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Limited Streamer Tubes for the IFR Barrel PowerPoint Presentation
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Limited Streamer Tubes for the IFR Barrel

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Limited Streamer Tubes for the IFR Barrel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Limited Streamer Tubes for the IFR Barrel. INFN : Ferrara, Frascati, Genova, Padova, Roma, Torino US : Ohio State, Oregon Princeton, SLAC, UCSD. Stewart Smith. Installation Review SLAC, Oct 21, 2003. The LST Team. M. Andreotti, D. Bettoni, R. Calabrese†, V. Carassiti,

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Presentation Transcript

Limited Streamer Tubes for the

IFR Barrel

INFN: Ferrara, Frascati, Genova, Padova, Roma, Torino

US: Ohio State, Oregon

Princeton, SLAC, UCSD

Stewart Smith

Installation Review

SLAC, Oct 21, 2003

the lst team
The LST Team

M. Andreotti, D. Bettoni, R. Calabrese†, V. Carassiti,

G. Cibinetto, A. Cotta Ramusino, E. Luppi, M. Negrini, L. Piemontese

Ferrara University and INFN

R. Baldini, A. Calcaterra, U. Denni, P. Patteri, A Zallo

Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell’INFN

R. Capra, M. Lo Vetere, S. Minatoli, S. Passaggio, C. Patrignani, E. Robutti

Genova University and INFN

Livermore National Laboratory

C. Simani, D. Lange

T. Allmendinger, K.K. Gan, K.Honscheid, H. Kagan, R. Kass, J.Morris,

C. Rush, S.Smith, Q. Wong, M.Zoeller

Ohio State University

R. Frey, M. Lu, N. Sinev, D. Strom, J. Strube

University of Oregon

C. Fanin, M. Morandin, M. Posocco, M. Rotondo, R. Stroili, C. Voci

Padova University and INFN

J. Biesiada, G. Cavoto*, N. Danielson, R. Fernholz, Y. Lau, C. Lu, J. Olsen, W. Sands, A.J.S. Smith†, A. Telnov

Princeton University

S. Morganti , G Piredda, C. Voena

Roma “La Sapienza”University and INFN

D.B. MacFarlane, H.P. Paar

University of California at San Diego

R. Boyce , R. Convery, C. Hast, P. Kim, J. Krebs , R. Messner, M. Olson , R. Schindler,

Z. Szalata , T. Weber , W. Wisniewski, C. Young

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


† Contact persons

* Also INFN Rome

Installation Review

ifr barrel performance pion fake rate vs e m
IFR Barrel Performance: Pion fake rate vse(m)

Simple muon selector --

uses only lint info.

(neural net algorithms

improve rejection by factor ~2)


June 2002

LSTs Only

LSTs + Brass

pm > 2 Gev/C

Muon Efficiency (Monte Carlo)

Installation Review

lst design
LST design
  • Single-layer large cell (15x17 mm)
  • Readout of x and y coordinates from outside strips




Installation Review

module assembly plan
Module Assembly Plan
  • Ohio Stateand Princeton preparing facilities for module assembly.
  • Both universities fabricating parts for assembly fixtures.
  • Shipping and testing boxes are being designed.
  • Planning for testing and quality control is in progress.
  • Installation procedures coordinated by SLAC and Princeton engineers.

Installation Review

efficiency with cosmic ray trigger
Efficiency with cosmic ray trigger

Full-scale prototype (Identical to “Test Tube” in BaBar)

> 400 volt


Efficiency limited

to < 100%

By geometry

Ternary [ZEUS] Gas, 8% Isobutane

Installation Review

quality control
Quality Control
  • Absolutely crucial to get this right!
  • Q/C procedures at Pol.Hi.Tech. (PHT)
    • Test equipment supplied by INFN has been accepted by PHT.
    • Tube acceptance criteria agreed upon – Stated in PO.
    • Procedures and equipment in place by end of October.
    • Q/C and long term test procedures at US sites has been designed.
  • INFN/DoE/NSF student exchange program!
    • Two Princeton students will be at PHT from Oct 15 to Dec 15.
    • They will then travel west with the LST’s.

Installation Review

  • Dec 15 ’03 -- BaBar chooses LST for IFR Upgrade
  • June 12 -- EPAC Review Approves LST Proposal
  • June 15 -- Cost/Schedule/WBS prepared
  • June 22 -- INFN Gruppo Uno Evaluation
  • June 27 -- BaBar IFC Approves Project
  • June 30 -- Large/Small Cell Decision
  • July 17 -- Electronics Design Review
  • Aug 1 -- Place Orders for Tubes
  • Aug 26 -- Review of Q/C plans
  • August 27 -- Install Test Module into BaBar
  • Oct 1 -- Place all orders for “small parts”
  • Oct 31 Place orders for components: electronics, crates, HV system, signal cables, HV cables
  • Place orders for crates
  • Nov 3 -- Production begins!
  • Begin fabrication of shipping boxes
  • Dec 18 -- First shipment (~5%) of tubes to Princeton/OSU
  • -- First Phi strips arrive in Princeton/OSU

Installation Review

milestones cont d
Milestones (cont’d)
  • Jan 10 ’04 Q/C systems operational at OSU, Princeton
  • Feb 1 HV system shipped to Princeton
  • March 1 Crates complete
  • March 1 Electronics tests begin
  • March 15 5% of modules shipped to SLAC
  • March 15 Q/C system operational at SLAC
  • Feb 15 1/3 of tubes, phi strips shipped to Princeton/OSU
  • April 1 Electronics complete
  • April 1 Production, Q/C complete at PHT
  • April 1 Gas system assembled, under test at SLAC
  • April 15 Electronics, crates, HV shipped to SLAC
  • May 1 5 Ship Modules for 2 sextants to SLAC
  • June 1 Q/C begins at SL:AC
  • July 20 Modules for last 4 sextants assembled at OSU, Princeton
  • July 31 LST system construction complete
  • Aug 1 Installation of 2 sextants begins
  • ~Oct 1 Installation of 2 sextants complete
  • July 2005 Install remaining 4 sextants (ready earlier)

Installation Review


Installation Review


Milestones (cont’d)

Backup Slides

Installation Review

general infrastructure for q c
General Infrastructure for Q/C
  • QC data and other relevant information collected by hand or, whenever possible, automatically with several DAQ stations.
  • Common systems at PHT, Princeton, OSU, and SLAC.
  • Labview will be used to write the DAQ software and design the interface.
  • The DAQ stations will be operated by physicists on shift and/or PHT personnel.
  • All DAQ stations will be on a wireless LAN.
  • The DAQ station output will be simple text files.
  • Local production database will be available on site.
  • Data files will be transferred every day to an outside server to be imported in the official offsite LST database.

Installation Review

  • R &D and Prototyping Complete – It works!
    • Aging and Rates
    • Noise
    • Mechanical Stability
    • Tolerances, Surface quality
  • Test Tube operating successfully in BaBar
  • Most orders placed, rest by end of month
  • Production Starts in 2 Weeks
  • Group is devoting huge effort and resources on Q/C
    • We have implemented tests to identify all known diseases.
    • These tests spotted many problems with prototypes.
  • On schedule for Aug 1 2004 Installation

Installation Review

Backup Slides

Installation Review

scope of q c activities at pht
Scope of Q/C Activities at PHT
  • Barcode labelling
  • Inspection of profiles
    • Mechanical
    • Graphite coating
    • Resistivity Measurement
  • Inspection of jackets, endcaps, circuit cards
  • Gas tightness (leak test)
  • Wire check
  • Wire-cathode distance measurement
  • HV conditioning and plateau measurement
  • Long range tests

Installation Review