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“Fishing” for Supercourse. Mazen S. Zenati, MD, Ph.D Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D. What is Supercourse. Supercourse is a repository of lectures on global health and prevention designed to improve the teaching of prevention.

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fishing for supercourse

“Fishing” for Supercourse

Mazen S. Zenati, MD, Ph.D

Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D

what is supercourse
What is Supercourse
  • Supercourse is a repository of lectures on global health and prevention designed to improve the teaching of prevention.
  • Supercourse has a network of over 65000 scientists in 174 countries who are sharing for free a library of 4135 lectures in 31 languages.
  • The Supercourse has been produced at the WHO Collaborating Center University of Pittsburgh
what is fishing is all about
What is “fishing” is all about
  • Looking for the contacts of key people and representatives worldwide who are capable to exponentially encourage further use and expansion of Supercourse among end users
  • International collaboration
  • Targeted and planed approach
  • Joined efforts under central direction
  • Timely task

Fishing=further connected worldwide

why we need to get connected together worldwide
Why we need to get connected together worldwide
  • Coming down to a common ground world wide
  • Professional and academic networking
  • Encourage open communication
  • Sharing knowledge, resources and experiences
  • Overcome barriers
  • Propagate prevention and other health related information
  • Stand by others in catastrophic events
  • Better understanding and clear up health related challenges
  • Research collaborations
why looking for more end users
Why looking for more end users
  • Valuable resources need to be further utilized
  • Introduce more fresh blood into supercourse
  • Encourage the further scientific contraptions to the supercourse
  • Reach out for the less fortuned and less served users worldwide
  • Encourage field expansion to include multi- disciplinary and specialty in the supercourse
potential end user groups
Potential end user groups
  • Ministers of health
  • Deans of medical schools, nursing schools, and public health schools
  • Faculty members of public health and community medicine
  • Medical, nursing and public health students
  • Training and education officers at health ministries
  • Ministers of agriculture
  • Community sector planners and activists
  • Medical informatics specialists, Public librarians, and media individuals
  • Social workers and other relief agency workers
where and what to look for
Where and what to look for
  • Start with related organization
    • Medical school for deans
    • Ministry of Health for ministers of health
    • Department of community medicine (public health faculty members)
  • If you know the name use Google or other searching engines for further links
  • Take advantage of any previous events or news
  • Use encyclopedia or other references as source of information, for example; Wikipedia encyclopedia
helpful sights
Helpful sights
  • WHO directory of medical (nursing and pharmacy) schools [very helpful as you may miss on country universities, but this directory is excellent, keeping you from missing on any university!
  • Universities web sites
  • Wikipedia encyclopedia
  • Universities association
  • Library websites
  • Search engines: Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc
  • Subjects directories
where the data is usually hidden
Where the data is usually hidden
  • Look in the contact us section of the site
  • Look in the chairman page, dean, …
  • Look in about us page
  • Look in the site map
  • Look in enquires/questions
  • Look in direction, how to reach us
  • Look in the list of faculty member, officials
  • Look in the CV/resume of related contact
what to do if the site presented in a different language
What to do if the site presented in a different language
  • Quite often the entire site is presented in a local language of that country ( eg French, Portuguese or Spanish)
  • Frequently a small button is available to switch the entire site into English
  • Contacts can be copied and passed as is in that foreign language as far as your computer can handle that font.
  • You can copy and paste to Google translate: http or similar :// sites for English translation of certain information.
  • Use search engines to further investigate that foreign text ( eg
completing other missing data points
Completing other missing data points
  • Use links, searching engine and related site for data completion
  • Expand the search based on the available data
  • If data not found after another 15 minutes of searching leave related cells blank.
easy vs challenging fishing
Easy vs. challenging fishing
  • Large organization
  • Famous organization
  • Large country
  • When you know the language, culture, and the field
  • With more fishing experience
  • With determination



  • Non standard
  • Non English
  • Un updated sites
  • No email addresses
  • Not enough Patience
  • No consistency in fishing
standard and non standard layout of a website
Standard and non standard layout of a website
  • Usually proficiently built sites have a standard layout
  • Pages that frequently included:
    • Home page, contact us, site map, frequently asked questions, and directory
  • The access of the pages usually at the left site or at the bottom of the home page
  • Non proficiently built sites may have many different layouts
  • Regardless, keep digging, even if you end up with more generalized ‘contact us' or ‘webmail’ email address
quality assurance
Quality assurance
  • Start first with the important data points
  • Check for data accuracy at source
  • Data accuracy through transfer and sorting
  • Check for data update
  • Double check for data completion
  • Double check for data relevancy
  • We need every piece of data even not totally completed.. Do not erase the entire records in case could not get every single data point
troubleshooting shooting
Troubleshooting shooting
  • No names for the key person
    • Use other related web sites
    • Look for the secretary or vice chair
  • No personal e-mail
    • Search in the CV
    • Use search engines or “google” the name
  • Address in different language or alphabet
    • Translate
    • Take the address as is
    • Use your best guess
  • No website or any search results
    • Double check the spelling or the name
    • Use other references to check the accuracy
what to avoid in data collection
What to avoid in data collection
  • We are looking for a specific professional contact of the targeted person therefore avoid taking the following contacts instead:
    • Application submission or admission contacts
    • Web master contacts
    • Public questions contacts
    • Emergency or policy related contacts
    • Personal addresses or private contacts
how to speed up and budget your time
How to speed up and budget your time
  • The best strategy is to not spend more than 10-15 minutes in the initial round fishing for a record
  • Indicate the missing section by highlighting the cell need to be completed in the second round
  • After completing the first round for the entire records, start visiting the same sight and have another look for the missing data.
  • Use links, searching engine and related site for data completion
  • If data not found after another 15 minutes of searching leave related cells blank.
save your data
Save your data
  • Frequently save your data during fishing
  • Always have a back up file in a flash drive or in your e-mail account
  • Avoid sorting your data before saving and backup
  • Safeguard your data and avoid shearing it with other people
  • Do not contact any one in your data base with a Supercourse representation without discussing that first with a Supercourse developer
avoid viruses
Avoid viruses
  • Avoid open or save a file pop up to your screen while fishing
  • Do not open suspicious or unfamiliar sites
  • Empty cookies and forms in between fishing
  • Do not include unnecessary links
keep fishing you are doing a noble work
Keep fishing, you are doing a noble work!!
  • Be patient
  • Work in increments
  • Work all easy ones first
  • Share your accomplishments with other co-fishers
  • Reward yourself
  • Keep participating in further task, your contribution is very much appreciated
questions and comments
Questions and Comments
  • Please send questions and comments to:
    • Mazen S. Zenati, MD, Ph.D
    • Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D