introduction to edu 315 legal and ethical issues in education n.
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Introduction to EDU 315-Legal and Ethical Issues in Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to EDU 315-Legal and Ethical Issues in Education

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Introduction to EDU 315-Legal and Ethical Issues in Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to EDU 315-Legal and Ethical Issues in Education
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  1. Introduction toEDU 315-Legal and Ethical Issues in Education University of Phoenix George J. Barnes M.Ed

  2. Welcome to Class! • Who am I? • Bio • Type of teaching style • Slides to come • Forums • Assignments • Discussion Questions • Participation • Clarification

  3. Forums • Main Forum • Threads will only be created by me • Check all forums highlighted in darker blue to stay up to date • Everyone can see what you type • Remain courteous and academic

  4. Forums Continued • Chat Room • Designed for the “Coffee House” approach/more laid back • Bios • Lounge

  5. Forums Continued • Materials • Handouts, Rubrics, and assignments • I will be the only one posting new threads here • Visit once a week at least.

  6. Forums Continued • Learning Team Forums • Still public for the entire class to view • I “peek” over shoulders quite often. • When used effectively, a great tool

  7. Learning Team Side bar • Learning teams are a philosophy of University of Phoenix. • Learning Teams and skills that flourish in them are largely sought out by employers. • Don’t fight the concept, learn, and adapt. • Don’t be the weak link in the chain. • Communicate, communicate, communicate!

  8. Forums Continued • Individual Forums • One to One conversations • Summaries are placed here • Assignments are not

  9. Assignments • All assignments are due on the date requested • Late assignments will not be accepted after the fourth day • Late assignments will lose 10% for every late day • Use the assignment tab to enter assignments • Each assignment must have the “Certificate of Originality” as well • Present each assignment with high academic intent , APA, cite text, etc..

  10. Discussion Questions • Discussion question have two purposes • Your initial answer-in order to receive full points for this section you will need to respond to the initial question posted in the Main forum. You should aim for 250 words, grammatically correct, AND include the initial question at the beginning of your response. • Participation points-No less than 150 words, grammatically correct, and pertinent to the topic at hand.

  11. Participation • Four days out of seven days • The academic week is Tuesday through Monday night • Always aim for more and not less in your attempts

  12. Clarifications • Place for any question you don’t mind sharing in public. • A great spot to place, “Mr. Barnes, I have a question for you in my individual forum” for more personal conversations. • A new segment for each week

  13. Things to do prior to going further in class • Read and accept the syllabus • Read and accept the course policies • Check in if you haven’t already • Check the specification in the “Ready to go” in the Main forum and reply. • Once you have done all of these items feel free to tour the forums and check my next classroom presentation for week 1…see you soon!

  14. Page: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated. Horace Man