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Polish Association of Dialyzed People PowerPoint Presentation
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Polish Association of Dialyzed People

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Polish Association of Dialyzed People - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Polish Association of Dialyzed People.

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Polish Association of Dialyzed People

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Polish Association of Dialyzed People

In the year 2012 was released three issues of the magazine "Dialysis and You". In addition to making the current topics and answers readers' questions.We put emphasis on raising awareness of the scope of the journal readers preparation for kidney transplantation from living donors. The nature of the magazine let patients know the medical aspects of this issue and present through the eyes of a patient on the renal transplant.


Polish Association of Dialyzed People

On March 8, in the seat of the Marshal's Office in Krakow, a conference was held on the occasion of World Kidney Day. The motto of the meeting was "Donate-KIDNEY FOR LIFE-Receive". The leading topics of the conference were: the need to promote preventive health care (including regular preventive tests for kidney disease) and transplantation from living donors. Among the guests were representatives of local authorities, the medical community, representatives of the church, NGOs, students of secondary schools and students of medicine.


Polish Association of Dialyzed People

In the past year was held the third edition of the complete Second Life campaign in Galicia, and the World's Day of Donation and Transplantation, October 26 inaugurated its next installment. The campaign, organized by the company Fresenius Medical Care Poland, is the education of young people from secondary schools, families and local communities about the transplant and its various aspects (medical, legal, and ethical).


Polish Association of Dialyzed People

To go directly to people at risk of kidney disease OSODbegan working with the Universities of the Third Age. Lecturesconducted by a nephrologist and Association members was met with great interest the audience. Next year we want to take this kind of action in more Polish Universities .


Polish Association of Dialyzed People

  • What else we do:
  • take an active part in nephrologyconferences talkingaboutthe problems ofkidney patients
  • organize a integration meetings for patients
  • assist patients in obtaining information on the disease and thetreatment
  • introduction tonew patients the subjectof life withdialysis
  • organizing events to promote health preventionof CKD in cooperation with students organizations,NGOs and local authorities

Polish Association of Dialyzed People

  • What do we needin Poland:
  • reimbursement of drugsusedin CKD(for example Renagel, Mimpara)
  • Hepattitis B vaccination
  • widercooperation between patients in Poland
  • access to physiotherapists, psychologists and dieticians
  • increasing the number of family transplantation not only mentioned on nephrology conferences (so far 3%)
  • pre-emptivetransplantation
  • CDK education
  • doctors involvement in our work with the patients inour society