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CAS Faculty Council’s Spring Assembly PowerPoint Presentation
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CAS Faculty Council’s Spring Assembly

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CAS Faculty Council’s Spring Assembly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAS Faculty Council’s Spring Assembly
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  1. Dean’s Report to the CAS Faculty Council’s Spring Assembly April 30, 2010

  2. Priorities in the Strategic Plan Have Not Changed! • Community Engagement • Global Literacy and Impact • Integrated, Interdisciplinary Inquiry • Research and Innovation • Student Success CAS remains very well positioned to contribute to each of these priorities! Office of the Dean

  3. Even in these difficult economic times, Academic Affairs understands and has been remarkably supportive of CAS goals and priorities: • Faculty lines • Instructor positions • TA lines • Counter-offers Office of the Dean

  4. State of the College • Graduate and Undergraduate Studies • Research and Scholarship • Facilities, Safety and Security • Business Services • Development • Faculty Affairs Office of the Dean

  5. From 30,000 feet Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  6. Undergraduate Student Success Initiatives • University Student Success Task Force brings needed change • Assessment of student outcomes for improvement continues (5th year report [SACS] using Fall 2010 data) • Health Science Major enrolling students • One of what will be a menu of options in health science Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  7. Undergraduate Student Success Initiatives (cont.) • New student degree audit system coming (Degree Works) • Phasing in Summer 2010; replaces SASS • Professional Advising Model is evolving • 9 new advisors in place, with 5 more to come next year • New registration process based on performance and level (high GPAs first) Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  8. Undergraduate Student Recruiting Improving Yield of Quality Students • Phone contacts from advisors to admits • Letters from the Dean (next year--departmental letters?) • Honors student recruiting day (showcase CAS) • Stampede for Success (faculty and advisors involved) • (recruiting HS sophomores and juniors) • Orientation and registration for new first year students Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  9. From Transactions to Relationships • Our goal should be to reach out to and develop genuine relationships with our applicants, to deepen our engagement with them when they are our students, and to stay connected to them when they become loyal alumni.

  10. From 30,000 feet Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  11. Graduate Student Initiatives Graduate Program Support and Expansion • USF Goal is to have 25% graduate enrollment on Tampa Campus • Provost support: 43 new recurring PhD GA lines (12 depts. $711K competitive stipends), 14 additional PhD GA lines (one time) • General Education Council: Since 2007 >80 new GA positions constitutes more than $1.3M investment in CAS • Dean’s Excellence Award (22 current enhancements to 15K) Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  12. Research & Scholarship News Research & Scholarship

  13. USF touts rank as state's No. 2 research university USF award dollars have risen steadily from $134M in 1998 to $380M in 2009. NSF ranked USF at 63rd of nearly 680 institutions. USF is ahead of the University of Miami, at 78th with $241.7M in research spending; Florida State University, at 97th with $182M; and the University of Central Florida, at 125th with $108 million. Research & Scholarship

  14. A Tiny Defect That May Create Smaller, Faster Electronics A new technique to turn defects in graphene into tiny metallic wires was developed by Physics professors Ivan Oleynik and Matthias Batzill Research & Scholarship

  15. Prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Global Citizenship Award Anthropology professor Linda Hose was nominated for the Center for Public Anthropology’s Eleanor Roosevelt Global Citizenship Award for inspiring university students to partake in the global community and think critically, respond intelligently, and act responsibly. Research & Scholarship

  16. History's Forgotten Fallen Graydon“Jack” Tunstall, USF history professor and researcher conducts ground-breaking investigation into neglected World War I battle, and produced the first full story of history’s forgotten fallen soldiers on the eastern front in Blood in the Snow: The Carpathian Winter War 1915 Research & Scholarship

  17. Holocaust oral history project: preserving oral histories of survivors Professor of Communication and Sociology, Carolyn Ellis received a 2010 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for her Holocaust survivors project Research & Scholarship

  18. Cold Cases Examined: Forensic science puts a name to a skeleton Anthropology professor Erin Kimmerle is the go-to person for identifying remains and assisting Hillsborough County law enforcement with cold cases Research & Scholarship

  19. Rome Fellowship in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters Jay Hopler, professor of English, was awarded the Rome Fellowships in Literature, a one-year residency (2010-2011) at the American Academy in Rome Research & Scholarship

  20. Center for Drug Discoveryand Innovation Synergizing strengths, on‐going research, expertise, and interdisciplinary resources across USF for the discovery and development of innovative pharmaceuticals; from research bench to point-of-care. (Formerly FCoE-BITT) Research & Scholarship

  21. Rate of F&A Recovery *High F&A recovery is associated with a greater amount of Federal funding. Research & Scholarship

  22. Summer Grant Writing Workshops The return on investment is reflected in the 627 compelling proposals submitted, totaling well over $174 million in competitive proposals, which has yielded 235 awards with over $49 million in award dollars. Registration opens May 1st Research & Scholarship

  23. The Final Frontier Interdisciplinary Science Building • Move in date approximately July 2011 • Will be tallest building on campus • ISA building is going to be a “Green” building IDRB Build out • Focus on the SNSM Materials Science Cluster • Unique combination of faculty from Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Facilities, Safety and Security

  24. Business Services

  25. State of Florida Outlook for 2010/11 • While economic freefall has been quelled and the worst is likely behind us, the recovery remains weak and is projected to continue at a slow pace • $68 billion state budget relies on considerable help from feds and revenues from the compact with Seminole Indian Tribe • Big holes to fill for 2011/12 Business Services

  26. Florida Legislature - Proposed Higher Education Appropriations Bill • 15% Increase in UG Tuition • 8% State UG Tuition Increase • 7% USF Differential Tuition Authority • It is a shared priority across the SUS and for UFF to make sure the Governor does not veto this increase Business Services

  27. CAS Budget Highlights for 2009/10 • 2% increase for out-of-unit faculty • 1xonly bonus payments for staff • $4.8M in federal stimulus funding used to for visiting faculty and adjunct salaries • 1xonly funding in place for summer 2010 Business Services

  28. Overall Fundraising • FY 09 (as of 4/24/09) $ 699,213 • FY 10 (as of 4/24/10) $1,186,298 Increase of 69.66% Development

  29. Faculty & Staff Campaign • Tremendous Thank You to area representatives: • Dr. Dean Martin • Dr. Dan Bagley • Ms. Lorene Hall-Jennings • Ms. Sue Viens Development

  30. Faculty & Staff Campaign • FY 10 (as of 4/24/10): • 32.64% participation • (FY 09: 28.7%) • 251 of 769 CAS faculty and staff participating • (FY 09: 210 of 731) • Only 8 more participants to reach our FY 10 goal! Development

  31. Faculty & Staff Campaign • 2011 USF Campaign Chair: Eric Eisenberg • More volunteers to serve as Area Representatives? • Contact Melissa Mayse, 4-4072 Development

  32. Alumni Outreach Partnered with local alumni chapters and held outreach events in: • Washington, DC • New York City • Los Angeles, California • Within Florida: • Naples • Clearwater • Ft. Lauderdale Development

  33. Phi Beta Kappa Lecture Series This series is a joint project of USF faculty and the City of Tampa aimed at raising the level of intellectual discourse in our community. Nationally and internationally known thought leaders create opportunities for interaction between these visionary individuals and our best and brightest citizens. Research & Scholarship

  34. 2009/10 Faculty Searches • This year alone, we will hire in CAS: • 10 instructional post docs • 30 full time instructors • 19 Assistant Professors • 4 Associate Professors • 5 Full Professors, including new Chairs of Sociology and Mass Communications • Instructor hires in our biggest departments will help satisfy accreditation standards for courses taught by full time faculty • Instructors are not a substitute for research active faculty hires that are essential to our mission and vision Faculty Affairs

  35. Faculty Governance • Completed a thorough revision of the CAS governance document • Kudos to the Chairs and Directors, the Faculty Assembly, and Assembly Chair Dr. Case Boterbloem for their tireless work on the revised document • 88% of CAS faculty who voted cast their votes to approve the new document Faculty Affairs

  36. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Retirees! Dennis Bennett CAS Dean’s Office Fred Essig Biology – IB John Hodgson Economics Bill Kinder Psychology Edward Levine Psychology Daniel Lim Biology – CMMB Randy Miller Mass Communications David Stamps Sociology Nancy Tyson English Faculty Affairs

  37. Questions?  Have a great final week of the semester and a fun and rejuvenating summer! Office of the Dean