Animal farm revolution
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Animal Farm Revolution. By Mary Wilkins Craig Myers. What is a revolution?. A forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system. The class struggle that is expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism. Animal Farm/Russian Revolution.

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Animal farm revolution

Animal Farm Revolution

By Mary Wilkins

Craig Myers

What is a revolution
What is a revolution?

  • A forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system.

  • The class struggle that is expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism.

Animal farm russian revolution
Animal Farm/Russian Revolution

  • Mr. Jones Tsar

  • Old major Marxs

  • Animalism Communism

  • Snowball Trotsky

  • Napoleon Stalin

  • Squealer Propaganda

  • Dogs Secret Police

  • Moses Religion

  • Mollie Upper Class

  • Boxer Lower Class

  • Benjamin Skeptical People Outside Russia

Old majors speech led to rebellion
Old majors speech led to rebellion

In the book animal farm old major led to a rebellion ,due to his spectacular speech which persuaded all the animals but Benjamin to rebel against Mr. Jones.

“Tyranny of Human beings”

Three nights later old Major died in his sleep .

Old majors speech followed on as the majestic pigs looked up to him, through his leadership on the farm.

Mid summer s eve in june
Mid Summer’s Eve In June

  • Mid Summers Eve was the first step of the rebellion leading to the eviction of Mr. Jones by all off the animals.

  • “Animals were still unfed. At lat they can last no longer.”

  • All the animals built up hatred for Mr. Jones for many years and needed to express there feeling . The reasons for all the hatred was that Mr. Jones was mainly out at there pub and was always drunk this led to lack of food and resources on the farm.

Battle of the cowshed
Battle Of The Cowshed

  • Mr. Jones s tried to regain the farm, but he was out done by great wits and smart planning by snowball, but also the mighty powers of boxers hoofs.

  • The first attack was the pigeons and geese pecking and pooing on the men .

  • Followed was the second attack snowball Muriel Benjamin and the sheep attacked but was thought away.

  • The third attack was three cows and rest of the pigs plus boxer completed the attack by clearing the farm from all the humans.

Animal farm revolution

  • In the rebellion the hens tried to stick up for there self’s by flying up to the rafters and dropping there eggs on the floor however they did not succeed as they were threatened to death if they continued.

  • This was a stage which startled all the animals as they were told that if the hens layed there eggs they would be aloud to keep them instead of selling them to Humans.

Rivalry between snowball and napoleon
Rivalry Between Snowball And Napoleon



  • Napoleon took the puppies and formally educated them whilst teaching them how to be vicious and obey his orders.

  • Napoleon destroyed all of snowballs plan.

  • Created a song about himself.

  • Insisted to build the windmill but the blueprint was ruined by napoleon.

  • Set up committees so that the animals were in the same ability groups, this was later ruined by napoleon as he demolished this.

  • He was chased out by the forceful dogs.