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May 31, 2011 Vol. 2: Issue 8. Riverview. Panther Times. Russian Gambling Ring Uncovered! . BEYBLADES Fun Collectables or Deadly Weapons? By Matthew Nunes.

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May 31, 2011 Vol. 2: Issue 8


Panther Times

Russian Gambling

Ring Uncovered!


Fun Collectables or Deadly Weapons?

By Matthew Nunes

In case you don’t know, Beyblades (often called Beys) are high performance battle tops that are launched into a plastic arena and crash into each other, and the last Bey spinning is the winner. Hasbro claims that Beyblade tops are harmless, but multiple Beyblade related deaths have been reported. The three Beys that are most used as weapons are Meteo L-Drago, Lightning L-Drago, and Earth Aquilia. Beyblades can easily be modified with very sharp edges by melting the metal on the Beyblade and carefully placing sharp metal points on the melted metal. The most recent Beyblade related death was only 5 days ago, when a escaped prisoner stole a Beyblade from a local Target store and launched it into a bank window, shattering the window. The Bey continued to fly through the room and hit a bank clerk in the head. When the Beyblade hit the clerk, it indented itself in the clerk’s head. The clerk was dead within 10 seconds. The escapee was later found in a liquor store 5 miles north. So, the next time you see a Beyblade, don’t buy it. They are deadly.

A meeting taped by an informant

An investigative report by Patch Murphy

Yesterday, at 4:23 Pacific Standard time, police stormed Rio Vista Middle School. They were looking for “The Brotherhood of the Nokvara Monk”. They found the gambling ring in the Riverview Middle school gym. Seven gamblers and five of the mobsters running it were caught. The kingpins were not found, although it is believed to be run by one “Nivek Neslo”. The ring was a thriving hub of gambling, slots and cards. In the picture we can see four of the five ring leaders; the last is behind one of leaders. So far twenty-three of the supposed eighty-one regular gamblers have been caught. Police chief Alex Chimberman has this to say: “We would be sunk without the fact that the mobsters had a profile on all of its regular members.” The police expect to catch all of the offenders by the end of the month.


Staff of the Month



Ms.Gray was born in Oakland, California on February 3. She went to school at St. Elizabeth High School. Her favorite colors are purple and metallic gold. Ms.Gray’s hobbies are singing, working in her garden, and collecting antiques to clean up. Her favorite book is the Bible, and her favorite movie is Airplane. Ms.Gray’s favorite subject in school is history. In her past jobs, she worked in the bay area as a councilor, and she worked in collections, sales, and was manager of a Rent-A-Center.

Before she was a teacher at Riverview she was a teacher in the New Haven Unified School District. If she was not a teacher, she would be a councilor for the youth. She became a teacher here because she likes the little town and is closer to home. Ms.Gray is also closer to her school. She has been in the states of Florida, Texas, New York, and Washington D.C. and even Africa! She would like to go to Egypt when she can. If she had any kids, she would name the boy Alexander

Words and picture

by Josh Smulo and T.J. Wahl

Mrs. Smith was born on December 23, 1980. Her favorite color is blue, and she likes to go cycling and running. She went to high school in Dixon.

Before she came to Riverview she was going to college at Cal. State, Northridge. If Mrs.Smith were not a teacher she would want to be a vet because she loves animals. She worked as a waitress in Davis and Los Angeles. She became a teacher because she loves kids. She had an awesome 2nd grade teacher; she wanted to be like him. She has been to Mexico and throughout the United States with her husband who is in the Air Force. She would like to travel to Europe.

By Mariah Mishaga & Michelle Volkerts


The Tunnling Platypuses 4: Magic Platypus House!

By: Jake Hagan

In this story of the Tunnling Platypuses they have found a mysterious platypus house.

The platypuses are waddling around in a forest on a different planet. All of a sudden they find a platypus house they some how climb up the ladder into the platypus house. They find thousands of books. They thought it belonged to bunch of space nerds! They pulled out a book of earth then one of them said, “I wish I was there.” All of a sudden the platypus house started to spin around in circles then a big flash of light happened. It was absolutely still. It was quiet and dark they looked outside and all they saw was astroids. Then they remembered there was no air, so they found a book with dinasours back when air and hybrids were every you look. Then it started spinning around and around then it was absolutely still and there was a beach and then they saw a dino running toward them they all ran out and then the platypus house all of a sudden for no reason exploded and killed all the dinos. But also for no reason did not kill the platypuses. But now the platypuses are stuck in time. The platypuses waited 500 million billion years until the humans discovered them AGAIN!


Soul Surfer Movie Review

  Soul Surfer is about a girl named Bethany Hamilton. She lives in Hawaii with her two brothers, Mom, and Dad. Her brothers’ names are Timmy and Noah. Her mom’s name is Cheri Hamilton and her dad’s name is Tom Hamilton. They were very great surfers so they trained Bethany. Bethany’s best friend, Alana Birch, was also a great surfer. They always train together. They spent more time in the water than on land. One day Bethany and Alana’s family went surfing. Alana and Bethany were laying on their surf boards just drifting in the ocean. The next thing you know, a shark came up and bit Bethany’s arm off!!! The ambulance rushed Bethany to the hospital. She lost more than 60% of her blood. When she got out of the hospital, Bethany trained to surf again. She had to go from a long board down to a short board. It wasn’t easy. When she finally got to a short board, she entered the Nationals. Bethany ended up almost winning, but the trick she did didn’t count because she did it to late.

She came in fifth place.

She did not give up though.

Bethany won the Nationals

two years later.

By Austin Quigley



Playing,Relaxing, Barking


Crawling, Swimming, Basking

Speedy, Basker



How to Make Your Own Computer Game

There are lots of different programs you can use. Some computer game making programs are more user-friendly while others are more complicated and hands-on. Some programs require newer and more powerful computer to run the programs they make. Also, some computer game makers only work for Windows or Mac.

To find a computer game making program for a Windows computer, you should search “computer game creator for Windows.” If you want one for Mac, you should search “computer game creator for Mac.” If you don’t want to search for a game creator, here is a list of some programs that I like.

Written by Nathan Ross

Do you want to create a world where everything looks the way you want it to and behaves the way you tell it to? If you answered ‘yes,’ you should consider creating your own computer game. There are certain programs out there that let you create your own computer game with little to no previous experience with programming or scripting.

There are lots of different types of games you can create. Your game could be a jumping game with lots of collectables and enemies. Or you could make a maze game with people you know as characters. Perhaps you could create a game that is not strictly a jump or maze game and make your own law of physics. The possibilities are limitless.

Making your own computer game has its advantages. For instance, you get to design a world that listens to you with no exceptions. Also, when people like your game, you get to take all the credit. However, creating a game also has its disadvantages. For instance, creating a game takes time and hard work. It also takes a while to get used to using the program, and sometimes things go wrong. It usually all boils down to whether you are willing to put in the time and effort required to make a good game.



3D Rad





Microsoft And Apple

By Patrick Murphy

They then released the Apple LISA in 1983, The Macintosh-like computer you know today. The LISA was the first computer to be marketed to consumers and have a GUI, or Graphical User Interface. Before this, all ways of using the computer were done via the keyboard and typing commands like “list” and “cat”. Apple released the Macintosh in 1984 and it failed. They rereleased it A few months later, this time with a hard disk and it took of fairly well. Currently they are on their 10th version. Apple employs about 50,000 people and has a worth of $75 Billion.

Microsoft and Apple, two of the largest computer software design companies in the world. How did they start? Here's how: Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Apple was founded in 1976, 1 year and 3 days after Microsoft, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wazniak. Here’s a basic outline:

Microsoft: Microsoft was founded in 1975 and immediately began to produce ALTAIR BASIC, the worlds first real OS or Operating System (The thing that runs your computer). BASIC quickly became one of the best selling Operating Systems of all time. It wasn’t until 1981 with the release of PC-DOS that Microsoft became well know. PC-DOS, also known as MS-DOS, became one of the worlds best known and selling OS ever. Soon after, Microsoft released Windows 1.1 in 1983. This was the first GUI for PCs. 2.0 and 3.1 in ‘92, NT,. OS/2, BOB, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7. It employs about 40,000 more people then Apple and has a higher worth then Apple by about $11 Billion.

Apple: Apple was founded in 1976 and relapsed the Apple 1 the same year. The company was run out of the Steve’s garage. Roynald Wane funded Apple, allowing them to create the Apple ][, or 2 in 1977. It became one of the most recognized computers of the 80’s. They then released the Apple 3, which failed because when left on for more than four hours, it melted.


Rue's past and a new ally

Richard’s blade was one that Jennifer had never seen before. It was a small dagger that emitted fire and water at the top. At the bottom it emitted tiny bolts of lightning. The elements it emitted were for power added to the blade. By Ben Smulo

Jennifer looked at Rue and charged at her trying to stab Rue in the stomach. Rue parried every single attack of Jennifers except for one which cut across Rue’s leg slightly. Rue viciously attacked Jennifer with the daggers and stabbed Jennifer in her left arm. While stabbing Jennifer, Rue left her self wide open and Jennifer took the opportunity, stabbing Rue in the stomach. Rue fell back, badly injured, and dropped to the floor. The medics didn’t come to help Rue up, which means she didn’t get stabbed. Jennifer walked over to Rue when suddenly Rue grabbed her leg and tripped Jennifer. Rue then stabbed Jennifer in the stomach twice. The round was over with Rue winning. It took thirty-five minutes for both of them to be healed completely. After they were both healed Jennifer went up to Rue and congratulated her on winning the battle. Jennifer walked up to Richard and they left to check on the clones which were fully healed.

On the way to the clones a strange man jumped out of the bushes. He was wearing Roman armor. His shield was a big rectangular one. It was turquoise with a titanium spike in the center. He held one dagger and a sword. The dagger was one used by Roman assassins, a Notched Cinquedea. His sword was a Spadona which was used by some assassins and many mercenaries. He lunged out at Richard who swiftly parried his attack.


Funny Road Signs

This sign says “no target shooting”



Editors: Mykala Mortensen & Michelle Volkerts

Ben Smulo Josh Smulo

Patch Murphy T.J. Wahl

Mariah Mishaga Jake Hagan

Austin Quigley Nathan Ross

Vanessa Barbee Matthew Nunes

Editor-in-Chief: Mr. Olson