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Open Space and Recreation PowerPoint Presentation
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Open Space and Recreation

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Open Space and Recreation
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Open Space and Recreation

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  1. Open Space and Recreation By Rebecca R., Andrew G., Katelynn S., and Jacob C.

  2. No parks or playgrounds The problem: Not enough parks and playgrounds in Coventry. The solution: • Build bigger playgrounds and parks in places closer to where people live. This will make Coventry look better, provide a fun place for kids and will save land. • We need more playgrounds for younger kids and a nice open “hangout area” like a park for older kids. A good place to put a park would be in Western Coventry because there’s a lot of open space. We still want to preserve this space, but if we can find an area that can be used that won’t take up too much of the space, Western Coventry would be a perfect place.

  3. What we would like Coventry to have Here are two examples of what we would like our new park or playground to look like:

  4. Recreational Places Problem: Not enough fun recreational places for kids in Coventry. Solution: Add larger parks so every type of sport can be played. A lot of kids in Coventry like playing sports like baseball and basketball. Having more public places for kids to just hangout and play sports, would make Coventry a better, more fun place.

  5. K-Mart and Almacs Building Problem: The K-mart and Almacs building is being wasted. Solution: Build a fun place for kids to play in there. Since it is in a good area where people travel by everyday, having a park or teen center in that building will save space and make it look better. Also, because of the number of people that go to the Wal-Mart, Burger King and McDonalds near it, a lot of people will go to whatever is there.

  6. Kmart/Almacs Plaza on Tiogue Avenue

  7. Population • If the population in Coventry continues to increase at the current rate, we will need more places for people to play sports. • If there are too many people, we will lose open space. • To fix these problems, we will need to build more parks and playgrounds and keep houses and other buildings closer together to preserve open space. This is also known as Smart Growth.

  8. Visual Pollution • To prevent visual pollution within the area where we build the park, we need to make sure there is no littering • We will need to have trash cans • We hope to have people willing to clean up the park every week. If we could get kids in middle school and high school to clean, we could offer them community service hours. • We also need to make sure that the signs in or near it are small and pleasant looking. • Any power lines needed should be placed underground.

  9. How to pay • To pay for the park and playground, we think that we should hold fundraisers in the elementary, middle and high schools in Coventry. • We could also try to get sponsors from places next door like Burger King. These places would be willing to help us because the recreational place would be right next door to where they are located. • The kids will want to stop in and just have a bite to eat after enjoying a healthy activity or sport. • Hopefully a lot of people will participate in fundraisers so we can meet our goal of having a new park.

  10. How Coventry will be better If our plan is implemented Coventry will be better in many ways. • It will be a fun place for kids. • If Smart Growth is used, Coventry will look better. • Hopefully the K-mart/Almacs plaza will get used, so it won’t visually pollute that area.

  11. Thank you for watching our presentation Katelynn Smith Rebecca Rossi Jacob Conklin Andrew Gribbin