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Constituent Assembly PowerPoint Presentation
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Constituent Assembly

Constituent Assembly

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Constituent Assembly

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  1. Constituent Assembly Yubaraj Sangroula

  2. Process of Constitution making by People Revolution which ends a past regime Legitimization Formalization People’s Declaration Source of Authority Endorsement by Cabinet of People’s Declaration Constituent Assembly Adoption by Parliament Conventions

  3. Supremacy of Monarchy is endorsed. Declaration of Constituent Assembly By King officially endorse the Supremacy of monarchy Processes In Conventional Set up by the King Political Agenda At Cabinet Is Endorsed by Political judgment alone does not provide a Legitimacy to revolution, and thus a rebellion Subsequently is not criminalized Powers from conventional Institutions is Devolved to People’s Representatives In Revolutionary set up By People’s Conference

  4. Model One Political Demand of Peoples Consensus making process Formalization as State Agenda Confirmation by sovereign authority- people Grant of authority for Statecraft as decided by people through change • Peoples demand for end of King’s direct rule and peace, plus SPA’s • road map plus 12 points agreement between Maoist and SPA • Endorsement of Item No. 1 by Cabinet, which makes the demand as • State’s agenda • Adoption of the agenda by House of Reps, acquires people’s consent • to the agenda • 4. Election confirms the legitimacy of agenda • People’s representatives (GOVT.) is now run according to the election’s • mandate- a new constitution

  5. Model Two Constituent Assembly Elections Declaration of Constituent Assembly By the King People’s Demand through Movement King’ Supremacy Is held Political Parties represent in formal process People obtains Power from King This model seems revolutionary but a regressive Approach- Maoist demand for immediate declaration of Constituent assembly by king is not pro-people

  6. Declaration of Constituent Assembly Election by SPA Constituent Assembly Elections People’s Demand through Movement Model Third • State becomes fragile • Similar practice repeated time and again • State’s institutions are controlled by political parties • Mob controls the political parties • System is broken down and whims control the national polcies

  7. Referendum on Major Agenda Such as Position of Monarchy, Political System, Mode of Representation, Nature of State etc Model One + Model Four

  8. Model Five Model One Referendum Followed by

  9. Formation of Interim Government Grant of All Legislative Power to Interim GOVT Holding of Constituent Assembly Election Restoration of House of Representatives Alternative to Model One For Expediencies Model Six