Axon Medica – Orthopedic Clinic in Dubai
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Looking for a specialist orthopedic doctor in Dubai? Contact Axon Medica today.

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Axon medica orthopedic clinic in dubai

Axon Medica – Orthopedic Clinic in Dubai

Bones are to us what bricks are to a building. If they become weak, it becomes harder and

harder for the building to keep standing. It is therefore important to keep our bones healthy

and powerful to hold the stressful lives of today’s era.

The bones are broken and new ones are formed regularly in our bodies. This transition

happens faster before the thirties, after which the breaking is more than the formation. This

causes problems in the bones.

Axon medica orthopedic clinic in dubai

To handle any problems you may have related to this, you need a specialist orthopedic

doctor in Dubai who is experienced and well trained with cases like yours. Axon Medica’s

orthopedic clinic in Dubai provides just that.

They have the best team of orthopedic specialists trained to handle any and every problem

related to the bones. These include:

1. Low back pain – although a common problem in itself, you can know it has become

grave when it doesn’t lessen within a span of 72 hours. A back pain lasting for more

than ninety days is considered a chronic one. On the very first indication, it is

advisable to consult your orthopedic doctor.

2. Osteoporosis – this is a disease which causes the bones to become weak and brittle.

The only way of identifying this for certain is after breaking a bone. However,

preventive steps can be taken through a bone mineral density check regularly. This is

generally caused by smoking, lack of exercise, lack of vitamin D and it can also be

genetically transferred.

3. Carpal tunnel syndrome – this is one of the most painful bone conditions which

cause a numbness and tingling sensation in the patient’s hand due to pressure on the

median nerve. The treatment of this syndrome is possible through the world class

equipment and specialized doctors at Axon Medica clinics, but it would depend upon

the severity of the symptoms.

Axon medica orthopedic clinic in dubai

Axon Medica was established in the 1970s by a citizen of U.A.E. It is today a renowned

name in the medical industry of Dubai and is respected and admired for its consumer centric

services. They provide a range of treatments including a pediatric clinic in Dubai, a skin

clinic in Dubai, a physiotherapy clinic, a dentistry clinic and many more. Their goal is to one

day be considered the best in the healthcare industry of UAE and may be even the world.


Looking for a specialist orthopedic doctor in Dubai? Contact Axon Medica today.

Contact Us:

Al Rashidiya

Rashidiya medical center


Rashidiya Central Market,

Union Co-operative bldg,

Next to Rashidiya Police Station

Contact Number: +971 4 285 9880

Clinic Timings:

Saturday to Thursday: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm