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Epilog. Final words about 1304ENG course. Assessment. Exam 60% (open book) Tutorials 5% ( 2 x 2.5%) Test 5% (Pseudocode) Laboratory 30% ( 6 x 5%) Must pass exam to pass course Must attend 80% laboratories to pass course. Exam Details. Course: Intro to Comp & Programming-Nathan

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Final words about 1304ENG course


Exam60% (open book)

Tutorials5% ( 2 x 2.5%)

Test5% (Pseudocode)

Laboratory30% ( 6 x 5%)

Must pass exam to pass course

Must attend 80% laboratories to pass course

exam details
Exam Details

Course: Intro to Comp & Programming-Nathan

Date: Thursday 08-Nov-07

Time: 08:30 AM

Location: QSAC_Sprinters Room Qld Sport & Athletics Centre

ANZ Stadium

Duration: 3 Hours 10 Minutes

Exam: 3 Hours

Perusal: 10 Minutes

1304eng exam
1304ENG Exam
  • Open Book with Restrictions
  • Non-programmable calculator
  • Non-electronic open dictionary
  • Lecture Notes and 1 Text Book only permitted.
    • Lecture notes must be bound into the 1 item.
    • Lecture notes can contain any printed material that you want.
    • Text Book can be any text book that you want.
  • You may write on exam paper during perusal (10 minutes)
  • You may use pencil if you wish – it must be able to be easily read
1304eng exam cont
1304ENG Exam (cont)
  • The exam follows a similar format as the past exam given on the website.
  • 6 questions in 3 hours (1/2 hour per question)
  • Will require writing of programs
  • Covers everything from Pseudocode to Dynamic Memory Allocation inclusive.
  • Does not cover topic 1 “Computer Hardware”
general exam rules
General Exam Rules
  • All students should check the exam timetable on the day of each examination, as room allocations are subject to change.
    • Missing an examination because of a mistake in determining the timetable is not grounds for another examination.
  • You are encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam, and to avoid bringing valuables to exam venues.
  • Your dictionary and calculator (if allowed) will be checked by exam supervisors in the venue.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off in the exam venue.
general exam rules from uni faq
General Exam Rules – from UNI FAQ
  • What will happen if I am late for my exam?
    • If you arrive within the first 30 minutes of working time, you will be permitted to enter the examination venue upon the discretion of the Chief Invigilator.  You will not be granted any extra time to complete your exam.
    • However, if you arrive later than this, then you should go directly to the Examinations and Timetabling Centre on Nathan campus or to the Student Administration Centre on Logan, Gold Coast or Mt Gravatt campuses.  There isn’t any guarantee that you will be permitted to sit your examination at this time.
  • What will I do if I am sick on the day of my examination?
    • You should apply for a Deferred Examination.  You will have three working days from the date of your examination to provide adequate documentary evidence giving the reason you couldn’t attend your examination.
exam technique
Exam Technique
  • Stick to the time allocated to each question and part question.
  • Answer the questions in the order you can do them eg Q2, Q1, Q5, Q6 , Q3, Q4 etc
  • Try to answer all questions since you may get part marks
  • Answer the question that is asked on the paper – not the question that you would have liked to have been asked.
  • Open book does not mean the exam is easy
    • Put page markers in the books so that you can easily go to the required section
    • Use the open book as a reference – you will not have time to learn material in the exam!