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My Music Evaluation For Hip- Hop and R&B o

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My Music Evaluation For Hip- Hop and R&B o - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Music Evaluation For Hip- Hop and R&B o. Renee Armantrading. Forms and Conventions. In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?.

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My Music Evaluation For

Hip- Hop and R&B o

Renee Armantrading


Forms and Conventions

In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?

Magazines tend to adhere to the basic forms and conventions of a front cover or contents page. A front cover may have features such as; masthead, barcode, a genre related Image, Price, feature articles and sell-lines. Once this is created as a whole, this helps attract the target audience, increases sales, and boost ratings and popularity. The form of a contents page may vary through representation, however they all give brief headlines for a story and the page numbers. These are all conventional.

My magazine cover and contents page conforms to basic cover forms and conventions. My magazine however develops and challenges the use of conventions through its style and appeal. Factors of this maybe my photography as it is sketched to suit and gain attention from my female audience, the colours and font styles, feature articles etc. If ones cover/contents reflects their audience well this will increase popularity, and sales. as well as compete with other music magazines in the genre. I think my magazine cover, contents page and double page spreads does and will do the above as I fall into the age group I am Targeting and as a female I have an idea what a girl wants.

Main Cover Image relative to girls through their mise- en- scene,(fashion) and accessories hence the blow dryer. The shot manipulates the convention of the main image as more than one thing is being linked to a girls likes.

This is an unconventional contents page as an image is used as a main focus, in addition to the information in the contents box.

There are 3 focuses for the audience the model, clothing and the blow-dryer (accessory)

The female model looks attractive and she does not give out a negative or provocative image. This is somewhat different to males who seem to send the opposite message.


Representational Issues

How does your magazine represent particular social groups?

In my opinion my magazines social group is young teenage girls from the age 13-18 , who may take a liking to the genre Hip-Hop and R&B. These two genres are aimed mainly at a black audience as the genres originated within the race and culture. Many artists that work within this genre are black as you can see from my mood board. The attendance of black artists is more than an ethnic mixture, Justin Timberlake is the only odd one out.

  • For my magazine cover, double page spread and contents page I hope to make it more diverse into the genres of Hip –Hop and R&B through images texts and known artists.
  • In addition to this I aim to cater for my female audience through my colour schemes, Images, artists, fashions, new trends and answers from my questionnaire. This will give me a broader field to appeal to a large audience.
  • This magazine would not appeal to an audience over the age of 20 as the language used will be informal(slang) and feature events, activities, fashion, games, gossip, tips etc. Which will be made age specific. This is relevant to my target audience and may be something they are interested in or more likely to participate in.
  • However people over the age 0f 20 may want to read and keep in tune with my magazine. Reasons could be:
  • still want to know or have an idea about goings on and crazes for young girls.
  • May feel they are not too old to read it
  • Interested with the magazine in general.
  • Maybe a learning tool.

More black artists .

My images of my artists does not conform to the mise-en-scene within the genre. Hip- Hop artists tend to have: sun- glasses, tattoos, big earrings and jewellery, baggy clothes, gangs, piercings, expensive designer labels etc.

My artists have used clothing along these lines, for example Mary B on my contents page. This artist uses a puffy jacket with her wearing the hood and a medium large piece of jewellery. This is similar to clothing in her genre, but her look and simplicity in the shot is not as harsh and rough as a male artist would be seen. Male stereotypes create more negativity. because of how the picture is pursued


This is my audiences view on what they would like to see as a feature in a music magazine.

R&B and Hip- Hop are the most listened to genre in my questionnaire. This shows the popularity and interest of my target audience. One can also see audiences are involved with music as there is a high consumption of music.

This is my evaluation on my whole questionnaire it sums it up and gives my perspective and ideas for my magazine.

I am referring back to my questionnaire as it was an important part of my research. It gave me many things to look at and think about for my own magazine, and has helped create ideas that may support my audience. I am also using this questionnaire as an outline for my music magazine. From this research I am going to take cost into consideration, availability, and the representation of my genres as it seems of great importance to my audience.


What kind of institution might distribute your magazine and why?

I would like my music magazine ‘LM’(love music) to be distributed from these shops.

They are well known retail shops that have a variety of customers and a high level of footfall. This could possibly help increase my magazines popularity and gain recognition from its audience.

Secondly, I believe sweet shops ,schools, library’s will also be a good source of exposure for my magazine. As they are readily available and easy to pop into if one is in a rush. The school vicinity are with my audience 5 times a week this is an easy way to get to my audience especially if it is handed out for free, maybe as a trial to see how successful it is.

Sports stores like JD and Footlocker are also a good way to promote my magazine as artists are involved with fashion and brands etc . This could be relative to the artist as well as the audience. Artists may be promoting themselves through brands but are gaining recognition at the same time.

My last two institutions will be clubs or the internet. In today’s world my target audience use the internet nearly everyday whether its a Google search, facebook login or music sites like you tube. I think having an online site for the magazine as well as a facebook account will give my magazine exposure and be a subject from word of mouth .

Sweet shops


Clubs in the West- End will also expose my magazine and possibly be an accessory for consumers to take home after a good party session. If this is given away for free it may become a common magazine that everyone looks out to get like the ‘ Metro’ newspaper. This again may be a word of mouth feature that will spread from peer to peer.

target audience
Target Audience

Who would be the target audience for your magazine?

As said before the Target audience for my magazine is females from the ages of 13- 18. I have chosen this age and gender for my target audience as I am In the age range, my personal knowledge and insight from peers will give me ideas and help create a magazine suitable for my teenage audience. Secondly this target audience will be represented in a positive light for a change and hopefully enhance more activity amongst youths, cover all aspects within genre of music on a larger scale, fashion, activities or competitions in the magazine.

This audience is easier for me to work in as the model/artists are young and appeal and conform to basic norms of a girl. For example the colour pink, attractive male artists, newest fashion trends, music/phone technologies, accessories, parties etc.

target audience1
Target Audience
  • This is a mood board I designed for my audience. These are suggestions to what I think my target audience may be interested in. I have chosen to express this random placement of my images and flamboyant colours.
  • Food (Mc. Donald's , skittles)
  • Designer Labels
  • Channels to do with music ( MTV, BET)
  • Accessories to do with music ( iPod, stereo)
  • Dancing, parties etc.
addressing the readership
Addressing The Readership

How did you attract / address your audience?

  • I think the attention fro m my audience is due to my presentation of a girl’s magazine. The cover and double page spread reflects the behaviour and style of a typical teenage girl. There are feature articles that are likely to draw them in as it can improve self which is something every girl would want to do I.. Makeup, clothes, hair etc. I think other contributing features are :
  • pink colours specifies the gender and attracts the eye .
  • Contrasting colours pulls the magazine and makes it look wholesome.
  • Image of a female model/ artist in the target audience age group.
  • The fact that the magazine is for girls only gives girls an importance or something that is there own.
  • The pretty cover, double page spread and contents page.
  • The above was important to me as I look for these things when I look at a magazine, when it is there I believe I am more engrossed in the information or artist and may go onto do my own personal research on what they do. I think most readers look for some of the points listed above in a magazine because a information on an artist can only be given so much. Appealing to the readers sense of ‘see’ is important because it depends whether your magazine is picked up or left on the shelf with other competing magazines.
  • I also addressed the audience through my language, I changed it to accompany my genre and my audience. This gives the editor and the reader something in common and a relationship with the reader as the informal language is understood by the target audience.
comparisons between preliminary and main tasks
Comparisons Between Preliminary And Main Tasks

what do you feel you have learnt between creating that and creating your music magazine? How did the school magazine task help?

I feel I have been able to develop in my photographic skills, ideas and mise- en- scene. My ideas are more linked to my subject matter and genre and my work is more reflective of my target audience. The school magazine has helped me prepare for my main task, I have undergone deeper analysis of a higher standard compared to my preliminary.

The school magazine has also helped me see my personal development from my practise to my final product

double page spread
Double Page Spread
  • This is my double page spread that I designed based on my research into my ‘Hip Hop and R7B ‘ genre magazines. My research has shown me conventions that are used when constructing a double page spread. I have decided to incorporate some into my production of work.
  • Binder in between the pages.
  • Page number
  • Image of article
  • Interview
  • Titles and sub- titles.

I found this task quite long winded when constructing the text and images in places on the page. I needed to use my organisational, and creative skills for this part of my work. I found this task difficult overall compared to my contents page and front cover as its two pages that need to work together.

technical construction issues
Technical/ Construction Issues

I used feature articles for my second magazine the other magazine had lists of the content in funky writing

My mise- en- scene and ideas for my main task is more advanced to my simplistic school magazine. I had to research on the internet and take a more active precise role in my photography. I also find my second task more creative and detailed through analysis and content.

The image is weak and basic along with my Photoshop skills compared to my main Task

My skills have grown immensely ,and my second magazine looks more realistic compared to my Preliminary.

my contents page
My Contents Page

This is my contents page it is very simple in its layout presentation and colour. I.e. the greys and whites which I have used to contrast with the image. The image is of an artist that is also a feature in my magazine. I decided to use this image idea as it is influenced by the contents pages I analysed before making my own


I used simple word art for my title ‘of ‘contents’ and ‘Lucinda Handwriting’ for my font so it does not overpower the image, which is also a further selling point for the magazine.


Overall, I am pleased with the work I have created it is relevant and suited for my audience . The colours contrast well as a background and the design is very effective on top . The main image stands out and is enhanced by the rest of the colour.

My contents page is simple but creative through design and representation as a main image is a part of the central focus in addition to the page information. The colours also contrast well with the artists clothing.

My Double page spread has a variety of shots from different angles in different effects , it enhances the image of the artist but brings in a new/modern form of creativity. In addition to this, the interview is a way to introduce the new artist to my audience with a series of pictures.