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Anders Flodstrom, vice-chair EIT, Industrial Technologies, Aarhus June 19, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Anders Flodstrom, vice-chair EIT, Industrial Technologies, Aarhus June 19, 2012

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Anders Flodstrom, vice-chair EIT, Industrial Technologies, Aarhus June 19, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Valley of Death. Anders Flodstrom, vice-chair EIT, Industrial Technologies, Aarhus June 19, 2012. Productivity. The obvious – low salaries do not mean high productivity Effectiveness and Innovation Robert Solow and Paul Romer

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Anders Flodstrom, vice-chair EIT, Industrial Technologies, Aarhus June 19, 2012

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Presentation Transcript

Valley of Death

Anders Flodstrom, vice-chair EIT, Industrial Technologies, Aarhus June 19, 2012

  • The obvious – low salaries do not mean high productivity
  • Effectiveness and Innovation
  • Robert Solow and Paul Romer
  • Innovation can be anything that improves function and the perception of function – real or not
common sense and socio economic analysis
Common Sense and socio-economic analysis
  • Ray Bradbury - the need for a vision!
  • Impact – public good and commercial value
  • Innovations – social, business, technological, ..
  • Competent people – creativity, risktaking, values, ..
grand societal challenges
Grand societal challenges
  • No longer scientific or technology challenges, instead problems created by us – to be solved by us
  • New infrastructures, business innovations, business and public good in synergy
  • New legal entities? Present healthcare and schooling debate! Innovation procurement?
  • Horizon 2020 and Innovation Union, ERC and EIT
grand challenges a few
Grand challenges – a few!
  • Demography - not only ageing or longevity
  • Logistics - not only urbanization – take the train to China
  • Genetics and proteomics - not only pharmaceuticals
  • Carbon - not only energy and climate
  • Learning or human enhancement - not only teaching - neurology, computer science and nanotechnology
  • Reindustrialization of Europe
the role of technology
The Role of Technology
  • Policies, regulations and legislation
  • Contemporary technology and new systems solution
  • New often science based technology

Europe is old and getting older

  • Population as compared to Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan
  • Companies as compared to US, China and India
nobel citroen siemens reuter merrieux history boyer gates and zuckerberg us reality
Nobel, Citroen, Siemens, Reuter, Merrieux - history? Boyer, Gates and Zuckerberg - US-reality!


  • One definition of entrepreurial innovation:

“A Grapefruit is a lemon who took a chance”


US: approx. 21%

EU: approx. 2%

Age distribution of companies’ contribution to innovation: Europe v. US and others

Bruegel policy brief

March 2009

Reinhilde Veugelers


Biotech as an example: EU has strong assets

to support a strong entrepreneurially

driven industry


  • High level of education
  • Solid academic base
  • Top science at many historical power houses of research: EMBO, Pasteur, Karolinska, Cambridge, Oxford, Max Planck, VBC etc..
  • Increasing number of Centers of Excellence
  • Long tradition of pharmaceutical development and industry
  • Excellent clinical institutions with the potential to carry out studies
  • Growing interaction between the national bio-medical scenes
  • Scientific output in biotech is even larger than in the USA
biotech example does european biotech exploit its chances
Biotech example: Does European biotech exploit its chances?

No. of employees

  • 63,000
  • 172,000

Average Investment per year

  • EUR 6 bn
  • EUR 18 bn

Public listed

  • <10%
  • >30%

Total value ofcompanies

  • EUR ~30,000 bn
  • EUR ~300,000 bn




Europe Bio Report for 2007

the ways to increase innovation
The Ways to increase Innovation
  • New R&D
  • Improved processes for turning R&D into innovations and innovations into business
  • Universities will not alone solve the productivity crisis
  • Slovenia
  • Much more emphasis on Companies and especially SMEs and their innovation processes
where will it happen in the companies
Where will it happen – in the companies!
  • New products rule the market
  • Innovation is a driver of productivity
  • Industry needs to become more entrepreneurial
  • EU and national industrial researchand innovation programs are driven to a very high degree by universities and research institutes
  • EIT will make a difference through stakeholders integration
value systems
Value Systems
  • Research for research – the result is more funding. Measured by citations and prizes!
  • Research for innovation – the result is society and business impact. How to measure?
  • From scientific goals to grand challenges
  • Is it real or a fake
  • Open innovation


  • Knowledge Triangle
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stakeholder Integration
  • Cohesion
  • Smart Investor
eit label
EIT Label
  • Competencies for the Future
  • Creativity, Innovative, Entrepreneurial,
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Values - Intergenerational fairness
  • Geographical and sectorial mobility
stakeholder integration
Stakeholder integration
  • Legal entities – CEO and common Board
  • Networks and colocation centers
  • Research and innovation – universities, research institutes, companies; SMEs and major, production and services; veture capitalists
  • Higher education – universities, labor market and students

NewMember States

  • Regional Innovation Communities
  • EIT Label Educations
  • Regional Colocation Centres
  • Scholarship Schemes
  • Researcher Sharing
  • From Aid to Intelligence
major changes
Major Changes
  • New innovation/business infrastructure for Europe – not a new research or higher education infrastructure
  • Knowledge triangle
  • Investing not funding!
  • Catalyst – Carrier model
  • Educational programs for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Climate KIC – climate mitigation and adaptation – new industry
  • KIC Innoenergy – sustainable energy – major companies industry
  • ICT Labs – future ICS ( Information Communication Society) – open innovation
  • 400 million € and 2500 “staff” and 1500 students
new kics
New KICs
  • Healthcare - divided
  • Natural resources management
  • Food 4 Future
  • Mobility and smart cities
  • Added value manufacturing - reindustrialization
  • Security and safety – divided
  • ??? +++
horizon 2020
Horizon 2020
  • 3 billion euro
  • Two Waves new KICs; 3 + 3 or all at once
  • 2014 and 2018
  • Shared equally between existing KICs, Climate KIC, KIC Innoenergy, ICT Labs, and the new ones
  • Right now; draft proposal from EP and EC (Denmark)
  • Autumn; decisions on themes (Cyprus)
  • December; GB decisions on Call for proposal
  • Early spring 2013; decision on budget (Ireland)
  • Winter 2013; new KICs