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Equipment Tallahassee Ghost Hunters Paranormal 101 Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Equipment Tallahassee Ghost Hunters Paranormal 101 Training. Types of Equipment: Detection. Digital cameras (with night shot) Video cameras (with night vision) EMF meters Motion sensors Geiger Counters Dowsing Thermal camera. Types of Equipment: Detection cont. Thermometers Blacklight

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Equipment tallahassee ghost hunters paranormal 101 training


Tallahassee Ghost Hunters

Paranormal 101 Training

Types of equipment detection
Types of Equipment:Detection

  • Digital cameras (with night shot)

  • Video cameras (with night vision)

  • EMF meters

  • Motion sensors

  • Geiger Counters

  • Dowsing

  • Thermal camera

Types of equipment detection cont
Types of Equipment:Detection cont.

  • Thermometers

  • Blacklight

  • Compass

  • Ion particle detector

  • Humidity gauge

  • Static electricity generator

  • Ball or other trigger objects

Types of equipment
Types of Equipment

  • Communication

    • Digital recorders

    • Real time analysis digital recorders

    • KII Meter

    • White noise generator

    • ITC

    • Frank's box

    • Pen and paper

Detection digital cameras
Detection: Digital Cameras

  • See Shannon Sylvia's talk on the website

  • Better than film cameras because they can see in the IR spectrum

  • 5 megapixel and above for reduction of “false positives” in photos

  • Dangers of flash

  • External light source


A note about orbs
A Note About Orbs

  • Emit own light

  • Circular/spherical in shape

  • Three dimensional/has depth/stands out from its background

Shannon Sylvia, Ghost Hunters International


High EMF Fields create false positive orbs

Picture: April Gibbs

Examples cont
Examples cont.

Moisture orbs (humidity)

Picture: Wade Smith and Travis Henderson

Examples cont1
Examples cont.


Picture: Wade Smith and Travis Henderson

Examples cont2
Examples cont.


Picture: Wade Smith and Travis Henderson

The face
The Face

Detection video cameras
Detection: Video Cameras

  • Night vision for night hunts

  • Be careful with motion

  • Great for documenting

    EMF spikes and KII hits

  • External night vision for more distance


Detection emf meters
Detection: EMF Meters

  • Documents electromagnetic fields that ghosts are supposed to give off

  • The higher the field the closer the presence is to you or the more there are

  • High EMF fields from electronics can cause paranoia, upset stomachs, false orbs, sensation of being watched

    • Can be fixed by an electrician

Picture: The Ghost Hunter Shop

Emf fields
EMF Fields

  • DC (Direct Current) Fields

    • an electric current flowing in one direction only

    • In any battery-powered appliance the current flows from the battery to the appliance and then back to the battery. It will create a static magnetic field

    • The earth's magnetic field is also a static field.

  • AC (Alternating Current) Fields

    • Alternating currents reverse their direction at regular intervals

    • Like electricity from the electric company

World Health Organization:

Detection motion sensors
Detection: Motion Sensors

  • Helpful to monitor motion in rooms without an investigator present

  • Best to have a DVR with night vision with the motion sensors

  • IR motion sensors

    • Infrared radiation exists in the electromagnetic spectrum at a wavelength that is longer than visible light. It cannot be seen but it can be detected.

    • Objects that generate heat also generate infrared radiation

Glo Lab:

Detection geiger counters
Detection: Geiger Counters

  • Shows levels of and variances in beta- gamma- and alpha-wave radiation.

  • Used for monitoring your investigation area for any unusual levels of these radiations.

  • Theory that ghosts give off radiation

Detection dowsing
Detection: Dowsing

  • Controversial in the scientific community

  • Same concept as “dowsing for water”

  • Supposedly detect a disturbance in the EMF field

Detection thermal cameras
Detection: Thermal Cameras

  • Most expensive piece of equipment that supposedly is rarely used correctly

  • Shows the user temperature and temperature fluctuations in forms of colors.

Detection thermometers
Detection: Thermometers

  • Used to detect cold spots

  • Cold spots can accompany a spirit, though not always the case

  • Ambient temperature: temperature of the air

  • Spot temperature: temperature of a particular area in question

Detection blacklight
Detection: Blacklight

  • May be used to aid in the detection of hoaxing devices sometimes found in a suspected haunted area

  • Some people believe ghosts are also drawn to this light

Detection compass
Detection: Compass

  • Detects magnetic fields

  • In the presence of a spirit, the compass will spin or point in the wrong direction

    • So know where North is

Detection ion particle detector
Detection: Ion Particle Detector

  • Used to detect the amount of electrostaticity in the air

  • If the count increases there is more negative ions (electrostaticity) in the air which could be a possible entity

Detection humidity gauge
Detection: Humidity Gauge

  • Detects wetness (humidity) in the air

  • Could explain away possible orbs

  • Especially important here in Florida!


Detection static electricity generator
Detection: Static Electricity Generator

  • Generates energy for spirits to use to manifest

Detection trigger objects
Detection: Trigger Objects

  • This is where the research comes in handy

  • Something that the spirit will connect with and hopefully interact with

  • Children: balls, stuffed animals, other toys

  • Time period pieces

  • A piece that was significant to a person during their lifetime

    • Chalk in an old schoolhouse

    • Jewelry

What would be your trigger object
What would be your trigger object?

  • From a hobby?

  • From your kids?

  • From your childhood?

  • A symbol of a goal you have?

  • A picture?

  • From a place you lived or vacationed?

Communication digital recorders
Communication: Digital Recorders

  • Capture EVPs

  • Best method we have found is to set the recorder down and leave it

  • Be aware of your surroundings and natural noises of the environment

    • Wildlife

    • House settling

    • Other investigators

    • If in a house, announce when you enter or exit a room

Communication real time analysis digital recorders
Communication: Real Time Analysis Digital Recorders

  • To be used with headphones

  • Can hear the recording as its being made and supposedly hear the electronic voice phenomenas

  • Remember: if you hear it (without the headphones) in the open air, it is just a voice phenomena

Communication kii meter
Communication: KII Meter

  • Special type of EMF meter

  • Uses lights instead of the dial

  • Spirits can communicate by coming closer and

  • lighting up more lights

Communication white noise generator
Communication: White Noise Generator

  • It is believed that spirits can use the energy in the white noise sound to speak

  • Drowns out excess or unwanted noise

  • Problem: can mistake an excess sound for an EVP


Communication itc
Communication: ITC

  • ITC = Instrumental TransCommunication

  • coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s to refer more generally to communication through any sort of electronic device such as tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits and the living

  • One particularly famous claimed incidence of ITC occurred when the image of EVP enthusiast Friedrich Jürgenson (whose funeral was held that day) was said to have appeared on a television in the home of a colleague, which had been purposefully tuned to a vacant channel

  • ITC enthusiastists also look at TV and video camera feedback loop of the Droste Effect

Communication frank s box
Communication: Frank's Box

  • Created by Frank Sumption

  • Uses white noise and AM radio to allow spirits to communicate

  • Can plug in an audio cord between the Frank box and a digital recorder to record the results of your

  • At least 25 different versions

Communication pen and paper
Communication: Pen and Paper

  • Can set the pen and paper in a room and lock the door

    • If the pen makes any marks on the paper it is believed to be paranormal activity

  • Automatic writing (can be dangerous)

    • The spirit “occupies” the human body to use it to write messages


  • Safety

    • Flashlights

    • Walkie talkies

    • First aid kit

    • Cell phone for emergencies

    • Map of location with windows and exits

    • Protection

    • Clear mind and healthy body