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  1. - 고급 Contents -

  2. - 고급 Contents -

  3. 3 5 1 National News * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. potential to, in dissolving, leading to, exposed to, inflame the cells - 1 -

  4. 3 5 1 National News ▶Reading Comprehension Hot Pepper May Cause Skin Cancer Hot pepper has been very popular recently due to their effect in dissolving fat and leading to possible weight loss. Such a boom may not keep on continuing. A research team found that a substance called capsaicin in the pepper may cause skin cancer. Researchers experimented the effect of capsaicin with the skin of mice regularly for a set period of time. They found out that the regular application made them more exposed to skin cancer. They also explained that capsaicin has the potential to inflame the cells that could possibly stimulate cancer development. However, the researchers said that capsaicin did not cause skin cancer in all the animals tested. This recent finding was published as the cover story of the “Cancer Research” magazine’s September edition. Researchers were Professor Lee Ki-won of Konkuk University and fellow scientists at Seoul National University and the University of Minnesota. ”It is true that chili peppers are helpful to our body. The study will evolve into which part of the food does good and which doesn’t,” Professor Lee of the Konkuk University said. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 2 -

  5. 3 5 1 National News ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Complete the sentences. 23. 규칙적인 운동은 체중 감량으로 이끈다. Regular exercise leads to weight loss. 24. 그 소년은 훌륭한 선수가 될 가능성을 갖고 있다. The youngster has the potential to be great player. 25. 기자가 해야 할 일은 사람들에게 진실을 알리는 것이다. What a journalist should do is to make the truth exposed to people. - 3 -

  6. 3 5 2 AP/Reuters * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. stay traditional, forcing, to, tighten their belts, willing to, shopping for - 4 -

  7. 3 5 2 AP/Reuters ▶Reading Comprehension Tungsten Replaces Gold for Wedding Rings Skyrocketing gold prices and the economic downturn forcing Americans to tighten their belts, consumers shopping for jewelry have become more willing to consider cheaper alternatives like titanium, tungsten, cobalt and even stainless steel. Over the past three months, tungsten, a steel-gray hard metal, has become an increasingly popular choice over gold for wedding rings. “One in every 10 men’s wedding bands we sold that month was titanium in 30 days,” said John Baird, public relations director with the online jewelry seller. Male consumers seem to like these space-age metals used in making fighter jets, etc. However, women are different, especially with wedding jewelry. They still want to stay traditional and buy gold or platinum, according to the spokesperson for Jewelers of America. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 5 -

  8. 3 5 2 AP/Reuters ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Correct the underlined parts. 23. I have to shop on some foods for the party. → shop for some foods 24. We became willing for take the risks. → became willing to 25. People force the president on resign. → force the president to resign - 6 -

  9. 3 5 3 Entertainment * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. leaps off, meets with, board the ship, effects, begin, deliver, journey - 7 -

  10. 3 5 3 Entertainment ▶Reading Comprehension ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ Walt Disney has released the long-awaited fourth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” stars world-class actors and actresses including Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane and Geoffrey Rush. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and directed by Rob Marshall, director of musical film “Chicago,” “On Stranger Tides” is full of surprises, actions, adventures, fun and humor. Johnny Depp, who plays Captain Jack Sparrow, encounters the infamous pirate Blackbeard, and searches for the Fountain of Youth. During his journey, he also meets with other key characters, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane and Geoffrey Rush. Geoffrey Rush again plays Jack’s rival Captain Hector Barbossa while Penelope Cruz plays the enigmatic Angelica, who is the fiery daughter of the pirate Blackbeard. Ian McShane plays the legendary pirate Blackbeard, whose ship is named the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Angelica forces Captain Jack Sparrow to board the ship and they begin an adventurous journey for the Fountain of Youth. ”This one does not follow the same key characters and story lines of the previous installments. This is a completely new stand-alone story,” said producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The adventure movie is the first “Pirates” to use digital 3D cameras, with which many action scenes deliver realistic effects. For example, when Angelica tries to stab Captain Jack Sparrow through a closed door, her sword leaps off the screen right at the audience. The fantasy adventure film was released on May 19 in Korea and May 20 in the United States. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 8 -

  11. 3 5 3 Entertainment ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct one. 23. The following evening, John and I ( got, began ) journey to Rome. 24. “Titanic” delivers great ( effects, affects ) to describe the accident. I met ( with, by ) him in front of the building. - 9 -

  12. 3 5 4 Sports * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. with a capacity of, originated from, take place, kick off, distinguished by - 10 -

  13. 3 5 4 Sports ▶Reading Comprehension ‘Sarbi’ Promotes Daegu Athletics Championships “Sarbi,” the official mascot of the 13th IAAF World Championships began its road show tour to promote the biggest athletics event to be held this summer, from Aug. 27 to Sept. 4. Members of the organizing committee along with officials assembled at the Daegu Station on March 30 to celebrate the kick off of the tour. The mascot, unveiled last year, is based on the image of a “Sapsalgae,” a Korean native dog breed originated from the region. Also called “Sapsaree,” the breed is distinguished by its luxurious long, soft hair. Average Sapsaree dogs are 46-56 centimeters tall and weigh about 16 to 28 kilograms. The biennial IAAF World Championships, along with the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, is considered one of the world’s top three major sporting events. World’s top athletics players will gather in Daegu, a city some 300 kilometers south of Seoul, to compete for their best records. The event will take place at the Daegu Stadium, a large stadium with a capacity of more than 66,000 seats. Officials of the organizing committee hope that the World Championships in Athletics, which is to be held in Korean soil for the first time, will serve as an opportunity to upgrade the nation’s competitiveness in athletics. The road show is scheduled to take place until May 25, touring the nation’s 10 major cities. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 11 -

  14. 3 5 4 Sports ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the incorrect sentence. 25. ① Coal has originated from the decay of plants. ② Most shark attacks take place in shallow water. ③ The company lied customers with a capacity to all. → The company lied customers with a capacity of all. ④ The male bird is distinguished from the female by its red beak. - 12 -

  15. 3 5 5 Culture * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. is up to, reached, took lives of, aimed at, during his stay - 13 -

  16. 3 5 5 Culture ▶Reading Comprehension Two Koreas Set to Play Music Together Musicians of symphony orchestras from the two Koreas may perform joint concerts together regularly in both capital cities, Seoul and Pyongyang. Chung Myung-whun, a renowned world-class conductor and the current music director of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, said this after his recent four-day visit to Pyongyang. “We reached an agreement to hold a joint concert in Pyongyang and Seoul at around December,” said the 59-year-old Korean maestro. “The rest is up to the politicians, but I hope our plan will be realized.” Chung also said that North Korean officials agreed to run programs aimed at nurturing young musicians of the North. During his stay in Pyongyang, Chung conducted a rehearsal of performances by the North’s State Symphony Orchestra and the Unhasu Orchestra and watched the state orchestra perform at Moranbong Theater. Chung praised the flawless performances and advanced skills of North Korean orchestra members. He also expressed his wish to practice and perform together with North Korea’s young artists for about two weeks next year. If realized, the concerts may push forward cultural exchanges at a time when tensions linger after a series of provocative actions that took lives of South Koreans last year. “I believe in the power of music. We can make progress through our shared love for music,” said Chung. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 14 -

  17. 3 5 5 Culture ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct one. 23. This product is aimed ( ) the young market. ① of ② to ③ for ④ at 24. Finally, the two parties reached an ( ). ① agree ② agreement③ agreeing ④ to agree 25. It is up ( ) you to judge. ① with ② to③ on ④ for - 15 -

  18. 3 5 6 Issue & Debate * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. applied to, impose, filed, withdraw the bill, petition, tax, pass the bill, on - 16 -

  19. 3 5 6 Issue & Debate ▶Reading Comprehension VAT on Pets Pet owners are upset about the government’s move to impose value added tax (VAT) on medical treatments for pets. According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s plan, pet owners will have to pay a 10-percent VAT more for payments of their pets’ medical treatments starting from July. The government tried to pass the bill last year, but had to drop it due to fierce resistance from pet owners and others affected by the move. Ministry officials say that imposing VAT on medical treatments for animals is a global trend. Citing the cases of Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Asian countries including China and Japan, they stress that many industrialized countries are already imposing VAT on pets. Officials also point out that VAT exemption is usually applied to medical treatments for humans only. Pet owners complain that pets are living creatures and they are more like family members to them. They say it is not a good idea to impose VAT, the kind of indirect tax that people pay when they buy goods or products. Nearly 10,000 people have filed an online petition calling for the government to withdraw the bill. They also point out that many pet owners are ordinary people and it is frustrating for pet owners who are not rich to pay more money to cure their sick pets. Opponents are also concerned that VAT may worsen the social problem of abandoned animals since many owners may abandon their pets because of burden from soaring medical treatment costs. ”Visiting a veterinary clinic costs a lot of money. This is one of the major reasons why people give up breeding pets. An additional tax will only make the situation worse,” said the president of the Seoul Veterinary Medical Association in an interview. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 17 -

  20. 3 5 6 Issue & Debate ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Complete the sentence. 25. 우리는 변호사를 통해 4500명이 서명한 탄원서를 제출할 것이다. ( 4500 people, a petition, by, signed, file ) We will file a petition signed by 4500 people through our lawyer. - 18 -

  21. 3 5 7 History * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. far less, contaminated with, caught a fire, evacuated from, classified as - 19 -

  22. 3 5 7 History ▶Reading Comprehension Chernobyl Disaster The Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred on April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. This disaster is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. It is classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale, along with the recent nuclear power plant explosion in Fukushima, Japan. The Fukushima disaster is considered far less serious because it has not caused any direct deaths. On April 26, 1986, engineers were carrying out a systems test at reactor number four at Chernobyl plant. During the test, power output suddenly surged. The engineers immediately tried to shut down the reactor. However, the power output became unstable and surged even higher. As a result, the reactor exploded, exposing the graphite moderator of the reactor to air. The graphite moderator caught a fire, which sent a plume of radioactive smoke fallout into the atmosphere. The radioactive materials covered large parts of the western Soviet Union and Europe. From 1986 to 2000, over 350,000 people were evacuated from the most severely contaminated areas of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the environmental consequences of the accident would be enormous. The accident directly caused thirty one deaths, including the reactor staff and emergency workers. The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) said the confirmed deaths from radiation would be 64. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted 30,000 to 60,000 cancer deaths would result. However, a Russian publication, Chernobyl, concluded that more than 985,000 people died as a result of radioactive contamination between 1986 and 2004. In addition, large areas of forests and agricultural land were contaminated with radioactivity and consequently abandoned. Some 694,200 ha (1,715,000 acres) of forest and 784,320 ha (1,938,100 acres) of agricultural land became useless. In 1997, the Chernobyl Shelter Fund was established to finance the Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP). The plan aimed to transform the site into an ecologically safe place by constructing the New Safe Confinement (NSC), a structure that is intended to contain the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl. The confinement is expected to be completed by 2013. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 20 -

  23. 3 5 7 History ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Correct the underlined part. 25. The drinking water was contaminated for lead. → was contaminated with lead - 21 -

  24. 3 5 8 Places In The News * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. center for, destroyed by, a hub of, was, under the reign of, been listed as - 22 -

  25. 3 5 8 Places In The News ▶Reading Comprehension Oslo Oslo is the capital city of Norway. A population of 1,442,318 makes it the most populous city in Norway. The city was originally founded by King Harald III of Norway in 1048. The city, however, was largely destroyed by fire in 1642. It went under the reign of Denmark-Norway's King Christian IV. It was rebuilt as Christiania in the late 1800s. In 1925, the city reclaimed its original Norwegian name Oslo. Oslo is considered to be a global city and ranked “Beta World City” in studies performed by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network in 2008. The city has been listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world, along with such global cities as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Zurich, Geneva, and Copenhagen. The capital city is the cultural, scientific, economic and governmental center of Norway. It is also a hub of trade, banking, industry and shipping. It is an important center for maritime industries and maritime trade in Europe. The city is home to many companies within the maritime sector, some of which are amongst the world’s largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance brokers. The city has a humid continental climate. Because of its northern latitude, daylight varies greatly, from more than 18 hours in midsummer, when it never gets completely dark at night, to around six hours in midwinter. It has warm summers with average highs of 20-22 degrees Celsius and lows of around 12 degrees Celsius. Winters are cold and snowy with temperatures between minus seven degrees Celsius and minus one degree Celsius. Oslo houses many world-class museums and galleries. The Munch Museum contains the Scream and other works by Edvard Munch (1863-1944), who donated all his work to the city after his death. The National Museum holds Norway’s most extensive collection of art and promotes public knowledge about the collection. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 23 -

  26. 3 5 8 Places In The News ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct one. 24. 한국은 영화와 문화의 중심이 될 것이다. ( film, become, hub, culture, a, of, and ) Korea could become a hub of film and culture. 25. 비엔나는 음악 애호가들에게 진정한 문화 중심지이다. ( for, culture, a, music lovers, real, center ) Vienna is a real culture center for music lovers. - 24 -

  27. 3 5 9 TOEFL Reading * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. in search of, vice versa, ranging from, hatch from, are defined as - 25 -

  28. 3 5 9 TOEFL Reading ▶Reading Comprehension Migration of Fish Many kinds of fish migrate. They migrate regularly, on a time period that varies from day to year, over distances ranging from a few meters to thousands of kilometers. Fish migration usually takes place for purposes related to feeding or reproducing, but there are also cases which the reasons are still unknown. Tuna and other species like marlin, swordfish, sharks, dolphins and other cetaceans are defined as highly migratory species. These species migrate long distances across oceans in search of food and for breeding purposes. They mostly live in open ocean areas and are found within the 200 mile exclusive economic zones and the international waters or high seas outside the zones. The fish that live in the ocean mostly but migrate and breed in fresh water are called anadromous fish. Salmon is one of the best-known anadromous fish species. Salmon hatch from eggs in small freshwater streams, migrate to the sea to mature. It takes about two to six years for them to mature and when mature, they return to their ‘home,’ where they hatched. Salmon are capable of swimming hundreds of kilometers upriver for migration. Sea trout and shad are also other examples of anadromous fish. Unlike anadromous fish, catadromous fish live in fresh water but reproduce in the ocean. An example of this catadromous fish is the freshwater eels. These eels’ larvae drift on the open ocean water for months to years and come back to their original streams after traveling thousands of kilometers. There are also migrations of fresh fish living in lakes or streams. These migrations usually take shorter cycles compared with other forms of fish migrations, from lakes to streams or vice versa. Fish migration has been important for human since prehistoric times. Certain types of anadromous fish have affected the fishing practices of human since, during their migrations into freshwater streams, they become more vulnerable and it gets easy to capture them. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 26 -

  29. 3 5 9 TOEFL Reading ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct one. 25. Polar bears can walk long distances in search ( ) foods. ① for ② from ③ of④ with - 27 -

  30. 3 5 10 Economy * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. benefit from, a great deal of, pretend, decades ago, absolute advantage - 28 -

  31. 3 5 10 Economy ▶Reading Comprehension Trade : Keeping Absolute Gains Why do countries trade? Why does a rich country not produce everything it needs such as rice, beef, mobile phones, computers, TVs and automobiles? Why does a rich country import things from a poor country, and vice versa? Korea exports a large number of automobiles and mobile phones. Korea also imports a great deal of products. Obviously, Korea cannot produce everything it needs. For example, it cannot produce pineapples so it imports them from the Philippines. Korea cannot produce airliners so it imports them from the United States. However, Korea still imports things it can produce. For example, it imports a lot of clothes and shoes from China. Decades ago, Korea produced a lot of clothes and shoes, and exported them. Korea no longer produces them because China has an absolute advantage. In other words, China can produce them with fewer resources. When a country can produce more of goods with the same resources that another country can, it is said to have an absolute advantage in the production of that good. Pretend there are only two countries in the world: Korea and China. They produce only two goods: mobile phones and shoes. The resources of both countries can be used to produce either mobile phones or shoes. Korea produces 100 mobile phones and 75 shoes, while China produces 80 mobile phones and 100 shoes as shown in Table A. What if each country specializes? Korea makes only mobile phones and China makes only shoes. Each country will make twice as much of that product and none of the other as shown in Table B. As a result of each country’s specialization, the world now has more mobile phones and shoes. Korea can trade 100 units of mobile phones for China’s 100 units of shoes. Both countries will benefit from trade. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 29 -

  32. 3 5 10 Economy ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Fill in the underlined parts. 23. 밀은 많은 영양분을 갖고 있다. Wheat contains a great deal of nutrients. 24. 우리가 우주인이라고 가정해보자. Let’s pretend that we are astronauts. 25. 농구에서는 키 큰 선수가 절대적으로 유리하다. In basketball, tall players have an absolute advantage. - 30 -

  33. 3 6 1 National News * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. take a break, on average, an average of, annual leave, take annual leave - 31 -

  34. 3 6 1 National News ▶Reading Comprehension Tired Koreans Koreans work the longest hours and take the fewest holidays among the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) according to a survey by Job Korea, an online job portal. Koreans worked an average of 2,256 hours in 2008, down from 2,316 hours a year earlier. But it was still the highest among the 30 OECD members and far more than the OECD average of 1,764 hours. After surveying 952 salaried employees, Job Korea said that they are given an average of 12.2 days in annual leave but spend only 8.4 days for vacation on average. About 66 percent of the workers said they are unable to take a break from work because of the heavy workload, unfriendly workplace atmosphere regarding holiday takers and the negative evaluation from senior officers. Low-ranked workers find it more difficult to take annual leave than managers and other senior-level employees. Moreover, when comparing to employees in other advanced countries, Korean workers are heavily overworked and not free to take vacation. While 89 percent of workers in France usually take all of the legally-guaranteed annual leave, only 53 percent of Korean workers spent all their vacation days. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 32 -

  35. 3 6 1 National News ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Complete the sentences 23. 피곤하다면 잠시 휴식을 갖기를 바랍니다. ( a rest, tired, you, to, feeling, take ) If you are feeling tired, I would like you to take a rest. 24. 뮤지컬 티켓 가격은 평균 70 달러에 이르고 있습니다. ( approaching, $70, on, are, average ) Ticket prices for musicals are approaching $70 on average. 25. 만약 누군가가 연차를 사용해야 한다면, 우리는 어려움에 처할 것이다. ( trouble, to, be, has, in, annual leave, take ) If somebody has to take annual leave, we will be in trouble. - 33 -

  36. 3 6 2 AP/Reuters * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. in the wild, once completed, provide, cover an area of, residence for - 34 -

  37. 3 6 2 AP/Reuters ▶Reading Comprehension China to Build Hospitals for Pandas A specialized center for giant panda’s disease prevention and rescue will be built in China’s Sichuan province. Once completed, the hospital will be the world’s only center for carrying out research on disease prevention and control for the endangered species and rescuing giant pandas. It will also provide a comfortable residence for the aged ones. The specialized center will cover an area of about 51 hectares. It will cost 210 million yuan ($32.3 million) to build the center. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional Government will provide 130 million yuan. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2012. When completed, it will be able to accommodate 40 pandas. Giant pandas are among the world’s most endangered species. Statistics show that about 1,600 pandas live in the wild, while 300 live in zoos around the world. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 35 -

  38. 3 6 2 AP/Reuters ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Correct the underlined parts. 22. Once finishing, the experiment will be regarded as a great work. → Once finished 23. Government carried in research on domestic energy. → carried out research on 24. The reserve covers an area on 1100 square kilometers. → covers an area of 25. Government provided residence to homeless people. → provided residence for - 36 -

  39. 3 6 3 Entertainment * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. natural talent in, are kidnapped by, manages to, inherited, flying high, from - 37 -

  40. 3 6 3 Entertainment ▶Reading Comprehension Arrow Shoots the Summer Screen Korean action film “Arrow the Ultimate Weapon” is flying high at box office. The film starring Park Hae-il and RyuSeung-ryong, offers thrilling action and entertainment. “Arrow the Ultimate Weapon” shows that bows and arrows can entertain just as much as guns and bullets. Director Kim Han-min is known for films such as “Paradise Murdered” (2007) and “Hand Phone” (2009). Set in the 17th century Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), the film is about a young man Nam-i (Park Hae-il) who has a natural talent in archery. Nam-i witnesses his father’s death when he is young. According to his father’s will, he manages to escape with his little sister Ja-in and stays in the home of an old family friend Kim. Nam-i has inherited fiendish archery skills from his father and uses his talent for hunting 13 years later. Meanwhile, Ja-in falls in love with a gentleman Seo-gun, (Kim Mu-yeol) Kim’s son. When the second Manchu invasion of Korea occurs in 1636, Ja-in and Seo-gun are kidnapped by the Qing soldiers on their wedding day. Nam-i pursues the soldiers in search for Ja-in, with only his father’s old bow and handmade arrows. A tough Qing warrior Jushinta (RyuSeung-ryong), also known for his archery prowess, loses most of his men and gets killed in the end by Nam-I’s arrows. The film was released on August 10. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 38 -

  41. 3 6 3 Entertainment ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct one. 23. I could manage ( to make, making ) myself understood in English. 24. I inherit weak heart ( with, from ) my mother. 25. He has a natural talent ( on, in ) cooking. - 39 -

  42. 3 6 4 Sports * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. establishing, homerun, ever, completed, milestone, quest, blasted, as - 40 -

  43. 3 6 4 Sports ▶Reading Comprehension Jeter Hits Hit No. 3000 Derek Jeter blasted a solo homerun at Yankee Stadium in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays on July 9 and finally completed his long quest for 3,000 hits. The Yankees captain sent the ball into the left-field seats in the third inning to reach the milestone. Jeter went 5-for-5, including the game-winner in the 8th, helping his team win 5-4 over the Rays. “Hitting a home run is the last thing I ever thought about,” Jeter said in an interview. “The most important thing is we were able to win and I’m happy to contribute.” Jeter became the 28th member to enter the 3,000-hit club in Major League Baseball history and the first player to achieve this milestone wearing a Yankee uniform. It took Jeter 2,362 games and 9,604 at-bats to reach 3,000 hits since his debut in 1995. His pace is seventh fastest and 10th fastest in Major League Baseball history, respectively, according to mlb.com. Jeter has already been selected All-Star for 12 times, won five World Series championships and Gold Glove Awards, establishing himself as a Yankees icon. “It means a lot,” said Jeter. “It’s a number that has meant a lot in the history of the game, because not too many people have done it before. To be the only Yankee to do it is pretty special.” ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 41 -

  44. 3 6 4 Sports ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Fill in the blank with the appropriate words. 23. Lee ( blasted ) a homerun on his first at bat. 24. He finally completed a ( quest ) for returning home. 25. The player ( reached ) a milestone in hitting homerun. - 42 -

  45. 3 6 5 Culture * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. dries her tears, touching, daily lives, do one’s best, feels sorry for - 43 -

  46. 3 6 5 Culture ▶Reading Comprehension ‘Please Look After Mom’ on Stage as Musical Famed Korean writer Shin Kyung-sook’s bestseller “Please Look After Mom” is staged as a musical. The book, first published in November 2008, has sold over 1.7 million copies, touching the hearts of numerous readers and creating a “mother syndrome” in Korea. Recently, it was translated and published in English in the US., also becoming a bestseller in the US. market. The musical is not completely based on the book, but tries to touch the audience with beautiful musical numbers written by composer Kim Hyung-seok, including the main theme titled “I am Sorry.” It sings about the mom who always feels sorry for her children. Renowned actress Kim Soung-nyo plays Park So-nyeo, the mother in the musical. According to Kim, the musical reminds the audience of their mothers, who are often forgotten in their daily lives. ”It tries to remind that mother has always been missing in our mind,” Kim said. “It is important to do one’s best for his or her mother before it’s too late.” Rising star in the musical scene, Cha Ji-yeon, who played the second daughter in the theater piece based on the same book, now plays the elder daughter Ji-hun in the musical. Like most of the daughters, Ji-hun does not think much of her mom in her daily life. But she dries her tears thinking about her mom who goes missing. The musical runs until June 19 at the grand theater in Chungmu Art Hall, central Seoul. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 44 -

  47. 3 6 5 Culture ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Complete the sentences. 23. 그것이 사실이라면, 나는 그녀에게 미안할 것이다. ( her, will, sorry, feel, for ) If that’s true, I will feel sorry for her. 24. 네가 처한 상황에서 최선을 다할 것을 잊지 마라. ( your, do, best, to, situation, in, your ) Don’t forget to do your best in your situation. 25. 내가 방에 들어가자, 그녀는 눈물을 빠르게 닦아냈다. ( quickly, entered, her tears, dried, the room ) As I entered the room, she dried her tears quickly. - 45 -

  48. 3 6 6 Issue & Debate * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. by means of force, banned, responsible for, at risk, from coming, filling complaints - 46 -

  49. 3 6 6 Issue & Debate ▶Reading Comprehension Forced Eviction of Homeless Korail, the state-run company responsible for railroad operations, executed eviction operation of homeless people from Seoul Station for the first time on August 22. Officials of the railroad operator expelled homeless people from Seoul Station at 1:30 am. and banned them from coming back to the station until 4:30 am. No serious physical confrontations between the homeless people and officials during the process have been reported. The expelled people spent the night in other stations of the city. Korail stressed that there was no other choice but to evict them by means of force since many people have been filing complaints that homeless people cause inconvenience and threats to people including passengers and those who use the station. It is a necessary measure in order to make the station a better, safer, and more pleasant place for citizens, officials said. Figures by Korail show that approximately 300,000 people use the station a day and many of them had uncomfortable experiences because of the homeless people staying in the station. Numbers of harassment cases against citizens have also been reported. However, civic organizations helping the homeless criticize the measure by Korail. Some held rallies and even a cultural festival to protest against the state-run railroad operator. Most of all, they are concerned that forced eviction may put the lives of those who need help and have no place to go at risk. They stress that it can cause other negative side effects such as the increase of homeless people in other stations and underground passage ways of the city. They also criticize that Korail’s forced eviction cannot be a fundamental solution, saying that the government should work on a set of practical and effective measures including accommodation, employment and healthcare to help the homeless adjust to the society and live a normal life, they add. Many of the homeless are in need of help since they are dependent on alcohol and have health problems, suffering from different diseases, they add. Meanwhile, in response to the move by the nation’s biggest train station, Seoul city plans to prepare stronger measures and programs for the homeless. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 47 -

  50. 3 6 6 Issue & Debate ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct one. 23. Cars are responsible ( to, for ) air pollution. 24. Government banned people ( from, of ) feeding the birds. 25. They left their hometown ( by means of, by means with ) force. - 48 -