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Lesson No 05 Week No. 05

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Lesson No 05 Week No. 05. Lesson Name Vice. VICE. Use :- For holding work pieces during filing, sawing, threading, drilling and other such operations.

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lesson no 05 week no 05

Lesson No05Week No.05

Lesson Name




  • Use:- For holding work pieces during filing, sawing, threading, drilling and other such operations.
  • Bench vice:- Bench vice is made of Cast iron or Cast steel. The size of vice is stated by the width of jaw. To hold a finished work use soft jaw (Vice clamp) made of Aluminium over the regular hard jaw. This will protect the work surface from damage. This vice is fitted directly on a work bench. So it is known as Bench vice.

Fixed jaw

Jaw Plate



Movable jaw


Pipe vice:- A Pipe vice is used for Holding round section of metal, tubes and pipes. In this vice, the screw is vertical and movable. The jaw works vertically. The pipe vice grips the work at four points on its surface. The parts of pipe vice are Upper jaw, Lower jaw, Spindle, Handle and Base.



Upper jaw

Lower jaw



Wing Nut

  • Hand vice:- Hand vice are used for gripping screws, rivets, keys, small drills and other similar objects which are too small to be conveniently held in the bench vice. A hand vice is made in various shape and size. The length varies from 125 to 150mm. and the jaw width from 40 to 44mm. The jaw can be opened and closed using the wing nut on the screw that is fastened to one leg and passes through other.

Collet chuck

  • is made of Mild steel. Toolmaker’s vice is accurately machined Toolmaker’s vice:- The toolmaker’s vice is used for holding small work which requires filing or drilling and for making of small jobs on the surface plate. This vice.

Pin vice:- The Pin vice is used for holding small diameter jobs. It consists of handle and a small collet chuck at one end. The chuck carries a set of jaws which are operated by turning the handle

  • What are the parts of Vice ?
  • Which is material is used in Bench Vice ?
  • What are the types of Vice ?
  • What is the use of Bench Vice ?
  • What are the difference between Bench Vice & Pipe Vice ?


Thus, we learnt about type of vice, parts material & it’s uses.