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Main 8 Southern Islands of Singapore

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Main 8 Southern Islands of Singapore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Main 8 Southern Islands of Singapore 1.Kusu Island 2.Lazarus Island 3.Pulau Seringat 4.Pulau Tekukor 5.Saint John's Island 6.Sentosa 7.Two Sisters' Islands. Sean Lim Jia Ming. Activities carried out in the Southern Islands which harm the envionment

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Main 8 Southern Islands of Singapore

1.Kusu Island2.Lazarus Island3.Pulau Seringat4.Pulau Tekukor5.Saint John's Island6.Sentosa7.Two Sisters' Islands

Sean Lim

Jia Ming

Activities carried out in the Southern Islands which harm the envionment

1. Fishing2. Scuba diving3. Land reclamation4. Petrochemical activities5. Camping6. Visits7. Trekking

  • Assessment
  • FishingExtensive fishing can lead to decline in fish population.
  • Scuba divingPoor diver etiquette may lead to damage being induced to coral reefs (kicking, grabbing, hitting).
  • Land reclamationDestruction of coral reefs.
  • Petrochemical activitiesAir pollution, affecting plenty of wildlife.
  • CampingExtensive building of campfires can lead to air pollution, or may lead to forest fires if control is lost, affecting the habitat. Improper disposal of waste may lead to poisoning or diseases. Natural environment may be altered if certain native species are removed. Inappropriate feeding of animals may lead to poisoning or diseases.
  • VisitsMany visitors will lead to increase in noise, resulting in noise pollution and scaring animals. Stress will also be induced in animals, while their natural behaviour change when visitors come too close to them.
  • TrekkingIf the same trail is used over and over, vegetation and soil will get trampled over, possibly causing damage and lead to loss of biodiversity.

Measures taken

1.Fishing-Cornering out certain areas and deem them " No fishing zones".-With regards to the endangered species of fish, capturing of a small group of these fish and breeding them in captivity before releasing them back into the wild to stabilize the threat of them being extinct in the area.

2.Scuba diving and Land reclamation-Certain parts of the coral reef should be protected. It should be isolated and preserved. No activities should be carried out in that designated area.-Companies providing scuba diving services should reinforce the importance of the preservation of the coral reef. They should also personally ensure that the tourists should take care not to damage the coral reefs while scuba diving.-Land reclamation could be carried out in an alternative location where by there are less corals present in the area

3.Petrochemical industries-It should be made illegal to release untreated waste into the environment.

4.Camping and Visits-The tourists should been briefed beforehand that improper conduct or littering would not be tolerated.

5.Trekking-Constant maintenance of the current pathways. This will prevent it from being damaged and avoid the creation of new pathways.