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Committee of the Whole:
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Committee of the Whole:

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  1. Committee of the Whole: How Committees Support the Efforts of Professional Societies

  2. What is an Association? • A group of like-minded individuals who come together to advance their profession, avocation, or other interests • Associations can represent individuals or groups (like industries) • Associations are legal entities like for-profit businesses

  3. Association Management • Non-profit is a business model. It is not for-profit because revenue is not distributed • Association management is a profession that requires similar skills as for-profit business • Associations strive for well-defined roles for volunteer leaders and staff – like Committees!

  4. Associations • Non-Profit Organizations – IRS 501 (c)(6) Trade associations and professional associations are considered to be business leagues. The mission of a 501(c)(6) organization must focus on the advancement of the conditions of a particular trade or the interests of the community. Examples: Professional Societies: ACEI; AMA Trade Association: US Chamber of Commerce Industry Groups: Associated Builders & Contractors; CTIA – The Wireless Association

  5. Foundations • Non-Profit Organizations: 501 (c)(3) • Public charities constitute the majority of 501(c)(3), with private foundations also falling under this category. To be recognized as a public charity, your nonprofit must be organized and operated for purposes that are beneficial to the public interest. • Examples: The Pew Charitable TrustsThe Freedom To Write FundThe Center for Association Leadership

  6. Why Join an Association? • Networking • Education/Professional Development • Products/Services • To Contribute to the Profession or Industry • To Get Involved!

  7. How Do You Get Involved? • Join • Present at meetings • Write for publications • Become a Volunteer Leader!

  8. What Is a Volunteer Leader? • An association member who donates their time and energy to accomplishing a task or completing a project on behalf of the organization. Example: Committee Members and Chairs

  9. Types of Volunteer Leaders • Members of the Board of Directors • Chapter Presidents/Chapter Board members • Committee Chairs and Committee Members • Task Forces and Working Groups

  10. Roles of Board and Staff • Board of Directors (Executive Board):Responsible for strategy, policy, and “big picture” planning; Executive Director is their direct report • Staff: Responsible for daily and long-term management/administration of the organization; staff reports to Executive Director

  11. What is a Committee? • A group organized to focus on a specific issue, project, or responsibility • Examples: MembershipAnnual ConferenceFinance • Committees can be “Standing” meaning they are long-term, or short-term based on the type of project or responsibility.

  12. Working Groups & Task Forces • Working Groups and Task Forces are very similar. • Both are groups organized for a very specific and defined task • Both are “sunsetted” after the task is completed • Examples: Responding to an External Event Revising an internal association policy

  13. Effective Committees • Have a clearly defined mission that supports the organization’s strategic plan • Choose members that can strongly contribute • Meet regularly • Plan meeting agendas • Set time limits for meetings • Develop action plans to reach goals • Work closely with the Board of Directors and Staff

  14. How Do Committees Help? • Focus on specific tasks or projects • Share their expertise and knowledge • Create content for programming/education • Support the ongoing work of the Board of Directors (Executive Board) • Strengthen the organization by building a vibrant community

  15. Board Committees • Membership • Nomination • Publication • Professional Standards and NCATE • Public Affairs/Policy: resolutions, position papers, policy, issues, advocacy • Awards • Finance/Audit

  16. How Will These Changes Help? • Fewer Committees With Stronger Focus • A more rewarding volunteer experience • A stronger ACEI that better serves its members

  17. Recommended Resources • American Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership (ASAE & The Center) •

  18. Thank you! • Cecilia Sepp, Consultant & WriterCS Association ServicesPhone: 301-346-9656Email: csassociationservices@ceciliasepp.netWeb: www.ceciliasepp.netBlog: CS Association Services: Helping Associations Get Things Done!