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Phoenix CAB Meeting Summary and Discussion

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Phoenix CAB Meeting Summary and Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Phoenix CAB Meeting Summary and Discussion. March 31, 2010. CAB participants. 2010 Short-Range Plan Initiatives. Create Sustainable Client Value. Client Value. Initiatives. Drivers. Reduce our Client’s Direct Expense. Conduct Additional Lean Events - Retire Legacy IT Systems

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Presentation Transcript
2010 short range plan initiatives
2010 Short-Range Plan Initiatives

Create Sustainable Client Value

Client Value



Reduce our Client’s Direct Expense

  • Conduct Additional Lean Events
  • - Retire Legacy IT Systems
  • - Drive Commercial & Government Synergies
  • - Improve Admin. & Operational Processes

Streamline & Simplify

Be Repeatable and Reliable


  • Redesign the Customer Experience
  • - Drive Utilization through new Technology
  • - Design New Modes of Service Delivery

Drive Utilization

Improve Outcomes

  • Integrate with & Cross-sell other Ceridian Products


Document Savings & Client Value

  • Implement Business Intelligence

Reduce Complexity


  • Create an Integrated Leave Admin. & Short-term Disability Product
  • - Create Short-term Disability ASO Solution

Assure Compliance

cab meeting overview
CAB meeting overview
  • Tuesday
    • Kickoff and year in review
    • Prove the Value initiative - update and workshop
  • Wednesday
    • Portal strategy - “Give our members an excellent experience”
    • Leave Administration update
    • Building program awareness and use
    • Visioning/best practices – what’s next?
    • Health care reform legislation preview
  • Thursday
    • CAB report out
    • Meeting wrap-up/next steps
prove the value initiative update
Prove the Value initiative update

A cross-functional team worked hard… create HPS value equation:

...which was used to identify “drivers” and “levers” that create client value.

Result: Client value is the focus of Ceridian’s strategy!

(product utilization * product benefit) + intangible - cost

HPS client value =

prove the value initiative update1
Prove the Value initiative update
  • Health & Wellness
    • Dashboard created
    • Piloted with 3 clients’ data
    • Next step: Pilot with 5 more clients for feedback
    • Launch 1st gen value dashboard – Q3
  • EAP & W-L
    • First draft of dashboard created
    • Reviewed with 2 customers
    • Next step: Expand pilot to 8 more clients
    • Launch 1st gen value dashboard – Q4

CAB conducted exercise on Proving the Value of EAP/W-L.

results from prove the value exercise
Results from Prove the Value exercise
  • Human resource manager key metrics
    • Claims costs (compare EAP users vs. non-users)
    • Absenteeism (measured via shortening leaves to return to work sooner)
    • Employee turnover
    • Productivity (self-reported as hours saved by using EAP)
    • Employee engagement
    • Risk mitigation
  • Executive key metrics
    • ROI
    • Utilization
    • Outcomes
    • Differentiators (i.e. How well does EAP/ W-L vendor work with and integrate with other vendors/partners)
web site redesign to improve member access
Web site redesign to improve member access

Re-cap from last year: customer needs and benefits

Portal features and functionality

Deep dive discussions on:

Online consultation


Suggestion technology

Registration, profiles and preferences

new ways of engagement marketing service delivery reporting
New ways of engagement, marketing, service delivery, reporting





Generation X


Generation Y


Print/Email communication

Social Media

Push Commutations

Registration, profile and preferences


Social Networking I Services I Content I Interactive Tools

  • Communities
  • Discussions
  • User-generated content
  • Staff facilitation
  • Entry into service
  • Chat
  • Group sessions
  • Scheduled sessions
  • Access (e.g. EAP FTF)
  • Trackers
  • Calculators
  • Self-Assessments
  • Locators
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters

Suggestions/ Rules engine

  • Traditional Measures
  • Hits
  • Page Views
  • Unique Visitors
  • Time on site
  • Total/new Registrations
  • Most common topics
  • Measuring New Features
  • Community users
  • Mavens, influencers, followers
  • Individuals who generated content
  • Discussions and seminars
  • Demographics
  • Service Reporting
  • Chat sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Online EAP authorizations
  • Phone/online case coordination
  • Follow-up emails/ text messages
  • Outcomes tracking

Utilization, Reporting and BI


Hi, Ben My Account Personalize your site Log out



Services Article Library Tools Communities My Public Profile Contact Us


Personal Finance




Emotional Well-Being

Family Life

Physical Health

See more topics…

Featured Content

My Inbox

Talk with someone

Schedule a session

Featured Content

Look up my benefits

Personalize your site

My Library

My History

Talk to a counselor


My History

My File Cabinet



RSS Feeds

Site Help

Contact Us

My groups

My profile

Depression information



Interactive Tools

About Us Privacy Legal

Homepage Visual examples

web site redesign to improve member access1
Web site redesign to improve member access
  • Online consultation
      • CAB is in full support of this feature and excited about it
      • Important for participants to be able to get what they need online
      • CAB is interested in the process design
      • It’s important to prove the value of this feature
      • If it drives utilization, customers would be willing to pay for it
  • Communities
      • Topics for communities:
        • Parenting, child care, elder care, financial, legal, H&W, etc.
      • Depends on topic whether or not to open it up to other company's users
        • Customers need to be able to block certain communities & keep them from being shared externally
      • Customers want to better understand value
        • How will this drive utilization?
        • Are communities an entry into service?
web site redesign to improve member access2
Web site redesign to improve member access
  • Suggestion technology
      • Good opportunity to suggest benefits /services
      • Need a plan on how to communicate this to employees
        • Marketing of new site; Communication on new features on the site
      • Need more decision points
        • Give participants the ability to decide what they want pushed to them
        • Survey participants to capture their voice
      • Once portal is rolled out and suggestion technology is in motion, survey participants to see if their need was met by the suggestions. If so, stop suggesting items for them pertaining to this issue.
  • Registration, profiles and preferences
      • Current site registration is favored for anonymity
        • Only additional services / features
        • Hassle-free service (no mandate to log in / allow users to enter anonymously)
      • Accommodating preferences provides a better user experience
      • Individual personalizing the site helps make it sticky
leave administration update and discussion
Leave Administration update and discussion


Leave administration for FMLA and company policies is extremely complex

Ceridian is upgrading Leave Admin product to integrate with Short Term Disability administration

CAB recommendations

Value in integration of Leave Admin product with EAP/W-L, health coaching and company benefits

Recommend against integrating with Long Term Disability as most companies are not self-funded for LTD

CAB champions volunteers: Kathy Rogers and Sharon Klun

building program awareness and use
Building program awareness and use

Reviewed current communication supports

Account manager, communication consultant, account services

Annual reminder materials: brochure, wallet card, posters, calendar

Ongoing reminders: Quarterly newsletters for EAP/W-L and health coaching, monthly flyers/e-reminders

Redesigned LifeWorksHR site

New communication and manager guides

New health coaching posters

building program awareness and use1
Building program awareness and use

Discussed how tools are being used, whether support is sufficient, what we could do to make communication easier and more effective.

Issues and suggestions

Integration of communication about programs from different vendors – possible opportunity for Ceridian to coordinate

Employee info overload limits opportunity to send reminders/ internal messages don’t reach family – might build postcard home mailings into standard service

Need for new ideas – Ceridian could host teleconferences or Web meetings to give ideas and allow customers to share best practices

visioning session apprentice challenge
Visioning session: Apprentice challenge

The Mission

Develop a customer value-based strategy that will position Ceridian Health& Productivity Solutions to “win” and grow > 300% over the next 3 years.

  • Convince Trump and his executive team that you are the leadership team that has the best growth strategy to achieve Ceridian’s strategic objectives
  • How?
    • Conduct a market attractiveness analysis by HPS product
    • Identify customer unmet needs and jobs to be done
    • Develop innovative strategies that provides customer value
  • Present strategy after breakfast session to Trump and his management team
the donald
The Donald

Donald Trump

get to the root of the problem quickly
“Get to the root of the problem quickly”

Description (What?)

Customer Need/ Problem (Why?)

Develop services that address the root problem quickly by providing targeted assistance that removes the perception of being overwhelmed, including more resources for crisis management. Examples:

Mortgage upside down

Unemployed spouse

  • Trend analysis allowing early adaption to changes
  • Develop and provide solutions to address trends

Metrics – Customer Value

  • Risk mitigation
  • Productivity
  • Limits or eliminates distractions and injuries at work
  • Cost avoidance
    • Reduced turnover
    • Reduced workers comp

Solution Priorities

  • Expanded advocacy that results in resolution of issue or crisis
  • Enhanced search engine
  • Needs analysis with recommendations of program use
  • Dashboard and executive summary
increase my employees awareness and engagement
“Increase my employees’ awareness and engagement”

Customer Need/ Problem (Why?)

Description (What?)

Develop a solution that increases the awareness of the programs and breadth of services throughout employees to improve their overall engagement.

  • Increased utilization leads to improved value (ROI)
  • Ongoing effort to change behavior over extended time frame
  • Effective communications to employees
  • Best-practice solution identification

Solution Priorities

  • Home page content specific to individual user preferences
  • Social media to reach more employees
  • Market Web site to employees and family
  • Access to communication experts and support to incorporate into client specific communication strategy

Metrics – Customer Value

  • Increased utilization (especially family members)
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism & turnover
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
visioning session results
Visioning session results

The Donald hired the CAB