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rpower RESTAURANT POS Jami Interdonato Channel Manager 480-425-2222 Ext 811 Introduction. RPOWER POS History. • Established 1994, headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ • 3100+ Current unique sites • Extremely stable - developed in C, C++

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Jami Interdonato

Channel Manager

480-425-2222 Ext 811


rpower pos history

• Established 1994, headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ

• 3100+ Current unique sites

• Extremely stable - developed in C, C++

• Operational database is a DBIII platform for system


• Reporting SQL database for advanced queries

• Annual PA-DSS Validation for PCI compliancy

validation since 2008

• 98% retention rate of installed users.

rpower pos history1

Some of Our Corporate Franchise Clients:

• Muscle Maker Grill

• Energy Kitchen

• Crumbs Bakeshop

• Hale & Hearty Soups

• Atomic Wings

• Lenny’s

• Yogurtini

• Sushi Zushi

• Fuel Pizza

• Café Metro/ Fresh & Co./Food Exchange

robeks search for a pos
Three NecessitiesRobeks Search for a POS

Better Functionality

Better Service

Better Price

rpower functionality
Robeks Included Features:

• Intuitive Order Entry* (based on current system for

ease of transition)

• Item & Check Level Discounting

• Employee Time Clock/Payroll

• Automated Emailing of Reports*

• Real-time Web-Reports & SQL Reporting*

• Customer Accounts/Tracking*

• Integrated Gift & Credit Card Processing*

• Integrated Loyalty Programs

• PA-DSS Validated Software for PCI Compliancy*

• Robeks Specific Video Tutorials & Training*

• POS Training Mode

* Key components in Robeks search for a new POS provider

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality1
Robeks Software Overview:

Robeks Software Operations Overview Video

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality2
Operational Reports

Reports detailing day to day activity primarily serving

accountability and ledger information.

• Drawer Report

• Sales History

• Sales Summary

• Close Day Report

• Employee Time Clock

• Employee Sales/Productivity

• Customer Activity

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality3
Managerial Reports

Reports detailing specific information to aid

management with controlling food costs, increasing

revenue, forecasting future production, managing

employee labor.

• Product Mix

• Sales vs. Labor

• Server Productivity

• Future Productions

• Void Reports

• Discount Reports

• Indefinite Data Storage

• History Mode

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality4
Extended Reporting Package:

• Web-accessible real-time reporting

Eg. http://www.ExampleRobeks.RealTime.Com

• Automated emailing of daily sales data to franchisee

designated recipients

• Emailing of locally run reports

• Daily system auto-close

• Franchisee web-based reporting portal


• Franchisee group reporting on multiple stores

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality5
Employee Time-Clock & Payroll:

• Management of employees and time-clock/payroll.

• Web-based employee time-clock/payroll reporting

for multi-unit franchisees

• Employee “break” compliancy for CA and other state

labor laws – (specifically added to software at

Robeks request)

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality6
Speedy Credit Card Approvals:

Integrated Internet processing & RPOWER’s “Flash Pay” eliminate slow credit card approvals & save paper. RPOWER’s annual PA-DSS validation ensures software maintains PCI Compliancy guidelines.

Stored Customer Information:

Features including Last Order Recall, Stored Dates of Interest, and even Last Activity allow franchisees to reach out to guests and export key data for direct marketing to existing customer base.

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality7
Extensive CRM Programs (Customer Relationship Management):

• Integrated Gift Cards - supporting current Robeks Gift

Card provider

• Loyalty Card Programs - point & dollar based

programs for frequent customers

• VIP Programs - special discounts and/or price levels

for VIP customers

• Debit/Pre-pay accts for cashless service

• Coupons/Promotional Discounts

• Customer data capture - Including “last order recall”,

stored accounts, customer reporting

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality8
Additional Software Options*:

Payroll Services:

Payroll information is exported for simple submission to a variety of payroll service providers – ADP, Paychex, CompuPay, etc.

QuickBooks/ Accounting

Daily general ledger sales information is automatically imported and posted into your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts – Interfaces for: AccPac, Great Plains, Compeat are available as well (not automated).

Off-Site Data Backup:

RPOWER can perform a daily off-site POS data backup to our local servers in addition to the localized data redundancy built-in to RPOWER.

RPOWER Functionality

rpower functionality9
Additional Software Options (Cont’d)*:

Online Ordering

Connect a web-based ordering system to your POS. Web-based orders are directly imported into the POS system without intervention.

Video Marketing

Exchange your standard pole displays for customer facing LCDs. RPOWER can display “Pole Display” data on screen as well as manage playing a looping marketing video for your customers.

*Additional software options are not included in the price of the

base Robeks package.

RPOWER Functionality

rpower pci compliancy
PCI Compliancy - Payment Application Requirements (PA-DSS/ PABP)

PA-DSS applies to software vendors with payment

applications that store, process, or transmit cardholder


1) Submit and complete PA-DSS Validation through an approved QSA (Qualified Security Assesor).

2) Provide a PCI/CISP Implementation Guide to end users on installing and maintaining the payment application (POS) in a PCI Compliant manner. Locate RPOWER’s guide at:

RPOWER & PCI Compliancy

rpower pci compliancy1
RPOWER is a PA-DSS Validated Payment Application

RPOWER has been a PABP/PA-DSS Validated Payment

Application beginning with Version 2008 through current

software - RPOWER 2010.

RPOWER validates it software application annually to

keep our clients up to date with the latest changes to the

PCI-DSS Guidelines.

*All Robeks franchisees receive RPOWER software updates, at no

cost, as part of the Robeks/RPOWER agreement.

RPOWER & PCI Compliancy

rpower pci compliancy2
RPOWER, a PA-DSS Validated Payment Application

You can locate RPOWER’s validation listing publically on

the PCI Security Council Website by following the link


RPOWER software versions that are currently validated

are listed under “K” by it’s development company’s name:

K3 Software Corp.

RPOWER & PCI Compliancy

pci compliancy
Why is PCI Important to Me?

Merchants not meeting PCI compliancy requirements

are subject to non-compliance penalties by their Merchant Services Provider in addition to potential fines by Visa/MC/Amex/Discover for non-compliancy.

Eg.: First Data Merchants are assessed a ~$20 per month fee for non-compliancy.

2) Xpient software releases Version 3.7.6 through 3.7.14 are published by Visa as known Payment Applications that contain sensitive card holder data and require an upgrade to Version 3.7.14 build 419 and apply the IRISPABPHF.EXE patch to remove the threat.

PCI Compliancy

pci compliancy1
PCI Compliancy – Merchant Requirements

Use a PA-DSS Validated Payment Application:

Perform and pass quarterly network scans with an approved ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor):

Complete the Annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire:

PCI Compliancy

pci compliancy2
The PCI Security Council

PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements for

enhancing payment account data security. It was

developed and is maintained by the Founding payment

brands of the PCI Security Standards Council, including

American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB

International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc.

Visit the PCI Security Council Site at:

PCI Compliancy

pci compliancy3
PCI Security Standards

The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that

includes requirements for security management, policies,

procedures, network architecture, software design and

other critical protective measures. This comprehensive

standard is intended to help organizations protect

customer account data.

Download the PCI Security Standards at:

PCI Compliancy

rpower support
RPOWER Mission Statement:

Maintain and support RPOWER systems such that every

RPOWER customer receives the utmost in Software

Reliability & Operational Consistency.


Maximize the true reliability of the complete system by

minimizing the mean time between failure of system

components: Software, Hardware and Support.

RPOWER Support

rpower support1
The RPOWER/Robeks Support Team

Phone: 877-338-8109

Email: (non-emergency)

Robeks Project Manager:

Jami Interdonato (480)-425-2222 ext 811

Franchisee Project Manager:

John Balazs (877)338-8109

Installation & Support Manager:

John McGuire (877)338-8109

Training & Documentation Supervisor:

Peter Rodts (480)425-2222 ext 817

The RPOWER/Robeks Wiki:

RPOWER Support

rpower support2
The RPOWER/Robeks Support Team

Phone: 877-338-8109

Email: (non-emergency)

What does your monthly service plan include:

• 9am – 9pm Phone Support

• 9am – 9pm Remote Connectivity Support

• RPOWER Software upgrades/updates

• Quarterly Menu/Image Updates

• Hardware replacement plan (30-day no cost)

• Online Robeks personalized training videos and


• 2 year repair/ replace hardware warranties

(options for additional years)

RPOWER Support

rpower support3
Employee/Management Training:

• Robeks-influenced programming and menu design

make it simple for converting sites to train, operate

and maintain.

• Personalized web-based video tutorials for

cashier/manager operations

• Online Robeks help guides for additional system


• Integrated ‘Training Mode’ to practice operations

without affecting daily sales


RPOWER Support

rpower pricing
RPOWER Pricing

Pre-negotiated Benefits:

• Extended software discounting for all franchisees

• Extended hardware discounting for both

recommended and optional equipment

• Discounted monthly support and maintenance plans

• System pre-configured for plug and play


rpower pricing1
RPOWER Pricing

Pre-Installation Survey:

The RPOWER Support Team will conduct a pre-

installation survey of your site to ensure a successful

installation, including:

• Existing hardware – including items in need of repair

or replacement

• Location item pricing/discounting

• Location Taxing Configuration

• Merchant Gift/Credit Card Configuration

• Location Labor Law adjustments

robeks conversion package
Conversion System Cost:



• 2 – Replacement HDD with RPOWER pre-configured

• 2 – Windows XP Pro Licensing (if needed)

• 1 – Remote Access Site Software License

• 1 – Integrated Credit Card/Gift Card Configuration

• 1 – Compete system testing

*Plus travel billed pending lead time and co-op pricing.

*Hardware and additional system options are available at Robeks

pre-negotiated price levels.

Robeks Conversion Package

robeks new site package
New Installation/Hardware Replacement Cost:


• 2 – J2/RPOWER 615RT 15” Touch-screen Terminals

• 2 – J2/RPOWER Cash Drawers

• 2 – Epson Thermal Printers (1 Remote, 1 Receipt)

• 3 – PowerVar Series Line Conditioners

• 1 – SonicWall TZO Series Firewall & Network Switch

• 1 – HP Office PC including Windows Office Licensing

• 1 – Remote Access Site Software License

• 1 – Integrated Credit Card/Gift Card Configuration

• 1 – All necessary site patch cabling and networking


* Plus travel billed pending lead time and co-op pricing.

* Hardware and additional system options are available at Robeks pre-negotiated price levels.

Robeks New Site Package

robeks monthly fees
Monthly Subscription Fees:

$149.00* Per Month

• Includes The RPOWER/Robeks Support Package*

• All Future RPOWER Software Updates/Upgrades

• Commitment to Robeks for guided future development

& software enhancements

* Additional system options may increase a franchisees monthly


Robeks Monthly Fees

key information
The RPOWER/Robeks Support Team

Phone: 877-338-8109

Email: (non-emergency)

The RPOWER/Robeks Wiki:

RPOWER PCI Validation Listing (Under K3 Software Corp.):

Key Information