trapping demonstration 101
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Trapping Demonstration 101

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Trapping Demonstration 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trapping Demonstration 101. Outline Intro Video from Alley Cat Allies Pre-Trapping Preparation Trapping Execution Tips for Hard to Catch Cats Post Surgery and Release. Trapping Demonstration 101. Pre-Trapping Preparation

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trapping demonstration 101

Trapping Demonstration 101


Intro Video from Alley Cat Allies

Pre-Trapping Preparation

Trapping Execution

Tips for Hard to Catch Cats

Post Surgery and Release

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trapping demonstration 1011

Trapping Demonstration 101

Pre-Trapping Preparation

Coordinate with the resident/feeder

Get the cats on a regular feeding schedule

Assess the location ahead of time

Consider plan for kittens, injured, sick, pregnant cats

Withhold food at least 24 hours prior to trapping

Set up vet/clinic appt in advance

Prepare the holding location

Clean your traps from prior trappings

Check the weather

Get all your supplies together

After all this, you’re ready to trap!

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trapping demonstration 1012

Trapping Demonstration 101

Trapping Execution

Set multiple traps/camouflage , think like a cat!

Feeding time is most successful

Use very smelly food – sardines, tuna in oil, KFC

Sprinkle a bait trail

Line the bottom with cardboard

Cover with a towel/small blanket

Twist tie the doors when cat is trapped

Tag and label your traps

Transport to a secure holding location

Do not leave traps unattended – use discretion

Patience, patience, patience!

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trapping demonstration 1013

Trapping Demonstration 101

Tips for Hard to Catch Cats

Try the drop trap

Consider a different sized trap

Laser pointers are useful for kittens

Try enticing treats like catnip or baby food

Make the trap more secluded/hidden

Withhold food for 48 hours

Rig the door open and feed out of the trap OR

Feed underneath the drop trap beforehand

Have the regular feeder set the trap

Identify multiple feeders in the area

The key is helping kitty overcome his/her trust issues and taking extra steps toward that goal.

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trapping demonstration 1014

Trapping Demonstration 101

Post Surgery

Ensure that each cat comes back in the same trap

Allow cats to recover for at least 24 hours

Complicated spays may need 48 hours

Nursing females should be released sooner

Limited food the first night – always give water

Check spay scars prior to release

Release at the same area where trapped

Clean up and re-stock for next time

Reference Material (Alley Cat Allies):

Good luck and happy trapping!

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