Prison education in iceland
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Prison Education in Iceland. The Spring Project Palladio /Treviso 2004. Prison Education in Iceland. Iceland: 103 110 km2 ;Population:ca. 295 000 Prison situation 4 very small prisons 9 - 16 cells 1 bigger (high security) 87 cells located 60 km from Reykjavík

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Prison education in iceland

Prison Education in Iceland

The Spring Project

Palladio /Treviso 2004

Prison education in iceland1
Prison Education in Iceland

  • Iceland: 103 110 km2 ;Population:ca. 295 000

  • Prison situation

    • 4 very small prisons 9 - 16 cells

    • 1 bigger (high security) 87 cells located 60 km from Reykjavík

  • Total average prison population pr. year

    • 100 males

    • 7 - 8 females

Prison education in iceland2
Prison Education in Iceland

  • Small prison units

    • difficult to plan, arrange and carry out education, training and other school activities

    • inmates at different age levels

    • with different educational background

    • with different lengths of sentences to serve

    • various health and mental problems, etc.

    • => education on an individual basis for each inmate

Prison education in iceland3
Prison Education in Iceland

  • 2 prisons offer organised education

    • Litla-Hraun - 70+ inmates /males (high sec.)

    • Kópavogur - 12 cells (females / males)

  • Teachers coming from comprehensive schools in the neighbourhood, where they are employed.

Prison education in iceland4
Prison Education in Iceland

  • History of prison education

  • Prison education in Iceland since "70+

    • Vocational training

    • individual training for designated jobs

    • elementary/secondary school lessons

    • vocational training given by prison personal

    • teachers for other studies coming from outside

    • 1978 Sveinn Ágústsson hired as prison teacher

Prison education in iceland5
Prison Education in Iceland

  • In 1979: agreement between Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education:

    • MoE pays teachers salaries

    • MoJ pays other costs involved

    • (No Ministry of Home affairs in Iceland!!)

  • In 1981 a secondary comprehensive school was founded in Selfoss 12 km from L-H. Now responsible for education at the Litla-Hraun prison.

Prison education in iceland6
Prison Education in Iceland

  • In 1990 special classrooms built in the prison buildings at Litla-Hraun

    • today most of the education and training takes place there

  • Since January 2004 Angel (similar to WEB-CT or Blackboard in use at L-H

    • enables the inmates to take certain courses as distance learning courses

  • Since January 2004 Angel (similar to WEB-CT or Blackboard in use at L-H

  • enables the inmates to take certain courses as distance learning courses

Prison education in iceland7
Prison Education in Iceland

  • Education at Kópavogur prison since 1997

    • offered from comprehensive school in Kóp.

  • History of legal framework

    • Article 14 of the Prison Act No. 48/1988 states that the inmates have a right to education

    • can also be permitted to attend school or vocational training outside the prison

    • regular education attendance in prison replaces the work duties of inmates

Prison education in iceland8
Prison Education in Iceland

  • Regulation No. 409/1998 states that the inmates shall be paid (ca. 3.50 €) for each teaching lesson they attend

  • Regulation No. 719/1995 which regulates prison leaves, including permission to attend classes outside the prison, states that an inmate must have served at least one year of his/her sentence to be eligible, and it further states that the length of the sentence until his/her release shall not exceed 6 months

Prison education in iceland9
Prison Education in Iceland

  • Statistics 2001

    • average prison population at Litla-Hraun prison was 70 inmates, including prisoners in remand custody. In the spring semester of that year, 26 inmates started studying and 12 of these completed their studies in one or more subjects

    • fall semester, 36 inmates started in the education program and 16 of these completed their studies with an examination in one or more subjects

Prison education in iceland10
Prison Education in Iceland

  • Generally speaking about 35-40% of the inmates start with one or more subjects and approximately 20% complete their studies in a satisfactory manner

  • The main reason for the drop-out rate is the inmates´ own dicision to give up the studies. A small number is expelled for disciplinary violations

Prison education in iceland11
Prison Education in Iceland

  • When the situation arises where an inmate is released before the end of the school year, the education co-ordinator makes the necessary arrangements for the inmates concerned to finish their studies and to take examinations in the subject they had been studying

  • Opportunity to take the examination at the school outside the prison

Prison education in iceland12
Prison Education in Iceland

  • The average number of prisoners at the Kópavogur prison during 2001 was 10 inmates

  • Two to six inmates attended class daily, and during the year six inmates completed one or more examinations

Prison education in iceland13
Prison Education in Iceland

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