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LEAVENWORTH. TRIATHLON CLUB. 19 Nov 2009. 1. Eric Reid - 70.3 World Championship Now at IM ARIZONA! (www.ironmanarizona.com) 2. Website – LINKS and Beginner FAQs handout 3. Race Reports? Longhorn 70.3, WIN for KC Women’s 4. Need some good TRI action photos (“landscape”)

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19 Nov 2009

  • 1. Eric Reid - 70.3 World Championship

  • Now at IM ARIZONA! (www.ironmanarizona.com)

  • 2. Website – LINKS and Beginner FAQs handout

  • 3. Race Reports? Longhorn 70.3, WIN for KC Women’s

  • 4. Need some good TRI action photos (“landscape”)

  • 5. Membership cards / T-shirts – see Bob

  • 6. Volunteers for Rudolph Run - 5 Dec 1200

  • 7. IM World Championship on NBC (19 Dec @1530)

Off season swimming
Off-season Swimming

  • USMS short course season (25 yard or meter)

  • Stroke Diagnostic

  • Equipment

  • Drills

  • Learn and practice breast-stroke, backstroke and butterfly.

  • Learn starts and turns


  • Pull Buoy

  • TYR Catalyst Brites

  • Split fin

  • Forearm Fulcrum

  • Tempo Trainer


  • Wide variety of drills and methods

  • Drill should have a clear purpose

  • Primary purpose should be stroke construction

  • KNOW the effect of the drill. Most have a positive. Many contain a negative, identify and work with it.

  • See handout (posted on the website)


  • Functional Strength Training.

  • What Happens When We Run?

  • Big 3: Elasticity, Mobility and Stability

  • Where Does Speed Come From?

  • Running Form.

  • 3 Daily Fundamental Training Objectives

  • General Running Training Recommended

  • Mobility and Functional Strength Training

  • Questions

Big 3:Elasticity, Mobility and Stability

  • Elastic Energy

  • Rotation through the Kinetic Chain:

  • Hips - Spine – Feet

  • Eccentric and Concentric Muscle Actions

  • Stability and Stabilizing Strength

Running Form.

  • See Video (See Revolution Running site on the LINKS page of our website)

General Running Training Recommended

  • Know your limits

  • Start Slow if you are just beginning

  • Recovery runs, speed runs, Tempo runs, long runs

  • Winter training: treadmill


  • I recommend the following postures for increasing your leg flexibility:Standing forward bend (Uttanasana): A asana for increasing the flexibility in your hamstrings, spinal muscles and the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. If you suffer from a back injury, you should take it easy with this bend. It is important letting gravity do the work. No pushing your body into this asana. If you have tight hamstrings, bend your knees to improve the stretch.Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I): In runners and cyclists, the hip flexors is a normal weak point. The Warrior I works on those flexors. The Warrior I will increase your flexibility in the hips, back and front groins.Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II): As in Warrior I this posture stretches the hip joints and opens the groins and it also stretches the inner thigh muscles.Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana): With this natural follower of the Warrior II you will stretch the back side of the legs and open the groins. The upper body will be flexed as well.Triangle Pose (Trikonasana): This is a follow up of the Warrior I pose. Works the side body and the hips.Intense side stretch (Parsvottanasana): This is another very good stretch for your hamstrings and it will also increase the flexibility in your gluteus maximus. This posture is more intense in the hamstrings than the standing forward bend.Wide stance forward bend (Prasarita Padottanasana): This pose stretches your hamstrings and gluteus maximus efficiently. It is also called wide-legged forward fold and is a relative to the standing forward bend with the difference that in this pose you have your feet wider apart.To get the most of the asanas described above, stay for five deep breaths in position. By doing the postures regularly you will open up your groin and increase the flexibility in your legs and hips. This will reduce the risk of getting problems with overuse injuries. I recommend doing these postures at least three times a week and when you have done them for 2 months we can go to the next level.