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Library Language Translation

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Library Language Translation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library Language Translation. Presented by: Brian Thompson. Communication Breakdown. Ever have an opportunity to make a sale but the customer was looking for changes Specific terminology Patient Id instead of Customer Id Postal Code should be Zip Code Language English to French

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Presentation Transcript
library language translation

Library Language Translation

Presented by:

Brian Thompson

communication breakdown
Communication Breakdown
  • Ever have an opportunity to make a sale but the customer was looking for changes
    • Specific terminology
      • Patient Id instead of Customer Id
      • Postal Code should be Zip Code
    • Language
      • English to French
      • Spanish to German
language translation
Language Translation
  • What is required?
    • Time and/or resources to manually convert panels and messages
    • Expertise in the language
  • Can be an expensive and time consuming proposition without sales contracts
language translation1
Language Translation
  • New Library Language Translation
    • On Nomads Utilities menu
setup requirements
Setup Requirements
  • Translator requires an account at a service that provides translation API services, such as
    • Microsoft/Bing
    • Google (being deprecated December 1st, 2011)
  • Sign up for a free account
the api key
The API Key
  • When prompted for the Translate Key
    • During initial start up
library language translation panel
Library Language Translation Panel
  • Key button is pressed on the main window
typical procedures
Typical Procedures
  • Load Libraries
  • Run Translation process
  • Validate/Check Translations
  • Apply Translations back to Library
  • Review panels and messages
loading libraries
Loading Libraries
  • Browse the Library
    • To select libraries to translate
  • What type of libraries can you translate?
    • Nomads libraries
    • Message libraries
library text
Library Text
  • Controls include
    • Regular & Fonted Text
    • Charts, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Grids, List Boxes, Drop Boxes, Multi Lines, Sliding Bars, Buttons
  • Text from various properties
    • Help
    • Messages
    • Tips
loaded library
Loaded Library
  • All text displays will load as “Old Text”
run translations
Run Translations
  • Select a language
    • Drop down list
      • DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL & PT
    • Manually enter a valid two character code
      • Code must be recognized by the API that is being used
  • Translate
    • To start the translation
  • Escape Key
    • To pause or terminate the translation
validate translations
Validate Translations
  • When text contains an ampersand and the hot key letter does not appear in the translation
    • Warning message will appear
    • Translated text will be prefixed by the ampersand, the original hot key letter followed by a colon
  • When the hot key letter exists in the text then the ampersand will be moved to it
clean up
  • Double click on a warning
    • To switch focus to the text and make adjustments
  • Refresh
    • To recheck warnings
  • Double click on any line
    • To edit/override a translation
handling translations
Handling Translations
  • Save
    • To save the loaded library and the translations
  • Export
    • To export the loaded text to a CSV delimited file
  • Import
    • To import translations from an external source in CSV format
export import translations
Export/Import Translations
  • This allows for third party expertise to validation and/or make corrections
  • The “Old Text” and “New Text” headers may be present in the import file and should be skipped when prompted during import
apply translations
Apply Translations
  • Browse the Translation Table
    • To select a saved translation file
  • Resize check box
    • Will attempt to increase the area on the panel to accept the translated text
  • Apply
    • When the translation file is loaded and ready to apply back to the library
issues with translations
Issues with Translations
  • Translations from one language to another
    • Translation is usually never equal in length
    • Adjustments may have to be made
      • Translated Text
      • Panels or Displays
issues with translations1
Issues with Translations
  • How the translator assists with adjustments
    • Use Resize check button
    • Text region will be extended where possible
      • Region will first be extended to right
      • Using space between text and control
      • If not enough space to extend, tries to shift to left
    • Minimizes any manual adjustments
apply translations1
Apply Translations
  • Three easy steps
    • Browse to select the From Library or Message
    • Browse to select the To Library or Message
    • Proceed will begin to apply the translations


After 

review panel translation
Review Panel Translation
  • Left side of panel most translations fit
  • Right side of panel best fit adjustments
review panel translation1
Review Panel Translation
  • Password & email address will need adjustments
  • Contact name fit within region
  • Sales rep could be adjusted to the left
process recap
Process Recap
  • Obtain API Key & Account
  • Run the new Language Translator
    • Setup API & Key
    • Select/Load library
    • Translate
    • Review/edit warnings and translation
    • Apply Translation
  • Review panels & Messages
  • Vragen (Dutch)
  • Questions (French)
  • Fragen (German)
  • Ερωτήσεις(Greek)
  • Domande (Italian)
  • Preguntas (Spanish)
  • Вопросы (Russian)
  • Pytania(Polish)
  • Ceisteanna (Irish)
  • Otázky (Czech)
  • Vrae(Afrikaans)
  • Kysymyksiä (Finnish)