unit 3 4 project by nathan judy and wilson n.
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Unit 3&4 Project By Nathan, Judy, and Wilson PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3&4 Project By Nathan, Judy, and Wilson

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Unit 3&4 Project By Nathan, Judy, and Wilson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 3&4 Project By Nathan, Judy, and Wilson. PCA Response Comedy, Social Norms, Freedom and Outcasts. Comedy .

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unit 3 4 project by nathan judy and wilson

Unit 3&4 ProjectBy Nathan, Judy, and Wilson

PCA Response Comedy, Social Norms, Freedom and Outcasts

  • Being that PCA is a high school, humor and comedy an integral part of social interaction. It often revolves around irony, situational humor, and irreverent depictions of people or events.
  • Comedy at PCA also acts like a safety valve. Often times we characterized our stress and hardships through our expression of humor. This helps us as students deal with stress and our workload.
  • In the same way, many characters in Tartuffe express their dissatisfaction with a situation by making witty or humorous comments.
social norms
Social Norms
  • At PCA, religion is a big part of the social norm. As a Christian school, most people assume the majority would be Christian and the environment to reflect that. This can be seen in the emphasis of Christian values and teachings, Chapel, and bible classes.
social norms1
Social Norms
  • Most of the student body is divided into certain groups, such as band, football/sports, or other affiliated groups.
  • This arrangement is accepted as the established system and rarely changes.
  • The teachers and faculty retain authority over the students.
  • Each of stories also reflects its own set of social norms. Midsummer’s Night Dream also establishes its own set of rules and command heirarchies. For example, everyone's seeks to please the King at his wedding party because he is the leader. The fairy king eventually gets his way, because he is the top of the chain.
  • We are encouraged to try to bring “outcastes” into the bigger group but this is not always practiced.
  • For example, we are always encouraged to sit with the kid who is by himself at lunch or hang out with new people.
  • Likewise, in Fredrick Douglass’ Narrative some of the white children befriend Douglass and teach him to read/write despite their differences in race and Douglass’ status as a stranger.
  • Students are free to discuss religious other controversial issues freely unlike public school.
  • Not only that, we are free pray and worship without restriction.
  • In general, the students are granted a large degree of autonomy as long as they remain with certain guidelines.
  • Sometimes, this results a push for a change in rules when the students want a certain privilege or feel a decree is unfair. We are free to petition for change!
  • In the same way, Douglass joins the abolitionist movement because he feels slavery is evil/unfair and wants to end it. He exerts himself to change the situation.
  • Our depiction and expression of the four previous points defines who we, as PCA are a community.
  • We are a free, but religiously motivated body that is encourage to express our faith, yet we also take refuge from stress or other problems through comedy and pushing for change.