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Swastika Over Norway. Why Norway. Germany needed bases Wanted coastline for submarine bases Needed to beat Britain to it. Norway. Britain had no intention of violating Norway’s neutrality Hitler did not respect neutrality- “might makes right”. Altmark Affair.

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Why norway
Why Norway

  • Germany needed bases

  • Wanted coastline for submarine bases

  • Needed to beat Britain to it.


  • Britain had no intention of violating Norway’s neutrality

  • Hitler did not respect neutrality- “might makes right”

Altmark affair
Altmark Affair

  • Altmark, a German ship, had taken British prisoners.

  • Altmark was in Norweigian waters when sited by British ship, Cossack

  • Hitler considered this a violation of Norwegian neutrality

Germany invades norway
Germany Invades Norway

  • The invasion came without warning

  • Denmark, which was included as a victim, fell in almost 24

  • Norway did put up some resistance and caused the Germans to suffer heavy naval losses, which would handicap them later

Fall of norway
Fall of Norway

  • Vidkun Quisling proclaimed himself Prime Minister of Norway

Assault on the low countries
Assault on the Low Countries

  • May 10, 1940- Nazis cross neutral borders of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxumberg

  • Says he is protecting them from an invasion planned by Great Britain and France

Change in british government
Change in British Government

  • Chamberlain resigns as Prime Minister of Britain

  • Winston Churchill is the new Prime Minister

  • “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat”

Change in british government1
Change In British Government

  • Churchill brought a policy of victory

  • Parliament voted unanimously

Overtaking the netherlands
Overtaking the Netherlands

  • Germans mass bomb Rotterdam even though negotiations for surrender were under way

  • After defeat came oppression

Disaster in belgium
Disaster in Belgium

  • Nazi swept through Belgium at the same moment they struck Holland.

  • Britain and France send troops

  • Germans tanks break through the Ardennes Forest.

  • King Leopold III of Belgium surrenders

Disaster in belgium1
Disaster in Belgium

  • German panzers push Allied forces to the North

  • Allies retreat to the one remaining port at Dunkirk


  • Called Operation Dynamo

  • British Royal Air Force (RAF) kept the Luftwaffe fighting for days

  • Every available English ship was used in the evacuation

    • Civilian ships

    • Yachts

    • Fishing boats

Why dunkirk was successful
Why Dunkirk Was Successful

  • German bombing of troops did little damage

  • Bad weather grounded the Luftwaffe part of the time

  • Supreme effort of the RAF to win superiority in the sky over the evacuation area

  • Hitler gives order to halt his panzers short of Dunkirk

The debacle of france
The Debacle of France

  • While men were evacuating from Dunkirk, France was falling

  • It was as though France had lost the power to resist.

  • They scattered their tanks instead of massing them.

The debacle of france1
The Debacle of France

  • One French officer who committed suicide wrote:

  • “I am killing myself, Mr. Premier, to let you know that all my men were brave, but one cannot send men to fight tanks with rifles.”

Italy enters the war
Italy Enters the War

  • Just when France is almost defeated, Mussolini declares war on France and Italy

    • They invade southern France

  • French Government fled to Tours

  • Charles DeGuall, a colonel, seemed to be the only French leader that did not have a spirit of defeat.

The fall of france
The Fall of France

  • June 14, 1940- Germans enter Paris and find a deserted city

  • June 17th- Marshal Petain announces “It is with heavy heart that I say we must cease the fight.”

  • June 21- Adolf Hitler arrives in Compiegne

The fall of france1
The Fall of France

  • France was cut in two

    • North occupied by Germany

    • South run by Marshall Petain with a capital at Vichy- called the Vichy government

  • Germany now looks towards England.