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Disease Treatment

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Disease Treatment. Methods of Disease Control in Fish. Test and Slaughter Quarantine or restrict movements Destruction of transmission link Immunity/disease resistance Drug therapy.

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methods of disease control in fish
Methods of Disease Control in Fish
  • Test and Slaughter
  • Quarantine or restrict movements
  • Destruction of transmission link
  • Immunity/disease resistance
  • Drug therapy
types of drug therapies
Drug/chemotherapeutics are small part of any health management plan- May increase carrying capacity- May be detrimental

Types- Systemic- Topical- Disease prophylaxis- Injections- Disinfectants

Types of Drug Therapies
laws governing drug use
Laws governing Drug use
  • Federal food drug and cosmetic act of 1915- Limits use of most substances till safety to animals is proved
  • Three Criteria for approval 1. Examined for effectiveness2. Toxicity of Compound3. Time of clearance of compound or metabolites
  • The Revised act of 1965 included food additives
drug regulation
Drug Regulation
  • Food and drug Administration is responsible for regulating drugs and chemotherapeutics
  • Three levels of drugs1. Approved 2. Low Regulatory Priority3. INAD (Investigation New Animal Drug)
good management practices
Good Management Practices
  • Avoid/Limit disease occurrencetreat on a population basis
  • Questions to consider1. What is the prognosis without treatment?2. Does potential mortality warrant treatment?
  • Four criteria to know1. Water2. Fish3. Chemical4. Disease
external treatments
External Treatments
  • Success is a balance of time in treatment and concentration of treatment
  • Treatments are used to eliminate /reduce potential pathogens
  • Also used as a tool for maintenance of fish health- Bactericides, fungicides, parasides
types of external treatments
Types of External Treatments
  • Dip
  • Flush
  • Bath
  • Flow through
  • Pro’s/Cons of Different approaches?- Handling aspect, mucous is primary line of defense- Concentration of treatment- Stress factors related to treatment
systemic treatment
Systemic Treatment
  • Administered in an oral route, sometimes parentally (BKD)
  • An effective treatment must be able to control reproduction of the pathogen as well as safe and economical
  • Limitations:Mixing Consistent feedingEach fish gets required amountsProphylaxis (Not recommended)
considerations with treatments
Considerations with treatments
  • Withdrawal Time- Drug- Fish Species- Water Temperature

Wt. or volume of water



% activity

Wt. or volume of chem./drug

Desired concentration






% activity

Treatment level (mg/kg/day)

Wt. of drug needed

Wt. of fish




Static Treatments

Constant-Flow Treatments

Flow rate (l/min) x Treatment time (min)

x final concentration (ppm) x .001

Chemical strength (decimal fraction)

Wt. of chem./drug needed


Amount of drug to feed