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Couple Of Housecleaning Items… PowerPoint Presentation
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Couple Of Housecleaning Items…

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Couple Of Housecleaning Items… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Couple Of Housecleaning Items…
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  1. Couple Of Housecleaning Items… • I’m respective of your time… Goal = 1 hour max • Questions? Please ask in question box below video… I will answer it either during or at end of training ;) • Recording? Yes, there will be a recording, and you will be able to watch the Webinar Replay shortly after its conclusion at:

  2. A (Very) Brief Bio About Yours Truly… • Full-Time I.M. for 2 yrs • 25 Yrs Business/Sales/Mktg Exp. • Started In Online (Product Creation & Affiliate Marketing) • Worked In Offline (Client Services, Product Creation, Coaching) • Created/Co-Created 27 Products Since July, 2011 (Both Online & Offline) • Married with Four Children & Been Told I Have Bad Sense Of Humor (Repeately By My Kids!)

  3. What We Will Cover… • My Secret Underground Page 1 Ranking Strategy • How I Can Snag 1stPage Google AND YouTube Rankings LIGHTNING-FAST (In As Little As AFew Minutes) And How You Can Do The Same! • Why My System Works, Why It Has Worked For 1+ Years And Why (Most Importantly) It Will Continue To Work For Foreseeable Future!

  4. What We Will Cover… (Cont’d) • My System + Webinars = Special Rankings + Potential Fast And Sustainable Earnings! • And More! So Are You Ready To Get Started?

  5. Let’s Get Started!

  6. Oops… If I Offended Any Tar Heel Fans… Let Me Make It Up To You…

  7. Wait… Just One Other Thing… • Now That I Hail From The Great State Of South Carolina… “Go Cocks!” That’s Gamecocks, of course! ;)

  8. How It All Started… • It all happened in the Spring of 2012… • I was looking for acheap (i.e. FREE!) way to record videos • Camtasia (5 min limit) and Screencast (15 min limit) time limits forced me to do this • I didn’t want to drop the “big bucks” on anything because at that time I was not doing lots of video

  9. Fortunately… • Due to my thriftiness (code for “cheapskate”) and need, I did some research and stumbled across something that forever changed the way I did MULTIPLE things online when it comes to Video!

  10. ??? • Do you know what it was I came across? Drumroll, please…

  11. Google Hangouts

  12. New Name, Same Game… • Hangouts Is Now Called “Hangouts On Air” • Why I Like Hangouts? • Simple To Learn And Use • Quick To Set Up • Google Is Behind It • I Can Rank Videos For Lots Of Things (sales pages, Webinar registration pages, Webinar replay pages, video squeeze pages, etc) so long as Google Hangout video is embedded on the page and/or the recorded YouTube video can also be ranked all by itself… in BOTH Google AND YouTube!

  13. I Started Testing My New Toy… • And to my surprise and delight, I started getting positive results! • And sometimes, my results were F-A-S-T! • I started (and still get) results like these…

  14. Keyword: SEO Outsourcing • Approx 2.9 million results in Google! • Currently #8 Google; As high as #3 • Currently #3 on YouTube • All this for about 10 minutes “work” on an intentionally terrible video!

  15. Keyword: FB Ads Cracked Bonus • Approx 2.9 million results in Google! • Currently #3 on both Google & YouTube • I got these rankings for doing absolutely no more work than I was already doing… pretty cool, right?!

  16. So What Did I Do To Get These High Rankings? • Utilized Google Hangouts and YouTube • Only SEO “work” I did was include keyword in title, description and tags for my video inside of YouTube • Checked Google and YouTube for my rankings • That’s it… Sounds too simple, right?

  17. Let’s Be Real… • Great System For: • Low to Medium Competition Keywords (the higher the competition for any keyword, the more actual work you will need to do); • ANY Offline and Online Niches (again, keywords are the “key”) • Also GREAT for Webinar Recordings That Use Hangouts/YouTube (like my product, WebinarExpress, which I’m using right now) ;-)

  18. Reason This System Works… And Should For Foreseeable Future? • Simple… Because It’s Google AND YouTube together! • Think About This… If My Crappy Video For “SEO Outsourcing” Is Still On Page 1 4 Months After Making It, Why Wouldn’t Actual Quality Videos Stick Just As Long… And Longer?! • Of Course I Can’t Guarantee That To Be The Case, But This Has Been My Experience!

  19. My System + Webinars = Awesome Potential! • Again, It All Comes Down Using And Taking Advantage Of Hangouts and YouTube… After All, Google Is Basically “Giving” High Rankings To Use Their Assets, So Why Wouldn’t You?! • That’s Why Combining Webinars Hangouts/YouTube Is A GREAT Thing… Again, Just Like My Product, WebinarExpress, Which I’m Using Right Now!) ;-)

  20. This Is Where The Pitch Usually Comes In… • I have no pitch for you today… SORRY! • If anyone is interested in WebinarExpress, it is currently not available on our Home Page… However, I do have a limited time offer at 50% off current price (when available), which you can get more info as well as secure a copy at:

  21. Q & A Time • Questions?

  22. Thanks For Your Time! Again, that private sales page for WebinarExpress (and the 50% discount) is: