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EDCI 6158: Trends & Issues in Education PowerPoint Presentation
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EDCI 6158: Trends & Issues in Education

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EDCI 6158: Trends & Issues in Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EDCI 6158: Trends & Issues in Education. Summer 2014 Introductory Class. Two minute interviews. Work with a partner. Partner A: You have 2 minutes to talk about yourself. Partner B: Listen attentively. After 2 minutes, switch roles. Possible topics: Hometown Hobbies Education Family

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edci 6158 trends issues in education

EDCI 6158: Trends & Issues in Education

Summer 2014

Introductory Class

two minute interviews
Two minute interviews
  • Work with a partner.
  • Partner A: You have 2 minutes to talk about yourself.
  • Partner B: Listen attentively.
  • After 2 minutes, switch roles.
  • Possible topics:
    • Hometown
    • Hobbies
    • Education
    • Family
    • Pets
    • TV, movies, music
course objectives
Course objectives
  • Knowledge of Education Trends and Issues Students will refine their knowledge of trends in pedagogy, of developments in curriculum, and of significant educational issues at local, state, and national levels.
  • Detailed Knowledge of a Selected Trend and/or Issue Students will conduct research to gain detailed knowledge of a specific trend and/or issue and share this knowledge with other members of the class.
  • Hands-On Knowledge of Instruction Related to Trends/Issues Students will investigate, review, and develop a curricular/awareness project to apply knowledge of current education trends/issues to a local instructional setting.
how will we accomplish the course objectives
How will we accomplish the course objectives?
  • Individual research of a specific trend/issue in education.
  • Sharing of research with one another.
  • Connecting individual research with specific school/district/state program or curricula.
  • Connecting trends and issues in education with general trends and issues adolescents face.
the state of education in ga
The state of education in GA

In the past 9 years…

These elements mean?

These policy reforms led Georgia to be ranked seventh in the nation in a national study conducted in 2012 for having the right policies in place to improve educational outcomes.

Among other things, the state has implemented:

1) Higher standards,

2) a more rigorous curriculum,

3) a new accountability system, 4) a statewide student information system.

Taken together, these elements are expected to prepare students for the demands of college or a career and increase the global competitiveness of Georgia’s workforce.

have these policies translated into increased student learning
Have these policies translated into increased student learning?


And No

However, the recent release of the newly calculated graduation rate shows that Georgia is fourth from the bottom compared to the rest of the nation.

GA’s graduation rate is only 67 percent. The rate for minority students was even lower.

For example, Georgia only graduated 58 percent of its Hispanic students.

  • In 2012, Georgia was the only state in the nation to show gains across all national tests:
  • the SAT, the ACT, Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress(NAEP) in Math, Reading and Science.
top 10 education issues for ga in 2014
Top 10 Education Issues for GA in 2014
  • College and career ready standards
  • Student assessments
  • Teacher preparation programs
  • Accountability (measuring teacher and leader effectiveness)
  • School climate
  • Early learning (closing the achievement gap)
  • Work ready students
  • Barriers to higher education completion
  • Governance
top 10 issues
Top 10 Issues
  • Please take the next 10 minutes to skim over the “issue” you have been given. Underline/highlight any phrases, statistics, etc. of significance.
  • Jot down your thoughts to the following prompts:
    • In 1-2 sentences, how would you summarize this issue?
    • What “connections” do you have to this issue (i.e., experiences as a student, experiences as a teacher or parent, read about this issue in the news)?
    • What suggestions do you have for improving the issue?
  • Teacher certification changes/transfer
  • Quality vocational education
  • Inclusion/co-teaching
  • Nutrition and student achievement
  • College and career ready/remediation
  • Textbooks/retelling history
  • Discussion in the classroom
  • Moral education
  • Cultural conflict in the classroom
  • School safety – Teacher responsibility
  • Discipline (punishment/correction)
  • Truancy/socio-economic status
  • Consequences of business model in education
  • Teacher racism
  • Gender and transgender issues
adolescent trends and issues
“Adolescent” trends and issues
  • Gender identity
  • Personal identity(self)
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hormones
  • Family conflict
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying (teasing, cyberbullying)
  • Social media
  • Dating
  • Teacher/student interactions
  • Responsibilities
  • Homelessness
  • Cliques/rivalries
  • Designed for adolescent readers
  • Focused on “real world” issues adolescents (in general) face
  • Focused on specific issues related to education
  • All-school book read in fall 2014 at Richards MS
  • “Insider” perspective on trends and issues for adolescent learners, their families, and their educational community.
  • Bring your book next time; we will set a reading schedule and begin discussing our reactions to the novel.
looking closer at trends and issues
Looking closer at trends and issues
  • Consider the terminology.
  • Look at various perspectives to define/summarize one trend/issue.
consider the terms
Consider the terms…

What is a “trend?”

What is an “issue?”

: a vital or unsettled matter <economic issues> (2) :concern, problem <I have issues with his behavior>

: the point at which an unsettled matter is ready for a decision <brought the matter to an issue>

  • : to extend in a general direction : follow a general course<mountain ranges trending north and south>
  • : to veer in a new direction :bend <a coastline that trendswestward>
  • : to show a tendency :incline <prices trending upward>
creating an overview for an education topic
Creating an overview for an education topic
  • In your small group, briefly read the text provided to you.
  • As a group, determine the key education topic the text addresses.
  • As a group, write 2-3 sentences that define/describe the key education topic.
homework schedule
Homework & schedule
  • Give Erinn your proposal tonight, or email her your proposal tomorrow.
  • Begin looking for resources describing your research topic.
  • Draft of Overview due on Thursday.