european donation transplant coordination organisation the donation procurement section of esot n.
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European Donation & Transplant Coordination Organisation The Donation & Procurement Section of ESOT. and Background (1).

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european donation transplant coordination organisation the donation procurement section of esot

European Donation & Transplant Coordination OrganisationThe Donation & ProcurementSectionof ESOT

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background 1
Background (1)
  • In September 2011, theEuropean Transplant CoordinatorsOrganization (ETCO) mergedwiththeEuropean Donation Committee(EDC) tocreate a strong, visibleandactivesectionwithin ESOT, intendedtoattend all aspectsofdeceasedandlivingdonation, clinicalcoordinationandprocurement.
  • This was a logicalsteptobemadebytwoorganizationswithcommoninterestsandcomplementaryactivitiesas a betterwayofservingtheirmembers, patientsandsociety.
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background 2
Background (2)

ETCO was founded in 1983 andEDC was founded in 2005:

  • represent transplant coordinators and stakeholder.
  • promote organ and tissue donation.
  • support transplant coordinators as professional group for realization of the donation- transplantation process, who require very specific while diverse technical, organizational and communication skills.
  • reference organization, ensured a program for continuous training and education (annual congresses, international and national workshops).
  • and
background 3
Background (3)
  • specific certification for transplant coordinators (CETC) under the auspices of the UEMS to ensure the possibility of a standardized recognition of their knowledge and expertise.
  • Organs, Tissues & Cells, the official journal of ETCO disseminates most recent research
  • National Key Members provide a network of country liaisons for communication among countries as excellent opportunity for collaborative research and standardization.
  • Established cooperation with other professional organizations which share interests with our target groups (e.g. ESCIM, EATB……)
  • and
our mission
Our Mission
  • EDTCO supportshealth care professionals toprovideclinicallyeffectiveprogrammes on organandtissuedonation, procurementandtransplantation.
  • Increasingorganandtissueavailability at a high qualityandsafetyincludinglivingdonorsand care fordeceaseddonorsandtheir relatives;
  • Optimizing potential recipient care and follow-up, fromtheperspectiveofclinicalcoordination.
  • All activitiesshallcomplywithrecognized international professional andethical-legal standards.
  • and
our target
Our Target
  • EDTCO serves all professionals whoaredirectlyinvolvedorwhohave an interest in deceasedandlivingorganandtissuedonation, clinicalcoordinationandprocurementactivities.
  • This includestransplant coordinators —withtheir different rolesandresponsibilities, such asdeceaseddonation, livingdonationandrecipientclinicalcoordination, preandposttransplantation—, procurement professionals, andrelated professionals groups.
  • and
our structure
  • The Assembly, made up of all members of our section, i.e. all ESOT members who specify their affiliation with EDTCO.
  • A board elected by EDTCO members. The board is composed by a chair, a vice-chair and the councilors covering all different backgrounds.
  • The National Key Members as established network of country liaisons.
  • Specialized working groups for projects (e.g. CETC, Drafting group of the Guide to quality and safety in transplantation of organs /tissues at the CoE).
  • and
our members
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  • Abstract Submission ClosingJune 1st, 2014
  • Early Registration DeadlineJuly 31, 2014