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ComiAsia “MySpace for Comics” An Introduction June 2007. Agenda. Comics on New Media Creation of Comics on New Media Interactive Comics ComiIdol Singapore – Case Study Comics Creator Biz Model. Comics on New Media. Find out What she is aiming to do at

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Comiasia myspace for comics an introduction june 2007


“MySpace for Comics”

An Introduction

June 2007


  • Comics on New Media

  • Creation of Comics on New Media

  • Interactive Comics

  • ComiIdol Singapore – Case Study

  • Comics Creator

  • Biz Model

Comics on new media
Comics on New Media

Find out What she is aiming to do at

Viewing comics online mobile
Viewing ComicsOnline/Mobile

Online –

Mobile – downloaded from

Forward & Back using ‘phone’ keys’

Send comic to mobile phone(s)

User comic publishing
User Comic Publishing

Artist creates story & draws frames

Via digital tablet & PC; or on paper & scanned

Comic on website

Comics on Mobile Version

Comic sent to mobile devices in >130 countries

Can be viewed on PC/mobile

And printed via colour printer

Artist uses PC or online ComiStudio tool

Or via online Comic Creator & library

The market
The Market

China & Asia first

90% foreign comics, Govt invest (‘06)

200 uni’s with comic/animation majors

>500m mobile, >80m Broadband (‘07)

Mobile content $1.3bn (‘05)

Digital Enablers

Mobile penetration, speed, data rates

Devices size, power, storage, screens

Broadband penetration, speed, pricing


Japan - 10% of GDP, 150% mobile growth

Inspiring artists in CN, FR, KR etc.

Lines blurring with animation & games

Tiny artist % ‘make it’ – publishing costs


User-generated content boom

‘Make & Share’

Monetizing long tail – niche & obscure

Hunger for fresh new content

Digital media enables aspiring artists to publish profitably

Huge growth in user-created content & digital comic market

Our vision
Our Vision

By bringing together….

Independent Comic Artists + Passionate Fans

Publishing Tools + Demand for New Content

Interactive Contests + TV, Mobile & Web Platforms

ComiAsia is the….

“The MySpace for Comics”

Comiidol singapore case study
“ComiIdol Singapore”Case Study

  • Contest to find “Best Digital Artists in Singapore”

  • Feb to Apr 2007 - Sponsored by HP & MDA

  • Promoted at shopping malls, McDonalds (121 plasmas), bluetooth marketing, website & schools/universities/public workshops

  • Exceeded expectations - 300 new artwork entries; 37 schools; 33,000 votes; 20,000 page loads/day peak; 15,000 new members registered; and international media (inc. mobile & comic press)

  • Take learning, expertise and model into China & other countries – directly or indirectly (franchised) and delivered via partners

Biz model
Biz Model

  • Advertising Base

    • Web

    • Comics

    • Contest Sponsorship

  • Sale of Premium Content

    • Per download/ subscription

Interactive comics
Interactive Comics

  • Revolutionary Interactive Mobile Comics available in both Mobile and Internet.

  • Users to participate in the storyline or play games that are related to the comics character.

  • Users can SMS to vote for the next decision by comics’ character.

Brand user generated content mash ups
Brand + User-GeneratedContent ‘mash-ups’

  • Users create new comic focused around specific Brand/products

  • Users provided with branded “Comic Creator” and library - can edit and add their own content to create new comics

  • Great for new viral ‘word of mouth’ campaign, or compliment existing (multi-media) – youth focused

Online Comic Creator – tailored to client/brand

Branded comics online mobile
Branded Comics Online & Mobile

  • Opportunity to brand online & mobile comics

  • First and last comic panels for short strips or every 4-8th panel for longer stories - “Brought by [brand]”

  • Select All; By Genre (Action, Horror, Fantasy, Humour, Romance & Interactive); Language (Malay, English or Chinese); User-generated and/or Branded



to you by




to you by


Comiworld site sponsorship
ComiWorldSite Sponsorship

  • Prominent site banners

  • Button (120x60); Skyscraper (120x400); Mini-Skyscraper (120x200); Classic (468x60)

  • WAP banners


Classic Banner

5 pronged strategy
5 Pronged Strategy

  • ComiWorld

    • Our “shopfront” - New social web/wap site development

    • launch & rebranding – July ‘07

  • ComiStudio

    • Authoring tool - creation of online & mobile comics

    • Rich multi-media, interactive comics tool R&D – ’07/’08

  • ComiIdol

    • Identify & promote new talent. Acquire content

    • SG (Feb) with HP. China “ComiIdol” (Aug/Sept)

  • ComiTV

    • Broadcast rights in GuangDong Province – Q3 ‘07

    • Youth format magazine – extend to rest of China/Sg

  • ComiBrands

    • Acquire mobile rights for major Manga brands

    • Innovative interactive comics (user decides outcome) – May ‘07

Focus shifts to mobile transactions

and aggressive China launch in July

Business model summary
Business Model - Summary

  • Predominately Advertising based (see Annex):

    • Online comic creator – mashup with brands/campaigns

    • Mobile advertising – in mobile comics

    • Comics created around brands – supporting campaigns

    • Contextual advertising – web & wap site

    • Banner advertising – web & wap site

    • ComiIdol contest sponsorship – China & international

    • ComiTV sponsorship / product placement - co-production costs

    • Advertising revenues shared with most prolific artists

  • Premium paid-for services:

    • Download/purchase of premium (sought-after) online/mobile comics

    • Weekly or monthly mobile comic subscriptions – by artist or genre

    • Enhanced community site functionality

    • Sale of comic-related merchandise - T shirts, mugs, greeting cards?