7 th grade english 2011 2012 n.
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7 th Grade English 2011-2012

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7 th Grade English 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7 th Grade English 2011-2012. How to Succeed in Mr. Wyatt’s Class. Daily Supplies. Agenda Binder with five dividers and notebook paper Pencil or pen (blue or black ink) Highlighter AR book USB drive. Heading a paper. On the LEFT side of your paper, on the LINES, write the following:

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7 th grade english 2011 2012

7th Grade English2011-2012

How to Succeed in Mr. Wyatt’s Class

daily supplies
Daily Supplies


Binder with five dividers and notebook paper

Pencil or pen (blue or black ink)


AR book

USB drive

heading a paper
Heading a paper

On the LEFT side of your paper, on the LINES, write the following:

LINE 1: Name (First and Last)

LINE 2: Period Letter

LINE 3: Assignment name

LINE 4: Date (Month, day, and year)

LINE 5: Pledge (Short version unless told otherwise)



Microsoft Word


Flash drive

Please ask your parents to let me know IN WRITING if you do not have access to any of the above items at home.

daily procedures
Daily procedures

Sharpen pencils BEFORE class, and make sure you have a spare.

Come to class and get started right away!

Write your homework in your agenda. (It will be written on the board.)

Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up.

Wait to leave until I dismiss you.


See your syllabus for information about how to organize your binder

Do your personal business (locker, bathroom, etc.) between classes – use your time wisely!

Check NetClassroom or the Class Agenda to see what homework is or was

when you re absent
When you’re absent…
  • You have the same amount of time you missed to make up the work.
    • Late work must be submitted with a red LATE WORK form.
  • Check NetClassroom and the Class Agenda binder to find out what you missed.
  • Talk to me before school (NOT DURING CLASS) to catch up on missed work
    • Also, feel free to email me from home for information on what you missed.
  • If your absence was unexcused, you cannot earn more than 75% on any missed work (including tests)
grading formula
Grading formula

Tests, major quizzes, and AR = 40 %

Papers/Writing Assignments and projects = 40%

Homework, reading checks, pop quizzes, and daily work = 20%

academic information
Academic Information

Extra credit is rare, but available to everyone

Late homework will not be accepted for credit – it will count as a zero

Late projects/papers will lose 5% (one-half letter grade) for each day late

Reading assignments are REAL homework assignments –expect a reading quizzes or reading checks to follow all reading assignments

behavioral expectations
Behavioral Expectations
    • Be in assigned seat when the bell rings with homework on desk
    • Come to class prepared to work and with all supplies
    • Participate and pay attention during all class activities
    • Come to class with an attitude of respect for classmates, teacher, and self
    • Talk only in the context of class, and only when it’s your turn
    • Be mindful of the honor code
negative consequences
Negative Consequences
  • First offense: verbal warning
  • After the first offense, demerits will be issued according to the following:
    • RESPONSIBILITY: 1 demerit hour
      • (unexcused tardy, not prepared for class, etc.)
    • RESPECT: 2-4 demerit hours
      • (disrespectful to students, teachers, or property)
    • HONOR: 8 demerit hours
  • Working hours off
be positive
Be positive!

Avoid negative consequences; do what you’re supposed to do.

Be as enthusiastic as you can be about everything we do in class – even when you don’t feel like it. : )

Be responsible for your self – your things, your trash, etc.

Take pride in the classroom - even if it means picking up after someone else.

Be kind.