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Zebras. Written by Danielle. Introduction. What is an animal that has black and white stripes? A zebra. Zebras are interesting animals. Keep reading to find out more facts about zebras. What Zebras Eat.

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Written by Danielle


What is an animal that has black and white stripes? A zebra. Zebras are interesting animals. Keep reading to find out more facts about zebras.

what zebras eat
What Zebras Eat
  • Zebras are grazing animals. Their favorite food is grass, but if they have to they will eat shrubs, leaves, fruit roots and even bark. These types of foods have a low nutritional value, so zebras must eat a lot to get the food they need.
  • They spend many hours each day grazing. Zebras always keep an eye out for trouble usually in the morning and late evening. At midday, they rest in the shade standing together in a close group. When all the grass in one area

has been eaten they move on to a new home.

what zebras look like
What Zebras Look Like
  • No animal has a more unique coat than zebras. Each animal stripes are as different as fingerprints. No two are exactly alike. Although some groups of zebras have their own general pattern. The patterns make it difficult for predators to identify a single animal from a running herd from a distance or at dusk.
zebras hearing skills
Zebras hearing skills
  • Zebras have wonderful hearing to listen for predators. They can twist their ears in almost any direction to pick up sounds everywhere they are and everywhere they go.
zebra predators
Zebra Predators
  • Zebras know when a lion is resting or when it is hungry. They will often graze without worrying when lions are around, but they stay at a safe distance.
  • Danger is everywhere for zebras even in the water. Crocodiles will grab a whole zebra in seconds if it has the chance.

You learned all about zebras! Wasn't that fun? If you want to learn more about zebras you could go on the computer and Google zebras.


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