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  1. BUDGET DIVISION C, Budget Division Asst. C, Budget Division Personal Services Section M O O E Section Capital Outlay Section Notice of Cash Allocation Section

  2. BUDGET DIVISION FUNCTIONS 1. Attends Department of Budget and Management (DBM) meetings/conferences on budgetary and fiscal guidelines/strategies on the preparation of the PNP Budget Proposal; 2. Calls for the conduct of Operations, Plan and Budget Committee (OPBC) conference to discuss the preparation of the Preliminary Operating Plan and Budget Guidance (OPBG); 3. Prepares appropriate internal budget forms for the use of the OPBC and the different Police Regional Offices (PROs);

  3. BUDGET DIVISION FUNCTIONS 4. Calls for the conduct of conference among members of the OPBC regarding budgetary procedures and fiscal guidelines in the PNP Budget preparation; 5. Consolidates the Annual PNP Budget Proposals of Program Directors and other units; 6. Assists the Director for Comptrollership during the presentation of the Budget Proposal before the OPBC, CPNP and SILG; 7. Submits to DBM the PNP Budget Estimates in accordance with the Budget Forms prescribed in the Budget Call;

  4. BUDGET DIVISION FUNCTIONS 8. Prepares the briefing/presentation of the Director for Comptrollership before the members of the DBM Technical Panel, on PNP Budget Estimates; 9. Assists the Chief, PNP/Director for Comptrollership in the presentation of the PNP Budget proposal before the DBM Budget Technical Committee, House of Representatives Plenary Sessions and Senate Budget Technical Committee Hearings; and 10. Revises the proposed budget to conform with the DBM Budget Ceiling/President’s Budget.

  5. BUDGET DIVISION SECTIONS 1. Personal Services Section a. Supervises the technical preparation of the annual PNP budget for Personal Services; b. Reviews and analyzes the computation of salaries/wages and other allowances of PNP personnel for inclusion in the annual budget proposal; c. Prepares the detailed justification of the annual budget for Personal Services; d. Initiates appropriate action on referrals of units pertaining to authorized salaries/collateral allowances and other benefits of personnel.

  6. BUDGET DIVISION SECTIONS 2. Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses Section a. Coordinates and consolidates the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) portion of the annual budget estimates of the PNP Program Directors; b. Evaluates and analyzes the data for inclusion in the PNP annual budget proposal; c. Prepares the detailed justification of the proposed annual budget for MOOE submitted by the different units; d. Prepares the PNP Annual Program of Expenditures/Net Working Appropriations on MOOE in coordination with the Fiscal Division; and e. Initiates actions on referrals of units pertaining to MOOE portion of the PNP budget.

  7. BUDGET DIVISION SECTIONS 3. Capital Outlay Section a. Coordinates and consolidates the PNP budget proposal for equipment and construction; b. Coordinates with the Office of the Director for Logistics from time to time on the various changes being made on the detailed listing of PNP equipment and construction projects; and c. Coordinates with the DBM and Congress on the approved appropriation for PNP equipment outlay and construction projects.

  8. BUDGET DIVISION SECTIONS 4. NCA Section a. Processes Disbursement Vouchers (DVs) on current claims under Personal Services (PS) such as Funding Warrants for Pay and Allowances of PNP Active Personnel, PNP Retirees and Pensioners, and other Collateral Allowances, Reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses (RHE) with corresponding Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) in the amount indicated on claims prior to “journalization” and subsequent “issuance of checks”; b. Processes DVs on Commercial Claims classified as Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) such as Fixed Expenditures, Supplies and Materials, etc. and Capital Outlays (CO) such as procurement of requirements for PNP activities; c. Processes DVs on Retirement Claims such as Retirement Gratuities, Terminal Leaves, Pensions of PNP Retirees and Pensioners and Differentials;

  9. BUDGET DIVISION SECTIONS 4. NCA Section d. Consolidates claims on Accounts Payable (A/Ps) under PS, MOOE, CO and Retirement Benefits and prepares a letter with Due and Demandable Lists for request of release of corresponding NCA to DBM; e. Prepares Notice of Transfer of Allocation (NTA) through the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) for payment of current and prior year’s obligations of the PNP with the list of claimants as approved by the DBM and based on the Advice of Sub-Allotment issued by the Fiscal Division, ODC; f. Prepares letter to DBM indorsing the request of Regional Police Offices of the PNP for the release of corresponding NCA for prior year’s obligations