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Maju Tak Gentar. By Felicia Sugianto 10.2. Introduction. The creator of “ Maju tak Gentar ” song is Cornel Simanjuntak . Cornel Simanjuntak was born in Pematangsiantar , North Sumatra in 1921. This song was created during Indonesian Revolution 1945-1949. Cornel Simanjuntak.

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maju tak gentar


By Felicia Sugianto


  • The creator of “MajutakGentar” song is Cornel Simanjuntak.
  • Cornel Simanjuntak was born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra in 1921.
  • This song was created during Indonesian Revolution 1945-1949.
cornel simanjuntak
Cornel Simanjuntak
  • Cornel Simanjuntak is musician but Initially he was a teacher, then he decide to employ to an Office of Japanese Culture called Bunka KeiminSidosho.
  • He is an autodidact and his talent was obtained from Pater Yesuit J.
  • He has made many songs with the theme of independence and propaganda when he was working at Office of Japanese Culture.
  • He followed the war against Japan and England in 1945 – 1946.

C. Simanjutak has been shot in his thigh, but it doesn’t make Simanjuntak died.

  • He died on 15th September 1946 because of TBC and he was buried on Kerkop Cemetery in Yogyakarta.
  • Considering his service in struggles against colonizer, he becomes Indonesian’s patriot.

The songs that C.Simanjuntakhas made:

  • MajuTakGentar
  • Tanah TumpahDarah
  • PadaPahlawan
  • TeguhKukuhBerlapis Baja
  • Indonesia TetapMerdeka
  • MenanamKapas
  • BikinKapal
  • Menabung
the lyrics of maju tak gentar
The Lyrics of MajuTakGentar

Majutakgentarmembela yang benar








the purpose
The Purpose
  • Cornel Simanjuntak wanted to make Indonesian people realize that our nations can’t be colonized. When he’s making MajuTakGentar song, he’s understood the condition if we fight together we can make the Colonizer retreat.
  • Besides, he wanted to build all Indonesian people mental to be brave as patriot and he desires to raise their spirit.
the meaning
The Meaning
  • Express themselves freely and independently even if it’s different with other people.
  • Majutakgentar is a song that will encourage all the soldiers during the war to fight harder to win.
  • Raise the nationalist struggle
the elements
The Elements
  • Tempo: 135
  • The key signature is Bes
  • This song included as Dynamic Mezzo Forte
  • Time signature 4/4
  • The Form is Rondo
  • And The scale is ascending and descending
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