertory Grid Technique

  • An excellent technique for understanding an individual’s perspective in interpersonal relationships

  • Used to understand team dynamics

  • Must be administered one to one so it’s not useful for large groups (unless the client is loaded)!

Jti mbti analysis
JTI / MBTI Analysis

  • IMPROVISERSImprovisers are personable imaginative and sociable types. Willing to turn their hand to anything, they enjoy exploring ideas and building relationships. Their style is generally enthusiastic, engaging and persuasive, tending to be spontaneous and flexible

  • ENERGISERSEnergisers are drawn towards others, living their life by engaging, interacting and bringing optimism, hope, warmth and fun to the situations they encounter. They seek people and action, are always ready to join in themselves and usually create a buzz which encourages others to also get involved.

  • MENTORSMentors are enthusiastic, personable and responsive types who place the highest value on building relationships and showing commitment to people. Generally comfortable in groups, they can be good with words, happy to express their feelings and strong in the promotion of their values.

  • HARMONISERSHarmonisers are sociable, friendly and persevering. They bring compassion and a focus on others which creates a warm and supportive environment. Generally organised and able to attend to practical issues, they are nurturing, loyal and sympathetic whilst keeping a clear focus on getting things done

Thank you
Thank you

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