look sir i bleed n.
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Look, sir, I bleed

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Look, sir, I bleed. Stuck on plot?.

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Look, sir, I bleed

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Stuck on plot?

1-13: Edmund has a brief but informative conversation with Curan- a gentleman in Gloucester’s household. He finds out that there are rumors of friction and possibly civil war between Cornwall and Albany. Additionally, Cornwall and Regan are coming to stay at Gloucester’s castle. Edmund quickly capitalizes on this information and stroke of luck and folds it into his scheming!


Stuck on plot?

14- 40: Edmund calls Edgar out of his hiding because he claims Gloucester has found him out and Cornwall is coming – in anger- because he thinks Edgar said some unflattering things about him (Cornwall) publically. Just as Gloucester is heard approaching, Edmund quickly confuses Edgar into ‘fake dueling’ with him to keep up appearances. While shouting (so as to be heard by Gloucester) Edmund also whispers to Edgar to flee. Thus, once again the bastard has manipulated two situations at once. Edmund even self inflicts a wound that he hopes will garner sympathy.


Stuck on plot?

40- 100: Gloucester arrives and sends servants after Edgar who has ‘escaped.’ Edmund tells him that when Edmund refused to enact Edgar’s ‘plan’ Edgar attacked him. Gloucester then puts a price of Edgar’s head and disowns him, leaving the bastard heir to all his property.

100- 136: Just then, Cornwall arrives and has already heard of this ‘attempted murder.’ Cornwall praises Edmund for his valor, and takes him into his services and the social climbing bastard greedily accepts.

. . . Also notice here that Edmund jumps on Regan’s casual link between Edgar and the “riotous knights” who accompany Lear.


Stuck on plot?

136- end: Regan explains that they were hoping to seek advice from Gloucester since they have recently received word from Goneril that she and Lear did not get along. She thought it best to leave (hello, you know dear old dad is headed your way!) her castle and seek shelter and advice from Gloucester.