What went wrong
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What went wrong?!!. The mess of life according to Genesis 2&3. What’s wrong with the world?!. Me. The story of the Bible could not have started better… Things go downhill quick…Read Genesis 2… Why? What does this story tell us about the world? What does this story tell us about who we are?.

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What went wrong

What went wrong?!!

The mess of life according to Genesis 2&3

What went wrong

  • The story of the Bible could not have started better…

  • Things go downhill quick…Read Genesis 2…

  • Why? What does this story tell us about the world?

  • What does this story tell us about who we are?

What to do
What to do?

  • The world is a collection of men and women like you and like me.

  • Before we get into the text, other solutions?

  • Science? It’s done a lot of good…

  • Ask yourself this question, “Are we really better off?”

  • Has science made us better people?

  • Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins would say that it can…

  • Myth of Progress, postmodernism

  • Fundamental understanding of human beings

The facts
The facts.

  • US children born poor have a 50% chance of staying that way

  • Addiction costs the United States 524 billion a year

  • The majority of the 20 million addicts will never get help

  • The average household in the US is 23,000 dollars in debt

  • 30.5% of Americans are obese

  • 24,000 people die every day from hunger, 18,000 of those are children, someone dies of hunger every 3.6 seconds, nearly 9 million a people per year

  • 1 billion people don’t have clean drinking water and are in poverty directly because of greed, civil unrest, lack of knowledge, etc.

  • There is nothing NEW about the news, it’s a very OLD story indeed…

Genesis 2
Genesis 2

  • God makes man with His hands out of dirt…

  • We’re fragile dirt clods…

  • What makes us different is His breath…

  • Made in the image of God and put in a garden

  • Generals in ANE would put statues of themselves in cities they ruled…

  • All humanity is meant to point back to the king…

Genesis 21
Genesis 2

  • God has a claim on us.

  • Hard to take. We have rights!

  • “Every man has a property in his own person; this nobody has any right to but himself.”--John Locke

  • Truth statement #1: You will belong to the true owner or to competing powers.

  • Self-ownership is an illusion

  • For us, ownership is about locks and keys, and shielding

  • For God, its about giving…

Genesis 22
Genesis 2

  • Things to notice…

  • The trees…

  • Why? Not ready…Still?

  • Command implies freedom…

  • Man’s job: to help God

  • Loneliness. The great enemy of the human condition? It’s the first thing God says is “not good.”

  • No shame. Huge.

Genesis 3
Genesis 3

  • Read Genesis 3. Take some time.

  • Talking snakes? Or Satan?

  • Miss the power of the story, something is being said here about human nature and the cosmic sphere…

  • Notice that incorrect knowledge plays a huge part, this is what Satan capitalizes on…

  • Sin enters the world.

  • “The rejection of God’s kingship caused a rupture in the entire cosmos.”—Kelly Kapic

  • We think we can be king…

Genesis 31
Genesis 3

  • Notice the effect of shame and sin

  • See nakedness (vulnerable)

  • Start to make layers of protection (fig leaves, trees)

  • Hiding. Profound. This is what we do.

  • Blaming. Excuses.

  • Truth statement #2: Sin does this to everyone.

  • Notice the question that God asks…

Genesis 32
Genesis 3

  • Sin, or rebellion, leads to punishment

  • Verse 15--Both will be hurt…

  • Something cosmic going on here…not talking snakes vs. humans…there is enmity…a struggle…

  • The expulsion is because they might eat from the tree of life…notice they didn’t choose this one to eat from yet…

  • Does this say something about our desire for power?

  • To live forever and not understand good from evil would hell. It would unravel the universe.

  • Truth statement #3: We cannot tell good from evil. We call good evil and evil good.

  • Augustine, Luther, “sin makes us BEND toward the ground, like animals…


  • 1. Humanity’s troubles are in themselves, and not their environment (Utopia will never happen. Why? Something is broken INSIDE us. The image is marred).

  • 2. Humanity does not know what is best (Why we cannot handle evil).

  • 3. This is a pattern (Adam and Eve, Israel, Us).

  • 4. Judgment is real (You will suffer if you do not listen to God. Reality is unforgiving).

  • 5. Evil is real (We do not create evil, we partner with it. Sin shames, blames, divides, accuses, cuts down).

  • 6. But it DOES NOT get the last word! (The story doesn’t end there…Who are we? You must choose…)


  • 1. Stop hiding. Be vulnerable. We’re all trying to get back to Eden. We’ve all lost something. We all KNOW.

  • The way forward is to stop hiding.

  • 2. Choose this day…which way you will walk…

  • 3. Listen to Jesus.

  • “We fell by no fault of our own and we rise by no merit of our own”—Spurgeon; Paul saw Jesus as “The New Adam!” (Romans 5, 1 Cor. 15)

  • He has knowledge, He made a way back to God…

  • Who will you follow?

  • God covers our shame and sin with his death…


Our Father, which art in heaven,Hallowed be thy Name.Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven.Give us this day our daily bread.And forgive us our trespasses,As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.