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Death liberates the slave, Death is inflicted on kings and Pops, PowerPoint Presentation
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Death liberates the slave, Death is inflicted on kings and Pops,

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Death liberates the slave, Death is inflicted on kings and Pops, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009. Death liberates the slave, Death is inflicted on kings and Pops,. It strikes the poor and the rich, It is the only inescapable common destiny of all mankind. Inspired by “verses on death” Helinard de Froidmont - medieval poet. We have only one planet, But two separate worlds,

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Death liberates the slave,

Death is inflicted on kings and Pops,

It strikes the poor and the rich,

It is the only inescapable common destiny of all mankind

Inspired by “verses on death”

Helinard de Froidmont - medieval poet


We have only one planet,

But two separate worlds,

They are so distinct


Today, mother nature produces sufficient food for everybody

However, there are still too many who wake up hungry...


Politicians of whatever party

celebrate their victory whenever

elections are held...

By contrast, every day there are more scandals, corruption and fraud brought into light; Interestingly, it is the same politicians who distant themselves from these events; they often forget that they were elected to serve the “people”...


The stocks values used to go up... and up... and up..., and speculators became richer … and richer…

This is the celebration of the rich, each moment becoming richer...

And , at the same time, the other extreme: desperate human beings with no future at sight, poor and hungry...


Following the reading of "Beyond",

you will change your ideas

about the state of the world

How cruel is what we are building ...?

What should we do? What should we avoid? How to save our planet?


And, on the other side, there is absolutely nothing to be consumed.

On one side we build an economic system catered to the excessive consumer,


They are separated by the abyss,

two different worlds:

- On one side, those that are blessed by destiny;

- On the other side , the sad world of the great majority of people , forgotten and ignored by destiny......


Meanwhile the majority prefers to ignore what occurs on the other side of the abyss,

they live in the “comfort zone” and do not see “BEYOND”

In contrast, there are those who see “beyond”, and attempt to build bridges.Among them are Mario y Simon, the authors of the BEYOND book


Today we try to control better the feelings of the despair before it becomes too late;

We wish to make viable the solutions for the so many problems that we are facing in this world.


As ambassadors of good will . We wish to change to the world,.

We have traveled through scores of countries and have prepared critical messages delivered in our books and speeches in several languages.

In the adjacent photos and subsequent slides, we describe some threats to the human race; they are all treated in this book


“We have an unsustainable lifestyle. The developed world is already using more resources than the Earth can possibly go on providing. If all developing countries were to have this same lifestyle, we would need resources from five more planet Earths to continue our standard of living. We definitively need to develop new ways of life”. ( Raich & Dolan)

  • We hope to build better quality of life for all people living in this planet;
  • The developed countries will need to adapt a new way of living, depending less on non renewal energy and use less or more efficient all other natural resources.

“The economic paradigm that was so fundamental to growth, the “mantra” of the capitalistic world is probably witnessing its ultimate phases; over the years it brought more and more corruption and unpleasant surprises ; it brought short cycles of limited growth followed by long periods of crisis and economic despair”(Raich & Dolan)


Corruption and fear seem to be the engine of these economic cycles.

The concept of sustainable growth is the “perpetuum mobile”, or the continuous movement of modern civilization.


“There are risks worth to be taken , albeit the fear of undertaking them“

“You have to stick out and defend the ideas that you really believe in”


In “Beyond” We want to bring to the forefront the underlying forces, which are shaping our world. We want to prepare the reader for the tectonic shifts which are transforming the social and business landscape of the 21st century

The paradigm underlying this book can be summed up in one short sentence: “We are living in a world of transformation and the world tomorrow will be very different from the world today or the world of yesterday”.


Some 90% of the world’s 1.5 billion young people (between 12 and 24) live in developing countries, most of them without future or hope. They all dream about migrating to developed countries

“Every year we have 80 million more people – equal to the population of Germany – on our planet to add to the existing 6.5 billion. This means that every year we need space, food, water, education, jobs and so on for those additional 80 million” (Raich & Dolan)


“In the near future we can expect more tensions leading to armed conflicts and terrorist attacks and the use weapons of mass destruction, especially those based on biotechnology and nanotechnology”(Raich & Dolan)


The majority of the world’s population is living in cities. In the next few decades we will see mega-cities quickly emerging, each with a population of over 10 million people and some over 30 million. This will lead to greater pressure on the infrastructure and the environment, provoking growing social tensions

More than one billion people now live in slums. Without radical changes, that number may double within 30 years.


Large percentage of the world population lives in condition of poverty. The so called “global divide” is more evident , separating the rich countries from the poor ones; the ones that have it all from the ones that have nothing;

The rich countries provides access to education, technology, jobs (“A future”) ,while in the poor counties, the only thing that is growing is sheer “fundamentalism”, frustration and anger.


“We are now watching a virtual reality beginning to develop, which will soon have a major impact on education and the way we work and live. It will allow us to live several lives in parallel, with unprecedented implications and challenges” (Raich & Dolan)


If you are interested in the future, and the future of your children,

If you are concerned about the mere existence of our civilization,

If you wish to become familiar with the tectonic transformation that are currently taking place and those that will happen tomorrow,

You should read this book.

The book is a first attempt to draw a roadmap to the near future applying systemic and holistic perspective. Some seeds of solutions are presented as well


This book is an attempt to have a holistic look at the underlying ‘tectonic shifts’ driving theses changes. It is not an easy task, and we thus we have invited some of the world best known experts to contribute to this volume. We had created a virtual team spanning over all continents. This team gave us hints, inputs that have helped us fit everything into a coherent message” (Raich & Dolan).



in a snapshot







Climate Change

Global Water Shortage


Armed Conflicts


Key Issues


Virtual Reality


Energy, HR




Global Divide


Solutions Enablers


Thank you for

the attention

  • Mario Raich
  • Simon L. Dolan

Wishing you a happy ,

healthy and spiritual new year