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  1. Grammar in a nutshell # 2

  2. Past Simple Ifyou want to say thatsomethinghappened in the past – and was finished in the past – youuse the past simple. Turn a sentenceinto the past byadding-edto the (regular) verb. Ifa verbis irregularyou have touse a different form (2nd form). Check thissentence: I made thispowerpointlast week. Last week shows that I made andfinishedthispowerpoint in the past.

  3. Present Perfect Ifyou want to say thatsomethinghappened in the past – but is still relevant now: notcompletelyfinished or youcansee a result– youuse the present perfect. Present Perfect = have/has + verb+edor irregularverb(3rd form). I have made changes tothispowerpointsince I first made it. Since shows that I made the powerpoint in the past but youcannowsee the changes that I made.

  4. Choose the correct alternative Fill in the exercises in yourbookandchoose the Past Simple or the Present Perfect(p. 62/63 WB).

  5. Extra exercise: Mary and MaxDo thisbyyourselfifyouneed more practice! A. Read the sentences taken from a letter Max is writing Mary and try to guess whether you should complete the blanks with the simple past or the present perfect tenses of the given verbs. 1 I ____________ (choose) the same numbers for nine years. 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12. 2 I _____________ (have) many different jobs during my life. 3 My first job ______ (be) collecting subway tokens in the subway. 4 I __________ (work) at the frisbee printing machine in my third job. 5 In my fourth job, I _________ (get - neg) paid much but ________ (get) free cookies and coffee. 6 ____________ (you - ever - be) hang gliding? 7 _____________ (you - ever - be) a communist? 8 _____________ (you - ever - be) attacked by a crow or a similar large bird. When I __________ (be) nine, a crow _________ (attack) me on my way to school. 9 I _________________ (teach) myself to read two pages at once. 10 I have to go now. I __________ (tell - neg) you about my 7th job, in a condom factory. 11 I _______________ (eat - never) sweetened condensed milk. 12I ________________ ( use - never) a condom. Neg= negative = not! B. Click here for video + answers:

  6. Adjectives& AdverbsBijvoeglijk naamwoorden & Bijwoorden Sayshowsomethinghappens or howsomething is done. It says more about a verb, adjectiveor adverb. Veryoften (but NOT always), you make anadverb (fromanadjective) byadding –ly. Check yourbookfor more info! It describessomething or someone. It saysmore about a noun(zelfst. nwd). Thepink ball. Ball = noun Pink = adjective The = article Pink gives more info about the ball. Katy Perry isbeautiful. Katy Perry = noun Beautiful = adjective Is = verb BeautifulsayssomethingaboutKaty. Katy Perry singsbeautifully. Katy Perry = noun Beautifully = adverb Sings = verb BeautifullysayssomethingabouthowKaty Perry sings. FYI:

  7. Fill in the grid. Someadjectivesandadverbs are missing. Fill in the missing words! (p. 63 WB) Rememberthis: A verbis a doing word: you walk, cycle, read, write… (werkwoord) A nounis a naming word: itnamespeople, placesandthings. (zelfstandig naamwoord) An adjective(bijvoeglijk naamwoord) is a describing word: itgives a little more information aboutpeople, placesandthings. An adverb (bijwoord) is alsodescribing word: itgives more information about a verb, adjectiveor otheradverbs. happily strange hard curious considerable beautifully fast reasonably surprising easily

  8. The article is incomplete. Some of the adjectivesandadverbsare missing. Use the words in the brackets() to complete the text. (p. 64 WB) …or not…

  9. Don’tforget: Always writeYOUnotU! Always writeIneveri! Always writegoing to: ‘gonna’ doesn’texist... (neither does ‘wanna’ = want to) If you do these thing wrong, it will cost you points!

  10. Grammar in a nutshell # 2